Actress and author, Julianne Moore, who’s been included in Time Magazine’s list of 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2015, and who gained wider recognition for her involvement in the film Boogie Nights in 1997, once shared a selfie of herself without makeup on Instagram. Naturally, she surprised everyone with her absolutely flawless skin. She was asked how she was able to look so young, and her simple answer was eye cream and moisturizer before bed.

Of course, as was the case with other celebrities on this list, she took the opportunity to plug a sunscreen product, too, which we would totally max out our credit cards to acquire if it will make our skin as flawless as hers. Perhaps we could try out the key products that she mentioned. Hydration and sun protection have been said to slow down aging by a lot of credible people, and since the result is so apparent on Moore, we better be on our way!