A Glimpse of Celebrity Kids And On Where They Are Now


It wasn’t always “roses” for this family, but we are glad to see them much closer these days. In fact, they were all in attendance at last year’s Oscars to celebrate Sam Elliott’s first nomination for the film, A Star is Born. The actor also gives his daughter credit for introducing him to Lady Gaga’s music long before they got to work onscreen together. She might be a gifted artist, but don’t expect Cleo to foray into acting anytime soon. Instead, she’s carving out a path of her own as a musician—something that her parents have always been very supportive of.

Cleo is no longer a little child. She’s been in a relationship with Randy Christopher Bates since 2013. The professional cyclist and Cleo are now engaged, and they both accompanied Sam and Katharine to the 2019 Academy Awards. Randy should fit right in with Cleo’s family and won’t need any divorce lawyers as soon as they get married. Randy has experience in video making and music.