A Glimpse of Celebrity Kids And On Where They Are Now


Eddie Murphy is one of those A-List celebrities who has plenty to offer, from comedy to drama! This is why we wouldn’t be too surprised if his daughter, Bria inherited her father’s stellar talent. The question is, will she foray into Hollywood as well? So far, she has appeared in a number of projects—hinting at the fact that she might want an entertainment career. You can see some of her work in films such as Daddy Day Care, The Game, and The Perfect Match.

She even got good reviews for her performances, showing the potential she holds. We’re sure she’ll also get plenty of mentorship from both her parents. This is especially true when it comes to managing her finances. Who needs a financial advisor when her father is already an excellent business man! In the future, even when she’s busy with acting, we hope she also continues to pursue her other hobbies such as painting.