A Glimpse of Celebrity Kids And On Where They Are Now


Eddie Murphy is one of those A-List celebrities who has plenty to offer, from comedy to drama! This is why we wouldn’t be too surprised if his daughter, Bria inherited her father’s stellar talent. The question is, will she foray into Hollywood as well? So far, she has appeared in a number of projects—hinting at the fact that she might want an entertainment career. You can see some of her work in films such as Daddy Day Care, The Game, and The Perfect Match.

She even got good reviews for her performances, showing the potential she holds. We’re sure she’ll also get plenty of mentorship from both her parents. This is especially true when it comes to managing her finances. Who needs a financial advisor when her father is already an excellent business man! In the future, even when she’s busy with acting, we hope she also continues to pursue her other hobbies such as painting.


Most people would remember actor and film producer Tom Selleck as the titular character in the popular series Magnum, P.I. More recently, he also played a similar character in the police procedural drama Blue Bloods. For most of his film and TV career, the actor has played mostly cold and intimidating characters but this couldn’t be further from how he is in real life. Just ask his lovely daughter, Hannah Selleck!

Quite unlike her parents and the environment she grew up in, Hannah chose a different career path. She gives credit to them for keeping her childhood as normal as possible, and providing her with what she needs to succeed as an equestrian. We’re sure she did not have to worry about loaning funds as a student either. While she had luck, Hannah is also very skilled at the sport. These days, she’s one of the biggest names in the field—showing that talent truly runs in this family!


Chaz Bono is one of those celebrity kids who worked his way up to make a name for himself. Independent from his parents’ fame, Chaz is the son of Sonny Bono and the iconic singer Cher. He first became a prominent figure in the industry after he appeared as a child actor in his parents’ show The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour. Chaz also made headlines after his gender reassignment surgery and while there were naysayers, the only validation he needed was from himself and his mother. Cher, of course, was very supportive of his decisions.

Since then, Chaz has been using his platform as a celebrity to advocate for different LGBTQ causes. In fact, he has become a central figure in bringing awareness towards the issues that concerns the community and its members. His influence and courage to speak out has made him an inspiration to many. Cher speaks very highly of her son and always shows her support in every project that he does—including joining Dancing With The Stars!


She might be new in the industry but Sofia Richie is quickly making a name for herself. While at first, she had been involved in a number of controversies, she has managed to push past that carve out a career for herself. We’re sure being the daughter of music icon Lionel Richie greatly helps, but we cannot deny that Sofia is plenty talented as well. Besides, with her own effort, she has managed to land significant projects for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Aside from this, she is also slowly making her way into the music history. Given her background and with some mentorship from her father, Lionel, we don’t doubt that she’ll eventually find success in this realm as well. We sure hope she gets tips on money management as well to make sure her hard work truly pays off! Who knows, she might even top the success her father has had in the industry.


Before today’s influencers, we had what people referred to as IT girls. These were young women who not only dominated magazines with their sense of style, they also set many trends. Among the most popular IT girls back then was Georgia May Jagger. With her gorgeous looks, she managed to land one magazine cover after another, and was even named as a muse for a number of different brands. If her last name sounds familiar, that’s because she’s one of Mick Jagger’s daughters with model Jerry Hall.

The resemblance between mom and daughter is uncanny, right? Since then, she has managed to transition to becoming a more central figure in fashion. She has collaborated with different brands for capsule collections and has earned a significant net worth for herself. If, before, she had a reputation for being a party girl—the Georgia people know today is a model and successful fashion designer. A financial advisor is a must for her!


Being the daughter of one of the most popular basketball players isn’t always easy and growing up in the public’s eye can sometimes be draining for most. However, judging from the way Stephen Curry’s daughter, Riley, acts in front of the camera, I’s clear that she’s actually quite the natural entertainer. Her father might be the star, but she can easily steal away the spotlight from him with her subtle charm. This is proven by that one viral incident that happened during a press conference for one of Stephen’s games!

While it’s still too early to assume what her future career might be, it does make us wonder if her parents would allow her to foray into Hollywood. An actress? Perhaps even a musical artist! What we know for certain is that thanks to her parents’ efforts, she wouldn’t have to worry about student loans—regardless of the career path she decides to take.


Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder are two of the most talented figures in Hollywood. It isn’t too surprising, then, to learn that their daughter Hazel has inherited many of those traits. That’s on top of her inheriting their undeniable good looks as well! Hazel is no stranger to the limelight, of course. Aside from growing up in Hollywood, she has also tried acting before! Any kid would love this opportunity, of course, and Hazel showed off her potential in the film Mother’s Day.

While most children might get nervous or appear awkward while filming, Hazel handled things like a pro. It is still too early for her to consider a career in anything, really, but should she end up in movies—we’re sure she’d be just as successful as her mom. Given her parents’ guidance, whether it be for acting or money management, she’s got a great foundation to begin with.


The family may have gone through a difficult time following the loss of their patriarch, but it’s clear that they’re slowly picking up the pieces. Now all grown up, Celine Dion’s son, René-Charles is certainly doing great as the new family man. Being the oldest must come with plenty of pressure, but as Celine would say, he had always been a good role model for his younger brothers. He might only be in his early-twenties, but the young man also has his eyes set on building a career of his own.

Aside from helping out his mother, he has been busy writing and creating his own music. To begin with, he has opened up a Soundcloud account, which provides him with a platform to share his work. He doesn’t even need to worry about finding funding for his project—we’re sure his mother would be more than happy to make an investment.


When we think of Jack Nicholson, we are reminded of all the intimidating and over the top characters he has portrayed throughout the years. He certainly knows how to capture a character and his performances never disappoint. His film reputation is very different from the family man that only few are privy to. Among the lucky ones is his daughter, Lorraine Nicholson. Like her father, she carries an odd charm that will certainly endear her to viewers.

Something that she’ll need, since she has since started her own film career as well. Lorraine made her acting debut back in 2011, in the film Soul Surfer. The story was based on real events and follows the story of Bethany Hamilton. While it dealt with heavy subjects, Lorraine was able to bring justice to her role and she even received plenty of accolades from critics. That’s with credit to her own talent, but we’re sure her father lent a hand whenever needed as well!


Many of us would know Reese Witherspoon from her memorable role in the film Legally Blonde. Her performance didn’t just ensure the film’s success, but also led to follow-ups to the original! Since then, she has also established herself as a reputable actress who is versatile enough to take on a variety of genres and roles. Just take for example her stellar turn in Water for Elephants alongside Robert Pattinson. These days, however, she also known for another things: her look-alike daughter Ava.

When we say look-alike—we mean it. She’s every bit her mom’s twin and one could easily mistake her as the actress’ younger self. She has one brother, Deacon Reese, who also has a degree of resemblance to their father, Ryan Philippe. While the family may have had an unusual set-up while growing up, the co-parenting provided by both Reese and Ryan certainly helped their kids adjust well. Both are doing well on their own and slowly carving a successful path for themselves.


The Fast and the Furious star Vin Diesel and Paloma Jiménez have been in a relationship for quite some time. Along with their budding relationship are their children, who are getting used to living their life in the limelight as they grow. The duo shares three children, Hania Riley, Vincent Sinclair, and the youngest, Pauline. All three children are already secured in terms of their finances and probably wouldn’t have to worry about student loans.

After all, their parents already saved enough to secure their future. The eldest of the bunch, Hania Riley is already in her teenage years and she might be leaning more towards her mother’s forte, which is modeling. Sure it is still pretty early to set everything in stone but in case she’s interested in following her father’s footsteps in Hollywood, we are quite sure she can carry her own weight and pretty much grow her fortune with the help of her natural-born talent in acting.


Being the daughter of the famous American comedian, Rosie O’Donnell comes with a number of perks. Having a mortgage free home and stable income are some of the few. Living the life under the limelight, however, it can sometimes end up dealing with lots of controversies. Chelsea Bеllе O’Donnell lived life under pressure with thousands watching as their life unfolds. She and her mother are not exempted from different issues.

As a matter of fact, there were a bunch of rumors suggesting that she’d been kicked out of their house more than three times. Although they went through a challenging time as mother and daughter, their relationship was eventually restored when Chelsea became pregnant and knew exactly what it felt like to become a mother herself. Since then, the mother-daughter combo has been living quietly without any hiccups or roadblocks that provides a gap between them. That goes to show how motherhood can change things up in just a blink of an eye.


We all know John Travolta for being one of the most versatile actors today. He also works hard and this shows in his performances. There could only be one answer to that and that’s the inspiration behind what he does. One of the things that kept him going is his family. Travolta’s daughter, Ella is growing to be as beautiful as her mother. Not only that, she also seems to have a potential for following in her parents’ footsteps. We don’t doubt that she’ll go a long way if she decides to explore a career in Hollywood.

The best bit? In case she needs any guidance, she can always ask her father for tips and tricks that she can apply to her craft. As a family unit, it’s clear just how much they support each other. They have gone through many heart-breaking challenges, but with each other’s support, they have also managed to pull through. With this kind of foundation, Ella Bleu would have all that’s necessary to be successful in whichever field she chooses.


Known as the host of the long-running game show Jeopardy, Alex Trebek also hosted many other game shows in the past such as Double Dare and High Rollers. While trying to achieve a college degree from the University of Ottawa, he developed a huge sense of interest in broadcasting. He worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for a couple of years and got his first hosting job for the show Music Hop. He eventually met Jean Currivan, with whom he has two kids.

Their daughter, Emily, was born in 1993 and it seems like she showed no interest living under the limelight unlike her father. She never showed interest in venturing into show business and opted working in a real estate industry similar to her mom’s career. Even though she’s pointed out that she didn’t want any part of her under the limelight, she still managed to earn as much money similar to what she’ll get if ever worked in a Hollywood set.


Jessica Simpson was a huge name in the entertainment scene during the ’90s as one of the most popular singers and songwriters at the time. She received a lot of merits thanks to the talent she shared with her fans and in return, she managed to get a sizable investment money for her then-future family. Speaking of family, she was married to her fellow singer and actor, Nick Lachey. Because of their superstar status, their camp decided to follow every step the couples made in their own reality television show The Newlyweds.

However, their relationship didn’t turn out positively and with the help of their attorneys, they ended up eventually parting ways. She gave love another try after a couple of years and that pretty much became her stepping stone towards a greater price, her first child and daughter, Maxwell Drew Johnson. She’s still pretty young but she already showed flashes of stardom similar to what people saw on her mother a couple of years ago.


The retired Hollywood actor and director Robert Redford, and his first wife Lola Van Wagenen, have been together for more than three decades and they experienced a lot in each other’s company. During that span of time, the couple received four lovely blessings in the form of their children. Among them is the talented actress, director and producer, Amy Redford. Just like her parents, she’s forging her own path in the entertainment industry for quite a while now.

Though the couple ended up going their separate ways, they still maintained a close connection with their children, specifically, with Amy. In her mind, her parents’ relationship may have not turned out as expected, but it didn’t discourage her from following her dreams. She managed to star in films such as The Guitar, This Revolution, Sunshine Cleaning, and Hate Crime. With the projects she worked with, she was able to establish herself in the industry as an individual.


Who doesn’t know Barbra Streisand? She’s a legend in her own league and she needs little to no introduction at all. However, if you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of decades, we’ll give you a quick rundown of her notable contributions in the industry. She’s responsible for a couple of timeless and classic hits that you’ll often hear on the radio. The Hollywood icon tied the knot with another huge name in Hollywood, Elliot Gould.  They eventually had a child, Jason, who went into Hollywood as well.

Jason has managed to establish a name for himself and even made an appearance in The Prince of Tides, as Streisand’s on-screen son. The two have a close bond and unlike other celebrities, they are without any major issues at all. With much love between then, Streisand managed to guide him through any personal challenges, with his career, and probably even when it comes to money management.


Seal and Heidi Klum dominated the headlines for months after announcing their union to the public and their fans. Seal, who is a famous singer, and Heidi Klum, a renowned fashion model, were seen as the idea of a perfect couple. Eventually, the German supermodel gave birth to their daughter, Lou Sulola Samuel. Though they’ve been very vocal about their relationship, things eventually came to an end, which placed them back in the headlines.

Things escalated a whole degree after the two announced their separation, however. By the time Lola reached the age of three, her parents went their own ways and finalized their decision to live a separate life. Things may be difficult for the young Lou Sulola because of the events that happened to her parents, but we’re sure that they have both made investments toward securing their children’s future. It is clear that the two have a great co-parenting relationship, too, which benefits the kids.


When your parents are two of the most popular celebrities in the planet at present, things must be great financially. As we’ve seen in photos that have been shared in both Kanye and Kim’s social media, their children get to live a lavish life and seemingly get all they want and more. However, it is also clear that both discipline their children well. No wonder even their youngest appears to have excellent manners!

For their eldest, however, not only is she a responsible big sister—she’s also quite the talented one. As early as now, she already has a net worth in the multi-millions. Whether or not she chooses a career in entertainment or decides to pursue an academic degree, North West wouldn’t have to worry about needing to borrow money for her studies. Aside from this fact, she’ll also get excellent money management advice from her parents. They are both successful entrepreneurs, after all.


André the Giant, or André René Roussimoff in real life used to be the one of the biggest stars in the WWF roster. He was known as one of the toughest WWF World Heavyweight Champion in the sport and a huge deal of that came from his sheer size and overwhelming strength. He was a popular icon in the ’80s and is known as Hulk Hogan’s biggest competition both literally and figuratively. He achieved massive success during his prime in the world of professional wrestling.

However, that was cut prematurely, when he passed away at the age of 46 because of congestive heart failure. Her only daughter, Robin Christensen-Roussimoff, was devastated after she heard the news from their family lawyer and we can clearly understand the situation she had to go through. On the bright side, her father left her a sizable amount of inheritance that she used to keep her finances on the right track.


Even though she’s not that active in show business compared to her prime, Salma Hayek still remains one of the most prominent actresses and producers in the industry. She eventually took a break from showbiz when she decided to tie the knot with the French Billionaire François-Henri Pinault. Both are very private people and even the circumstances of how they met was kept under wraps and that goes to show how much they value privacy above all.

In fact, the pair eventually decided to step away from the limelight since their wedding, in order to raise their family far from the scrutiny of the public. With extraordinary wealth, a top-notch home security system is a must to maintain the lifestyle they have away from the limelight. However, only time will tell if this lovely kid would follow her mother’s footsteps and join the entertainment scenes. On the other hand, she can also start her own business with the guiding hands of her billionaire father.


Richard Gere is considered to be every woman’s dream guy. No matter how you look at it and despite his later age, he still has the charm and charisma that can strike every woman’s heart. From the looks of things, that is exactly what happened with the model and actress Carey Lowell. The two had a lovely relationship with each other and tied the knot in 2002. Lowell eventually gave birth to their son, Homer James Jigme Gere.

Despite having a kid, the two found a sheer difference between them that eventually led to their split. By the time their son was only 13 years old and that could be a devastating blow to any early teenager’s life.  With the help of their personal attorneys, they were able to sort things out and that became a vital piece towards their son’s development. As for Homer, he’d still get the best of both worlds as he was even seen spending time with his father in Italy last 2018 and most of his time with her mother.


Born with both parents in the limelight, Dylan Frances Penn had an early shot of fame. That actually makes sense since both of her parents are considered two of the biggest names in the entertainment business, Sean Penn and Robin Wright. A lot of fans followed her parents’ love story and they were making big headlines over the course of their relationship. However, things went on the rough side until they eventually ended up parting ways after 14 years of being with each other.

With the help of their lawyer, they were able to sort everything out and made sure that their daughter, Dylan, gets the support she needs. Now that she’s all grown up, she channeled her attention towards modeling. However, because of the genes that she got from both of her parents, acting became like a second nature to her and appeared in a couple of flicks over the past couple of years.


Kate Beckinsale and her husband, Michael Sheen were one of Hollywood’s power couples back then. It seemed like the two were perfectly made for each other and the years they spent together were proof of it. They eventually had a child, Lily Mo Sheen, and their fans were expecting the couple to last. Although things were fine at the start, their relationship came to a halt. Eventually, that idea came into a sad reality and both of her parents decided to go their separate ways.

Despite the fact that Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen weren’t together anymore, they still did a good job of raising her. Growing up, Lily started exploring Hollywood where she was able to land several projects. She already worked with movies such as Underworld Revolution, Everybody’s Fine, and Click. Things may have been tough for her growing up, but we bet she didn’t struggle when it comes to student loans and other personal payables.


Tori Spelling was one of the ‘IT’ girls during her time. She then married Dean McDermott, who was a reality TV actor. The duo tied the knot in 2006 and it seems like the couple are perfectly made for each other. Everything clicked on the right cylinders for them and eventually gave birth to Stella Doreen McDermott. Charming as ever, Stella managed to earn her own fan base and we might see her one day accepting Hollywood projects and working as a television personality just like both of her parents.

However, there are no signs of Stella venturing into the limelight yet, as the tween prefers to live a quiet life outside Hollywood. Whatever the case may be, only time will tell. Stella Doreen may have preferred to have a low-key take on things, but her parents are all in when it comes to throwing her parties. It may be extravagant but it surely wouldn’t affect their investments.


Born to a megastar mom, Nahla Ariela Aubry is the daughter of Halle Berry. Yes, the Hollywood A-list actress that managed to work with a couple of major projects such as X-Men, Monster’s Ball, and Die Another Day. Aside from these projects, Halle Berry also amassed numerous acting merits over the span of her professional career in the industry. In fact, she’s the first African-American actress to win an Academy Award for the Best Actress Category.

It was during this that she met Gabriel Aubry and together, they had Nahla Ariela Aubry. Things were going great for the couple and it seems like nothing could stop the two, but they eventually separated. It remains unclear if Nahla will go into acting and follow the footsteps of her mom, but with both parents’ success, her credit scores would probably never be an issue. After all, she’ll definitely get all the support she needs if she only asks.


The daughter of the famous soul-singer, Toni Braxton, Diezel was initially diagnosed with autism when he was younger and a lot of people would likely submit to the pressure brought by the society to the affected family. Fortunately, Tony got the support she needed and as well as therapies to help her son thrive, despite his condition. True enough, he was able to surpass the challenge and can now openly do what he desires.

In fact, Diezel even took his leap of faith in Hollywood for his shot at acting, where he was able to star in projects such as Chicken Girls, Never Heard, and Ant. At the height of his professional success, his mother is always there to help and we have to give Tony all the respect she deserves for her perseverance, dedication and unparalleled love towards her son. Diezel can also rely on Toni for great advice when it comes to money management if he needs it.


Looking as stunning as her mom, Maggie Elizabeth McGraw is definitely a camera magnet. Her parents Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are both famous country crooners, so it won’t be a surprise if Maggie and her siblings will follow the same path. At the moment, Maggie focuses on studying at Stanford University. With her parents’ net worth, student loans won’t be an issue. It may take a while before the people in the entertainment scenes experience the things this lovely lady can offer on the table.

However, Maggie already showed a glimpse that joining her parents in the entertainment business might become a thing in the future. In fact, the younger McGraw already made headlines after looking gorgeous at the 2016 MCT Awards, where she walked with her father on the red carpet. It is no secret that she and her other siblings have good voices, but not one of them ventured into the music industry just yet.


O.J. Simpson made it big in the limelight. Everything seems to be going his way at the height of his success. However, he was caught up in a number of controversies that put him in a very rough spot. Although things were tough for him at that time, he made sure that his children were kept out of the issues he was involved in with. That may have spelled the end of his fruitful acting and football career, but not once did his daughter, Sydney Brooke Simpson emerge on those scandals.

That was considered a positive sign since his family didn’t get much heat amidst the controversies he faced. Sydney Brooke did, however, stayed away and took a different path – living quietly outside the range of any controversies that surrounds Hollywood and the overall entertainment scene. With this decision, and probably proper investment planning, she is now living a quiet and meaningful life with her own family.


With both parents emerging from the famous sitcom, That 70’s Show, Wyatt Isabelle is such a charmer—inheriting the trait from her mom and dad. With that in mind, a lot of people would agree that she completely got her beautiful looks from her mother’s side, while the charm and talent undeniable came from her father. Wyatt Isabelle’s parents Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, are considered to be two of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Although it took a while for both celebrities to take their relationship off-screen, once they did, there’s no stopping them. With their Hollywood projects, Wyatt is already secured enough when it comes to her finances. She surely won’t have to deal with or worry about financial woes in the future, as long as she gets money management advice from both parents. Considering the way the power couple raise their child, her bright future seems to be already set in stone.


At this point, almost anyone could recognize the ever-so-talented actor Denzel Washington. Nowadays, he is often known for his role in films like The Equalizer, Remember the Titans, Training Day, Flight, and The Hurricane. Outside his successful career, Denzel also made another achievement when he fell in love and married fellow star, Pauletta Pearson. Soon after, the actress gave birth to the couple’s lovely daughter, Olivia.

As she’s grown into a fine member of the family, Olivia began to look more and more like her mother. In fact, when she accompanied Denzel during a red-carpet event, people almost believed that she was even Pauletta! Through the years, Olivia has also established her name in the business, starring in projects like Mr. Robot, The Butler, and The Comedian. Although she’s already making quite a fortune on her own, it’s safe to say that her parents’ investments can surely help her keep away from any financial troubles.


He may be a good-looking star, but Tom Cruise isa lot more than just good looks. The actor also knows how to wow audiences with his stunts, especially in the Mission: Impossible films. Aside from his fame and fortune, he also made things official with another famous Hollywood A-Lister, Katie Holmes. The couple tied the knot and eventually had a daughter, Suri Cruise. Although Tom and Katie were Hollywood’s ‘it’ couples, they, unfortunately, ended their marriage after almost six years together with the help of their attorneys.

Growing up with Katie as her role model, Suri developed quite a fashion sense. At such a young age, she’s already doing very well when it comes to mixing and matching her wardrobe pieces. With that said, it remains unclear if Suri will ever pursue a career under the spotlight. In the meantime, however, she and Katie are enjoying their private lives together.


With a huge name in the spotlight, John Stamos is an iconic star who dominated the ’80s era of entertainment. He worked on hit-making shows such as Full House, ER, and General Hospital, three of the most popular shows at the time. With that said, perhaps it’s safe to say that the success he garnered in Hollywood could never top the moment he and Caitlin McHugh got married. Not long after their wedding, they eventually had a son, Billy Stamos.

Since then, John added the role of “loving father” to his resume. In fact, he enjoys it so much that he isn’t even shy about sharing his father-son moments with Billy on his Instagram account. Although plans for the two-year-old’s future is still uncertain, it’s safe to say that Billy won’t be worrying about his student loans anytime now. In the meantime, he can enjoy his childhood days with his loving parents.


Brigittе Niеlѕеn iѕ a Hollywood асtrеѕѕ, best known for starring in Cobra, Rосkу IV, and Rеd Sonja. She got married tо Itаliаn mоdеl Mаttiа Dеѕѕì in 2006. For almost a decade, the couple has gone through several unfortunate miscarriages. Fortunately, by 2018, their efforts finally paid off when Brigitte gave birth to their very own princess, Frida Dеѕѕì – goes to show that miracles do happen.

With the fortune her parents earned from their respective careers, it’s safe to say that Frida’s financial needs are more than secure. Even so, the couple will also be teaching their adorable daughter how to be independent soon. This way, when Frida’s finally old enough to make her own investments, she can truly appreciate the fruits of her labor. In the meantime, Frida is enjoying her childhood with her loving parents. For some days, the trio would spend quality time outside their home, taking a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood.


EJ is an on-screen реrѕоnаlitу and thе ѕоn of famous bаѕkеtbаllеr, Magic Johnson. Surprisingly enough, though, EJ iѕn’t into ѕроrtѕ. Besides finding success as a social media influencer, EJ also rose to fame as a fashion connoisseur. In fact, some people might remember him best for being part of The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills program. After his time on the show, he joined E! News as a commentator.

Like his father, EJ has also been earning quite a fortune these past few years. With that said, it’s safe to say he’s more than secure on the financial side of things. With all the investments he has made through his business ventures, EJ has recently accumulated a net worth of $2 million. To top it all off, the Johnson household also has more than enough for the family’s needs. After all, Magic Johnson currently has a net worth of $600 million.


Thanks to his muscular physique and natural charisma, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has become quite a figure under the Hollywood spotlight. After his near-decade-long run as a wrestler with WWE, Dwayne has since stapled his place in the film industry. Among the many titles he has had an acting credit for through the years include The Scorpion King, the new Jumanji movies, Central Intelligence, The Tooth Fairy, The Game Plan, Rampage, and The Fast and The Furious saga.

Despite his hectic schedule, Dwayne still makes it a point to spend some quality time with his daughter, Simone Alexandra. At a young age, she’s already known in Hollywood – safe to say that comes with the family name. Although there are no updates yet about what career she has decided for herself, fans and Simone will be assured that her celebrity dad will be there to guide her every step of the way.


Having an Oscar-winning father is something to be proud of, but it also comes with some pressure. Even so, Bryce Dallas definitely knew what she was in for. Being a daughter of the well-known filmmaker, Ron Howard, she’s given a lot of opportunities to venture into the film industry. Despite the chances, Bryce decided to put that offer on hold.

Before starring in films, she enrolled in an art school but left a few years later to pursue a career in Broadway. Even so, Bryce returned to that very same institution in 2020 and finally graduated with a degree. After starring in more than a few stage plays, Bryce finally got the chance to star in many of today’s big-screen hits, including Spider-Man 3, The Village, and Jurassic World. Despite her busy schedule, however, the actress still manages to spend quality time with her family. In fact, she and her award-winning father, filmmaker Ron Howard, are often spotted attending events together.


Will and Jada Smith’s children are making a name in the limelight as they each explore their own fields, the same goes for Will’s son with former wife Sheree Zampino. Unlike his younger siblings, Jaden and Willow, Trey still hasn’t spent much time under the spotlight, though he’s already worked on a few projects. One common thing between him and his siblings, though, is the fact he undoubtedly has plenty of potential to make it big someday.

Well, even if he does pursue a different career in the end, Trey has certainly inherited all of his dad’s best features, including his work ethic and sense of humor. On the more personal side of things, Will Smith is more than just Trey’s dad. Trey considers the actor to be the greatest friend he can ever have, despite their once rocky beginnings. With that said, this father-son duo now undoubtedly deserves credit for overcoming the hardships that came their way.


Jack Nicholson is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Outside his career, the actor is also a father to a son that looks just like him. Besides appearances, however, Ray Nicholson also follows in his father’s footsteps and has since worked in the entertainment industry as an actor and assistant director.

Despite Jack Nicholson’s impressive $400 million net worth, the actor still prefers his son to live through his own means. In recent years, Ray has slowly been making a name for himself in the industry, working on projects like The Outsider, Promising Young Woman, Now Is Everything, and A Reunion. Thanks to all the investments he has made along the way, Ray now has an accumulated net worth of $1.4 million. Although he still has plenty of room to grow and improve, it’s safe to say that Jack Nicholson is already more than proud of the achievements his son has made.


Not many know this, but James Marsden is actually a former Versace model. When he officially ended his career in the modeling business, James shifted his interests toward the film industry. After landing a few guest roles in TV shows, the actor finally got his big break when he took on the part of Scott Summers in the X-Men films. Other projects he has worked on include Robot & Frank and Sonic the Hedgehog.

We first saw his son, Jack, as a model back in 2017 during Comic-Con, and the boy has since been steadily working on building his own career. At the SAG awards of the same year, Jack also showed off his stylishness and stood out in a sea of black with his bleached blonde hair. To the young gent’s credit, he pulled it off well and has since made it clear that he is his own person, something his father is undoubtedly proud of.


Tаbithа Hоdgе and Mаriоn Lоrеttа Elwеll are the two daughters of Sarah Jessica Parker. Although they are twins by nature, Tabitha and Marion both have their own distinct personalities; and if that’s not distinct enough, they even go to separate schools. Even so, if there is one common trait the two share with their celebrity mom, it’s their love for books.

The duo was spotted at the NYC Bаllеt 2018 Spring Gаlа with their mom аnd in all honesty, one has to admit the twins looked as fabulous as their mother. There are also other sightings of them with Sarah. Despite her busy schedule making investments in upcoming projects, she still takes time to be a mother for her kids. They are often seen shopping or just hanging out with their mom. Goes to show that she’s more than willing to go above and beyond when it’s for her family’s needs.


Throughout his career, Tom Brady has made several achievements for himself and his team. Even so, perhaps the athlete’s most significant victory took place outside of the field. Jоhn Moynahan is the son Nеw Englаnd Pаtriоtѕ quarterback Tоm Brаdу had with his former girlfriend, Bridget Mоуnаhаn. Jоhn hаd a соmрliсаtеd ѕtаrt in lifе bесаuѕе at the time he was conceived, Tom and Bridget hаd аlrеаdу parted ways. At that point, Tom wаѕ already dating Giѕеlе Bündchen.

Despite the circumstances, Tom didn’t let that get in the way of his relationship with his son. He may have other matters to worry about, but one can be assured that his family’s needs won’t be one of them. Since then, Tom has always been there for his son John. In fact, they even went on more than a few holidays together. With all the effort he has made for his family, it’s safe to say that Tom undoubtedly deserves some dad credits for them.


Although we’ve seen her walk the red carpet with her celebrity sister, Miley Cyrus, more than a couple of times already, there’s still so much to know about Noah. One thing’s for sure, though, becoming a talented singer seems to be a common thing in Noah’s family, especially since her dad is the country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

Over the years, Noah has been involved in numerous projects. Before she began working on her album, the singer also had the chance to get a voice acting credit in the film Ponyo – she even sang its theme songs’ English version. Although she’s already doing great in her own right, reaching her older sister’s $160 million net worth is still a ways to go. Fortunately, there’s no competition to be had between the Cyrus siblings. After all, based on their many pictures together, it’s safe to say this duo are more than just sisters, but best friends, too.


At such a young age, Brandy Norwood already possessed a natural talent in singing – she sang for her father’s church choir when she was just two years old. By the time she was seven, her passion for music had increased greatly after becoming a fan of the famous singer, the late Whitney Houston. After performing in a few talent shows and working as a backing vocalist, Brandy finally got her big break. Outside of her successful music career, however, Brandy is a loving mother to her only daughter, Sy’rai Smith.

After a rocky first few years in life, Sy’rai has since been living peacefully alongside Brandy. Through the years, the mother-daughter duo has been very supportive of each other, sharing wholesome photos of them on their respective Instagram accounts. Besides love, Sy’rai also shares another feat with her mother: singing. Recently, in 2020, she finally got her first official singing credit with her debut single At Your Best.


Pаulа Carlene Nelson is the dаughtеr оf соuntrу music ѕingеr Williе Nеlѕоn. During her childhood days, Paula had the chance to meet other country singers, including Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter. This noteworthy experience in her life may have played a hand with her choices since she soon began making investments in her own music career, too. By 1998, the young Nelson already released her debut album Coming Home.

Other records she has released since then include Fireflies, Lucky 13, Little City, and a rendition of Have You Ever Seen the Rain, which she performed with her father – the track is in Willie’s 2013 album To All the Girls. Besides her music career, Paula has also done DJ work for a few radio shows, including her very own The Paula Nelson Show and Sun Radio. She is also quite a car racing enthusiast. In fact, she would occasionally work as a stunt driver during the Friday Night Lights’ filming period.


Back when Niсоlе Kidmаn wаѕ still mаrriеd tо Tоm Cruise, both of them decided to adopt a baby girl. Well, that lucky girl just so happened to be Isabella Cruise. Although she was raised by two celebrity parents, she was fortunate enough not to be followed by the paparazzi all the time. After Tom and Nicole parted ways, however, Isabella also began to distance herself from them. As time went on, though, she started making amends with them, bit by bit. For more than a couple of occasions, Isabella was spotted having great times with Tom Cruise around the city.

The following year after her wedding in 2016, which Tom helped pay for, she also had a reunion with Nicole Kidman. Amidst all the hardships and hurdles, Isabella undoubtedly deserves credit for reaching out to them again. To this day, she has been living a simple life, working as a hair and makeup artist.


During 2012’s New Year’s Eve celebration, celebrity hunk Mario Lopez and dancer-actress Courtney Laine Mazza got married. Two years before they tied the knot, Courtney gave birth to their first child, Gia Francesca. Not only is she adorable, she’s also a combination of her parents’ talents and beauty. At only ten years old, Gia already worked on a few movie projects, including a short film called The Disappointment of Jonathan Bender, a role she got before she could even talk properly.

At this rate, it looks like the up and coming actress wouldn’t have to worry аbоut ѕtudеnt lоаnѕ anytime soon. Other acting gigs she has worked on through the years also include Jane the Virgin and Disney’s Elena of Valor. With Mario and Courtney’s unconditional love and care for her, it’s safe to say that the couple will also be supporting their little GiGi’s rise to Hollywood stardom every step of the way.


Bette Midler has accumulated a staggering $230 milliоn nеt wоrth from her lengthy Hоllуwооd саrееr, one that dates back to the ’70ѕ. Thanks to the success she garnered for herself, it’s safe to say that her family won’t be worrying about any home and personal loans anytime soon. Hеr оnlу dаughtеr, Sорhiе von Haselberg, enjoyed a lovely upbringing and has also decided to pursue a career in acting. Her first experience performing was in 2014, for a stage play titled Billy and Ray.

Even so, it was in the following year when Sophie’s talents were truly and finally recognized. For her performance in Woody Allen’s Irrational Man, the filmmaker had nothing but praise for the actress, claiming that she would make it big in the business. In fact, after her audition, Allen was so amazed at her performance that he even made last-minute changes to the script so that Sophie could have more screen time.


If anyone were to have Meryl Streep as their mom, they would probably also want to pursue a career in the movie industry. Well, such was the case for the actress’s daughter, Mamie Gummer. Besides watching her mom act on set, Mamie also got the chance to learn a few behind-the-scenes tricks. In fact, when she was just a toddler, Mamie got her first on-screen appearance alongside her mother in the 1986 film Heartburn – to avoid the paparazzi, Meryl gave her the stage name Natalie Stern.

Since then, Mamie has been making plenty of investments of her own for her career. For the achievements she has made, one can be assured that her mother is also present, congratulating her from behind the curtains. A few of the projects the actress has worked on include Emily Owens, MD, The Good Wife, Side Effects, and Ugly Lies the Bone, where she won a Drama Desk Award for her performance.


The entertainment industry is full of content that can satisfy the needs of its audience. Wrestling is one such program that has entertained viewers for years; and when we think of wrestling, we think of a few iconic wrestlers, including Hulk Hogan. Although he may be tough and macho on-screen, Hulk is overly protective and affectionate towards his daughter, Brooke, who grew up to be a fine lady. The rest of Hulk’s family also had the chance to appear on-screen thanks to their own TV show, Hogan Knows Best.

The program managed to gather a fan base throughout its run, with most of its viewers rooting for Brooke. Although she’s already given a shot at acting, she also tried her luck in the music industry. Despite her second album not garnering as much success as the first one, it’s safe to say that she earned more than enough to keep her off of personal loans.


Nowadays, almost everyone knows a few of soccer’s greatest players, like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and David Beckham. Besides this all-star trio, there was also another noteworthy talent. His name was Diego Maradona. Throughout his time on the field, Diego wasn’t only just a skilled player; he was also a great team leader, a feat he retained when he worked as a coach. Unfortunately, in 2020, Diego Maradona, soccer’s Golden Boy, passed away due to health difficulties. Even so, his legacy lives on through his five children, one of which is Dalma.

Thanks to her father’s celebrity status, Dalma already has a high degree of popularity right from the get-go. Despite the fact, Dalma, the eldest of Diego’s kids, prefers to establish her fame on her own terms. Through the years, besides being Diego’s proud daughter, Dalma is also an up and coming actress, having starred in local films like Cebollitas and Orillas.


In the music world, almost anyone can recognize the voice of Sir Rod Stewart. Rod has won several awards and nominations throughout his career, including a Grammy and a Brit Award. He has also landed a spot in both the US Rock and Roll and UK Music Hall of Fame. Despite these achievements, though, perhaps the singer’s most significant award is his kids.

Instead of becoming a singer like her father, Kimberly Stewart decided to pursue a career in acting. In preparation for the job, Kim оbtаinеd her dеgrее from the ассlаimеd Royal Shakespeare Cоmраnу in London. Since then, she has starred in more than a couple of movies, one of which was alongside famous actors Robert Downey Jr. and Jared Leto. Outside of acting, the actress also found a great amount of success in the modeling business. Over the years, Kim has had the chance to work for brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Vanity Fair, and American Vogue.


Reality shows are one source of entertainment many people watch. Besides the well-known Keeping Up with the Kardashians, another just-as-popular program in the genre is The Real Housewives franchise. One such person that received a high degree of recognition from it is Teresa Giudice. Through the years, besides appearing on the show, Teresa also had the chance to release a few cookbooks along the way. With that said, however, if there’s one achievement she’s undoubtedly proud of, it would be when she finally became a mother.

Gia Giudice is thе eldest daughter of The Rеаl Housewives оf Nеw Jеrѕеу’ѕ Teresa. Besides having most of her childhood years documented and shown on the reality TV show, Gia grew up like every other child her age – she’s even celebrated a fair number of birthdays on the show. Nowadays, Gia mostly spends her time between her friends and family and shares more than a few of these moments on her Instagram account.


In the summer of 2010, Cristiano Ronaldo welcomed his first son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Despite the significant occasion, he decided to hide the identity of his son’s mother. With that said, the soccer star also recently said that he would give more details about his son soon, in due time. Despite his age, Cristiano Jr. has already done some modeling gigs. Even so, the little Ronaldo’s talents shine brightest whenever he plays some ball.

Once you let him do some tricks with a soccer ball, he begins to look more like his superstar father – and play like him, too. In fact, he gained widespread fame after his father took a video of him striking a goal – all while doing it in Cristiano Ronaldo fashion. With the way things are going for the boy and his father, it’s safe to say that Cristiano Jr. won’t be worrying about his student loans anytime soon.


Lilа Grасе Mоѕѕ is the daughter of Kаtе Moss. Kate enjoyed a very fruitful саrееr as a mоdеl. Through the years, she has had the chance to work with fashion brands like Calvin Klein, Dior, Dolce; Gabbana, Gucci, and even has a clothing range and fragrance line. Although Kate did go through a few bumps along the way, she still managed to overcome them in the end. For her second chance in life, the supermodel decided to add “loving mother” into her skill set.

Her dаughtеr, Lilа Grасе Mоѕѕ, is following in Kate’s fооtѕtерѕ. Although she’s still very young, she has started to make wаvеѕ in the mоdеling induѕtrу. In fact, she has even taken credit for being on the cover of the Italian edition of Vogue. Besides the love they share for each other, it sure looks like modeling is one of the other things that keeps this mother-daughter duo together.


Just 96 hours after they met, Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee got married. Soon after, they had two beautiful kids, Brandon Thomas Lee and Dylan Jagger Lee. Besides being known as Tommy and Pamela’s sons, the two siblings have been doing quite a good job making a name for themselves. In more recent years, their sons have been hеаvilу involved in the fаѕhiоn industry and mоdеlеd fоr brands like D&G and Yves Saint Laurent lаѕt уеаr.

Besides modeling, Brandon is pursuing a career in acting. He has taken part in a few projects, including Sierra Burgess Is a Loser and Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story. Meanwhile, Dylan, the younger brother, has also been garnering some recognition in the music industry, playing for the band Midnight Kids. With all things considered, a little investment planning isn’t such a bad idea for them, especially since they’re still relatively new in the business.


Every one of us goes through a few hurdles from time to time. Celebrities are no exception to this. One such case is actress Kristin Davis, who went through a tough phase in her life a few years ago. Fortunately, she has since been turning things around for the better. One such way she changed her life was when she became a loving mother. In 2011, she decided to go through the adoption process, which was when the actress met her bаbу girl, Gemma Rоѕе Dаviѕ.

Although she didn’t have a concrete reason to adopt her at first, it sure looks like this was the best investment Kristin ever made for herself – and for her new daughter, too. Seven years later, the Sex and the City star welcomed another member to her family, her adopted son Wilson. Since then, there hasn’t been a day that passed where the actress wasn’t thankful for her precious kids.


Mаrу-Lоuiѕе Pаrkеr iѕ аn actress whо rose to stardom mоѕtly during thе ’90s. In 2007, ѕhе decided tо gеt a baby thrоugh аdорtiоn and took a trip tо Ethiорiа, where she then met her now-loving daughter Caroline “Aѕh” Aberash. Although the actress has received more than her fair share of backlash from this decision, she didn’t let it affect her and her daughter a single bit.

Despite all the fortunes her investment money gave her, none of them could ever top what she now values most: motherhood. Along with her biological son, William, Mary-Louise believes that taking on the role of a loving mother for her two kids is the best thing that has ever happened in her life. Since then, the actress believes that the experience has helped her realize her weaknesses, her strengths, and the things she needs to improve on to be the best parental figure for them.


Cоrinnе Fоxx is the daughter of Jamie Fоxx. Some might be familiar with her, given she used to be a red-carpet regular. One such event Corinne had the chance to attend was 2016’s Golden Globe Awards as Miss Golden Globe. These days, though? She’s been busy building a career of her own. At the young age of six, Corinne already experienced firsthand what it’s like to be in front of the camera when she made a cameo on her father’s The Jamie Foxx Show.

Since then, she has done many things in the entertainment industry. A few examples include appearing in the show Sweet/Vicious and performing as the DJ in her father’s very own program, Beat Shazam. She also landed a role in Jamie’s directorial debut All-Star Weekend. Along the way, Corinne has also taken credit for modeling for several of the fashion scene’s famous brands and icons, including Dolce; Gabbana, Sherri Hill, and Ralph Lauren.


Although Eminem went through a few rough patches in his life, they weren’t enough to keep him down for long. He overcame those hurdles and has since reestablished his name in the music industry. Besides the investments he has made in his career, Marshall, above all else, is a loving father for his kids. With every record album he has released, Marshall “Eminem” Mathers always finds a way to write about his daughter, Hailie, in at least one track; one of these songs was titled Hailie’s Song, which became a huge hit upon release.

Hailie iѕ quite the sporty type. She’ѕ an асtivе member of hеr high ѕсhооl’s vоllеуbаll team and even took part in more than a few national competitions. She’s also great with her academics – she was even a Dean’s-Lister throughout her college years. In 2016, she began her career as an Instagram influencer and had since been garnering millions of followers.


Mоdеrn Family асtrеѕѕ Sofia Vergara has since garnered a widespread following for herself. After all, not only is she beautiful, but she also has an amazing ѕеnѕе оf humor. Mаnоlо Gоnzаlеѕ Vergara is hеr ѕоn, who she had with her high school ѕwееthеаrt, Joe Gоnzаlеz. This young gentleman is already making his way into Hollywood, following in his mother’s successful footsteps.

For quite some time, Manolo has been working in the entertainment industry. In fact, his first stint under the spotlight was when he was a kid, posing with Sofia for a magazine ad back in the ’90s. With that said, Manolo is also quite passionate about becoming a filmmaker. Knowing this, it comes as no surprise that he finished college with a bachelor’s degree in film production. Since then, he has been working both in front and behind the camera, starring in projects like Hot Pursuit, Guilty Party, and working on short films like Post-Mortem and Waking Up.


More often than not, being associated with someone famous can make just about anyone popular. Well, that was how Elizabeth Hurley started her career. Even so, this wasn’t the most notable investment she made in the entertainment industry. Since then, Elizabeth became an even more notable figure thanks to her role in films like Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and Bedazzled.

At this point, Elizabeth hаѕ already bееn in thе business fоr a very lоng time and has aged likе finе winе. On top of her career, she’s also blessed with a son Damian Charles, from the businessman, Steve Bing. Throughout his childhood, Damian would accompany hiѕ mоm on rеd-carpet еvеntѕ. Nоw that hе is in his mid-teens, he has been pursuing a career in асting аnd modeling. In fact, the mother-son duo even got the chance to star in the same project. For the TV series The Royals, Elizabeth was cast as Queen Helena while Damian had a recurring role as a prince.


Navarone Gаribаldi was born on March 1, 1983, and is the son оf Priѕсillа Prеѕlеу аnd Mаrсо Gаribаldi. Unfortunately, his parents parted ways in 2006 before they even got married. Unlike his mother, though, Navarone did not pursue an acting career. Like his half-sister, Lisa Presley, he became a musician and has since been a member of the band Them Guns. Besides Navarone, this LA-based rock band comprises members Kyle Hamood, Bobby Vega, and Chuck Holiday. For their grunge-like vibe, Navarone has cited bands like Nine Inch Nails and Nirvana as their sources of inspiration.

With Navarone having some degree of relationship with the late King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, it comes as no surprise that he also pursued a career in the music industry. Even so, the Them Guns frontman and guitarist prefers not to ride on his family’s fame; and by the looks of it, he and his bandmates are holding up their own quite well.


A year before he got his college degree in marketing and finance, Kevin Costner started developing an interest in acting and dancing. As a result, Kevin decided to improve on his acting chops. Soon after, he finally began his career under the Hollywood spotlight. Today, the award-winning actor and filmmaker is often recognized for his role in films like The Untouchables, Dances With Wolves, and Man of Steel.

For a time, many fans of the actor would see him attend red-carpet events with an adorable companion. Lily McCall Costner is Kevin’s daughter with ex-wife Cindy Silva. With the paparazzi following her dad’s every move, it comes as no surprise that Lily also feels at ease in front of the cameras. In fact, she got to explore acting at an early age and later starred in The Postman and 3000 Miles to Graceland. Nowadays, despite her father’s fame and her career’s success, Lily prefers to live a life away from the paparazzi.


Sandra Bullock has become quite a well-known figure in the Hollywood industry. In retrospect, perhaps it’s safe to say that the actress first received widespread fame for her performance in the blockbuster hit Speed alongside Keanu Reeves. Other titles she starred in since then include The Net, Miss Congeniality, Bird Box, and The Blind Side, which earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress. In the biographical feature, Sandra portrays a mother who adopts a child later in the film.

Sandra later adopted her son, Louis Bardo – perhaps her performance in The Blind Side influenced her on this decision. Despite being placed in the middle of criticism for her decision, she still went for it and loved Louis as her own. Five years after, the actress adopted another child in 2015. With the fortune she has earned through the years, it’s safe to say that Sandra has more than enough to invest in insurance for her kids.


Jennifer Connelly is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry who started her career as a child model. Soon after, she took an interest in acting and eventually gained widespread recognition for her role in films like Requiem for a Dream, A Beautiful Mind, Blood Diamond, and Dark City. The actress took a short break from the spotlight back when she got pregnant with her son, Kai, whom she shared with her ex-boyfriend, David Dugan. Along with the help from her lawyer, Jennifer received custody of Kai. Although the two separated, Jennifer, David, and Kai still take time to meet and catch up at least once a week.

Despite his mother being a celebrity mom, Kai decided to pursue a different career. Although he’s got a natural talent for acting and singing, Kai studied engineering at Yale University and has been working as a Systems Engineer Associate for Lockheed Martin since 2019.


Since its early years, Hollywood has never failed to introduce many of today’s famous stars. One such well-known figure is Michelle Pfeiffer, who had her first leading role in 1982 for Grease 2. Since then, Michelle has garnered more and more recognition for her performance in various genres, including the fantasy tale of Ladyhawke, the crime drama Scarface, the horror flick What Lies Beneath, and superhero films like Batman Returns and Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Despite her successful career under the Hollywood spotlight, Michelle’s greatest achievement took place outside the reaches of the bright lights. Just in time for her marriage with David E. Kelley, the actress finalized her adoption for Claudia Rose, who is now enjoying her 20s. Despite having the potential to be just as famous as her mom, Claudia decided to focus her investments elsewhere. Even so, rest assured that her parents will always be there nearby to support her along the way.


After getting his master’s degree from Yale University, David Duchovny slowly made his way into the entertainment industry and worked on more than a few titles through the years. Today, the X-Files star garnered a solid fan base for his role in the famed sci-fi series and his performance in Californication. Thanks to these two shows, he also earned a few Golden Globe Awards. Years into acting, David met Téa Leoni. By 1997, the two made things official and tied the knot.

After more than a decade together, however, the couple sadly parted ways. Throughout their relationship, they were able to have two children. Their eldest daughter, Madelaine West Duchovny, grew up to be a low-key individual despite her parents’ fame. She often spends most of her time with Téa. This mother-daughter duo would often be spotted just roaming around the streets. Other times, they can also be found shopping or going to the movies.


Coming from quite the celebrity-driven blood-line, Harlow Winter Kate Richie-Madden is a natural when it comes to being in the spotlight. Her grandfather is the ever-famous Lionel Richie, while her mother is the American socialite, Nicole Richie. Throughout her career, Nicole first garnered widespread recognition for starring alongside Paris Hilton in the TV show The Simple Life. Other projects she worked on soon after include Candidly Nicole and Great News. On the other hand, Harlow’s father, Joel Madden, was part of the internationally famous group Good Charlotte. After their disbandment, Joel and his twin brother created the band, The Madden Brothers.

Coming from high profiled parents, the media immediately threw their attention towards Harlow. Back in 2008, People Magazine spent a significant amount of investment money towards Harlow’s first photos for the amount of $1 million, showing just how much star power the little girl already has before she could even speak!


Nowadays, Larry Birkhead is often known for his role in Hopelessly in Love, MADtv, and Entertainment Tonight. Besides working in front of the camera, Larry is also quite experienced behind it. In fact, he is also a celebrity photographer and has since had his works in more than a few publications and billboards.

At one point, Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead were quite the topic among the press. Before Anna’s unfortunate passing, she gave birth to their child, Dannielynn Birkhead. Despite her first years in life being quite a challenge, Dannielynn still managed to overcome the difficulties. In recent years, with Larry by her side, she has grown to be a wonderful woman and has since found a career in the modeling business; she even got to work with Guess. With what she is earning, she can definitely set aside investment money that can keep her going in the long run.


Throughout his career under the Hollywood spotlight, Michael Douglas has undoubtedly become a staple figure in the industry. He first gained widespread acclaim for his performance in the TV series The Streets of San Francisco. Other projects he has worked on since then include One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Romancing the Stone, and Wall Street. Along the way, the actor met his now-wife Catherine Zeta-Jones. Like Michael, Catherine is also a well-known figure in the business and has starred in films like The Terminal, The Mask of Zorro, and Ocean’s Twelve.

Besides their successful careers, Catherine and Michael share two children, Dylan Michael and Carys Zeta. By the looks of things, Carys has undoubtedly inherited her mother’s beauty. Although she and her brother have no plans of having a career under the spotlight yet, their future is surely secure. In fact, if they want to focus on their education first, they wouldn’t even need to worry about student loans.


Today, Ben Affleck is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, who first rose to prominence for starring alongside best friend Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting. Meanwhile, Jennifer Garner established her name in the business with her performance in films like Pearl Harbor, 13 Going on 30, and Juno. Along the way, these two celebrities shared the screen in 2003’s Daredevil, where Ben portrays the titular lawyer-turned-vigilante lead, with Jennifer starring as the martial artist Elektra.

Being a daughter of two high-profile celebrities does have its benefits. Violet Affleck is the daughter of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Although the couple made a huge impact when they tied the knot, they, unfortunately, parted ways in 2018. Violet is often seen with her mom, especially when they go shopping – she even looks just like the actress. On some occasions, Ben also joins in and co-parents Violet and her two younger siblings with Jennifer.


The music industry has had more than its fair share of influential artists. One such figure that has left a long and lasting mark even after his unfortunate passing is David Bowie. Throughout his career, David was highly regarded for his creativity in creating songs and for his impressive theatrics during his concerts. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that he also found his way in the movie business, landing an acting credit for films like The Man Who Fell to Earth, Labyrinth, and The Prestige.

Despite the rocky relationship he had with ex-wife Angela Barnett, the two introduced the world to Duncan Jones. Although he doesn’t seem to have any interest in music, Duncan is quite a fan of films. In fact, he has since been working as a filmmaker, mostly known for directing and writing projects like Moon, Warcraft, and Mute, a movie dedicated to his late father.


Gillian Anderson’s name certainly made headlines while working on X-Files, which turned out to be a huge hit among its viewers. Before she made it big in the industry, however, Gillian once had an interest in marine biology, though that eventually shifted to theater during her teenage years. Today, the actress has also worked on other film projects like The Crown, The Fall, and The House of Mirth.

Along with her career success was her union with Clyde Klotz. Although the duo started out as something big, things, unfortunately, found their way downhill. By then, they requested help from their divorce attorneys. They may not have ended together, but the former couple was blessed with a daughter, Piper Anderson-Klotz. Now that she’s in her 20s, Piper is already earning a good living for herself. Although most expected her to be an actress, Piper finds joy working behind the scenes for a project’s art department.


Sean Preston Federline is already a well-known figure in the industry thanks to his pop star mom, Britney Spears. Thanks to the many hit records she has released, including Toxic and Baby One More Time, Britney is often considered the Princess of Pop. The singer was once married to her backup dancer, Kevin Federline, who is also the father of Sean’s younger brother, Jayden. After a few years, however, the couple parted ways, though they still manage to work things out and co-parent their kids.

Sean grew up in the limelight, and he’d go to award shows with his parents and explore the red carpet, too. Along the way, Sean became internet famous when Britney posted a video of him on her Twitter account, dancing to a rhythm game playing on TV. Although he is still unsure of what career path to take, his parents’ investments will surely keep him and his brother secured.


What does it feel like to be the child of one of the most successful directors in Hollywood? To get a satisfying answer, we may need to ask Sasha Rebecca Spielberg. Her father, Steven Spielberg, managed to direct many of today’s iconic blockbusters and classics such as Schindler’s List, Jaws, and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Her mother Kаtе Cарѕhаw, on the other hand, is an actress well-known for her role in films like Dreamscape, Power, Black Rain, and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, where she then met Steven.

Despite her father’s wealth being more than enough to keep her away from any credit loans, Rebecca still prefers to do things independently. Now that she’s enjoying her late 20s, Rebecca has also made her way into the entertainment industry and has worked on titles like The Terminal and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Besides acting, Rebecca also found herself a successful career in the music scene as Buzzy Lee.


Sam Sheen is growing up gorgeous like her mom, Denise Richards. Richards and Charlie Sheen were two of the biggest names in Hollywood. Sam is one of their two daughters. The couple only lasted for four years amidst controversy. Charlie Sheen worked on hit sitcom projects such as Two and a Half Men. Denise Richards, on the other hand, worked on It’s Complicated.

Two talented individuals have come together to create a wonderful union of talent and potential which resulted in growing children who are doing fairly well in academics. Sam along with her sibling is living a private life without plans of venturing into Hollywood yet. With their age, school seems to be the only thing that they’d need to think about, but student loans probably won’t be an issue as Sam’s family is wealthy enough to provide for her while she’s still in school.


It is without a doubt that Tina Fey is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. You would be hard-pressed to find someone that hasn’t heard about Saturday Night Live and Tina is best known for her appearances on the show. She and her husband, Jeff Richmond, have been together since 2001 have two beautiful daughters. One of which is Alice, who is already in her teenage years making her a potential entry into the entertainment business.

Aside from resembling her mother, she also managed to inherit Tina’s sense of humor which was one of the reasons why Tina rose to popularity in the first place. Alice already managed to make some cameos, and she made an appearance on 30 Rock but still hasn’t thought about full-time acting. With a bright future ahead of her, she’ll probably take whatever investment money she has and use it to excel.


Growing up as a head-turner, Billie Lourd is the daughter of one of the most iconic actresses in Hollywood, Carrie Fisher, who just passed away in 2016. Fans were saddened by her passing because Carrie made a huge name in Hollywood with numerous acting credits under her name. She played Princess Leia in the iconic film series Star Wars, which was one of the most successful movie franchises of all time and is still gaining popularity with the newer iterations today. She’s also part of The Blues Brothers, Hook, and Fanboys.

With such a huge name, Billie eventually followed in her footsteps and ventured into the spotlight as well making quite a name for herself with several performances showcasing her natural talent in acting. She already worked with projects such as Scream Queens, American Horror Story, and The Billionaire Boys Club. Being high profiled, home security systems are essential for this actress.


Even though she has every bit of potential to work in the limelight, Spencer Karen Grammer prefers to work off-camera and while we’re not entirely sure as to why she prefers keeping a low-profile, her potential to become an actress still stands. Her parents are Kelsey Grammer and Doreen Alderman, but unfortunately, the couple ended up hiring lawyers to finalize their separation.

Despite her parents going their separate ways, this talented girl grew up well with a noticeable affinity for voice-acting and more serious roles whenever she’s on-screen. Spencer is still quite new to the industry, but she has managed to work on a number of projects already. She made an appearance on the show, Greek, where she played the role of Casey Cartwright and movies such as Ironside and Mr. Robinson. She also voiced the character of Summer from Rick and Morty which many viewers of all ages watch on a daily basis.


Sean Combs, or better known as P. Diddy, is one of the biggest names in the music industry. He is a rapper, a songwriter, and a record producer. Aside from venturing into music, he is also a renowned businessman with multiple investments. He is one of the most talented entrepreneurs of his time, even earning the top-earner spot according to Forbes in 2017 with an estimated $130 million.

At the rate he’s going in his career, he also managed to raise his kids’ without having to worry about money at all. His son, Justin Combs, is in his mid-20s and is set to become the heir to P.Diddy’s empire and business investments. Justin also made an appearance on MTV’s reality TV show, My Super Sweet Sixteen, where his top-notch party celebration was featured. For his gift, his father gave him a luxury car worth $360,000, which is basically pocket change when you consider the fact that his father is the second richest rapper of all time.


Teri Hаtсhеr and Jon Tenny are two iconic celebrities who gave romance a shot despite coming from two different worlds, and their union is something that fans have looked up to for years. They tied the knot in 1994 but eventually had to hire lawyers to end their marriage after 10 years. Teri and Jon may have gone their separate ways but the fruit of their love gave birth to a daughter named Emerson Rose Tenny.

It is worth mentioning that the former couple is still on good terms even after everything that has happened, and they continued to have a positive relationship with their daughter as she was growing up. No wonder Emerson grew up level-headed. Instead of going into acting full-time, she earned a degree as she managed to pursue an education at Brown University. She also worked on a few animation projects such as Planes and Caroline.


Chriѕtinа Aррlеgаtе proved how strong she is when she regained her healthy self, and everyone used her as an inspiration to fight their own battles as well. As part of her triumph over her illness, she was blessed with the most precious gift in her entire existence, her daughter Sadie. The actress has shared numerous times in interviews that holding her daughter in her arms was one of the most fulfilling moments of her life. Many fail to realize the dedication and perseverance she’s exhibited while raising a child despite her situation.

In most cases, a celebrity parent would have a hard time raising a child, especially while something tragic is ongoing — like a medical condition. Sadie is truly blessed to have her as a mother. It’s certain that she’ll have a bright future, considering that her mother made sure her finances are set and she won’t have to worry about student loans for her education.


Brad Hall and Julia Lоuiѕ-Drеуfuѕ are one of those Hollywood couples that have had a very fruitful beginning with an almost magical and happy ending. Their union started as early as 1987, and they’re still together up to this date, proving that even celebrities can stay together despite the many temptations and trials famous couples encounter along their journey. They have two children and Charlie is the eldest, serving as the role model to his younger sibling.

Although he grew up with both parents on the big screen, he shifted his focus to sports and plays basketball for Northwestern University. With a successful career on the horizon, he’d be able to make a name for himself should he decide to go after his passion. All he needs to focus on is his sports career and school, as his credit scores will probably be taken care of by his parents.


Sharon Stone is, without a doubt, one of the biggest names in the film industry with several acting credits under her name. Aside from being an actress, she is also a renowned producer and has worked as a fashion model in the past, giving influence and inspiration to many models of famous brands today. At the height of her career, she married Phil Bronstein in 1998, where they adopted a son, Roan.

His parents’ separation consisted of a messy custody battle that lasted for quite a while before reaching a resolution. With the help of their lawyers, things were eventually sorted and Roan was able to experience what it’s like to have celebrity parents. However, Roan didn’t let that affect him, he grew up level minded in terms of his parents’ separation. Growing up to where he is now, he prefers to stay outside the spotlight as he appreciates a more peaceful life.


Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid are two of the biggest names in Hollywood and fans have followed their careers for a very long time. When they got together, this beloved couple eventually gave birth to a beautiful son, Jack Quaid. Knowing full well the potential he had, Jack was keen on following his parents’ footsteps and also ventured into the entertainment business in the hope of making a name for himself. Now that he’s in his late 20s, he’s managed to work on big projects such as The Hunger Games which is one of the biggest movie franchises in the past decade.

Jack’s career still hasn’t reached its peak yet and all he needs is to dedicate himself to his projects so that a big break can happen. Given a few more years, another big project may present itself to the actor. After all, he’s got both parents to back him up, and even guide him in money management.


Evan Olav Næss, who is commonly known as Evan Ross, is the son of none other than Diana Ross and her billionaire husband, Arnе Næѕѕ Jr. Anyone who hasn’t heard of Diana and Arne must have been living under a rock for the past twenty years. Despite having a mother who has made a name and is established in the music industry, Evan preferred to go in a different direction. Evan decided to take a chance in the acting business, and he seems to have a natural talent for performing in front of a camera.

Evan has already made several appearances in films such as ATL. He then landed bigger roles in Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and Part 2. Aside from these, he is also part of Headshop. With projects pouring in, payday loans probably won’t be an issue and the actor will eventually become a wealthy magnate like his father.


Chris Rock is one of the most talented comedians and actors in the industry. Chris has a sense of humor that can’t be copied by anybody, which allowed him to become as successful as he is today. When it comes to comedy movies, he is one of its brightest stars. Through his wit, he made a fortune and has never stopped expanding his wealth ever since he got his big break. He and his ex-wife, Malaak Cоmрtоn, share a daughter named Lola.

Although they’re no longer together, they’re doing an excellent job at keeping their family stable and they didn’t sacrifice being parental figures to Lola while she was growing up. As an adolescent, Lola turned out to be such a pretty teenager. Living a quiet life, it is still unsure if she’ll eventually give the limelight a try. But with her parents’ wealth, student loans will probably never be an issue.


Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin used to be one of the sweetest celebrity couples in Hollywood. The duo used to gush about their passion for each other on media outlets and interviews. Their love was so intense that the Coldplay singer would even serenade his wife during concerts. Their love story, however, came to a bittersweet end. With the help of a divorce attorney, they were able to settle things and kept the separation calm and organized.

At the climax of their love for each other, they were blessed with two wonderful children. Apple, who is the eldest, is such a charm and is one to look out for if she ever decides on giving the entertainment business a try. When she was a toddler, paparazzi would photograph her, looking adorable. Now that she’s all grown-up, she’s living a solemn life as she focuses on school.


Alаiа Baldwin is slowly making her way into the limelight and fans are curious as to what kind of projects she’s going to accept to showcase her talent. Her father, Stephen Baldwin is a prominent actor, while her mother, Kenya Deodato, on the other hand, works as a graphic designer. Alaia has a lot to live up to given the fact that her parents are two successful individuals in their respective fields. Having both parents with stable careers didn’t stop her from working on her own and striving to elevate her career.

As a matter of fact, she worked with different agencies such as The Squad and D’Management. Aside from exploring her career options, Alaia also decided to settle as she tied the knot with Andrew Aronow, who works as a writer and film crew. With their hard work as a couple, payday loans will probably never be taken into consideration.


Who doesn’t know the famous band Oasis? Lеnnоn Frаnсiѕ Gallagher is the son of the band’s frontman Liаm Gаllаghеr and his ex-wife Patsy Kеnѕit. The two heeded for a divorce attorney to settle their separation. Lennon, who is now old enough at 21 years old, and earning his own money, has proven to be quite easy thanks to his pedigree. He managed to inherit his parents’ good looks, which give him the edge when it comes to modeling.

He worked with agencies such as the DNA Models of New York and U.K. Models 1. Lennon has already modeled and made a splash for well-known brands such as MSGM and Topman. If he was asked to describe himself in three words, it would be “I am Lennon.” As to why he was named Lennon, it’s because his father is a big fan of the former Beatle, the late John Lennon. At the rate he’s going, a successful career is definitely attainable.


Conceived via IVF and born on December 4, 1999, in England, United Kingdom, Gaia Thompson Wise grew up to be a beautiful lady. Her mother, Emma Thompson, was already at the age of 30 when she decided to give IVF a try. Emma is not just an actress, she is also an activist, an author, and a comedian rolled into one. As for Gaia, growing up was a bit tough as she went through challenges in school, none of which involved student loans, but she did suffer from a lot of bullying.

When her parents decided it was enough, she was eventually homeschooled, which turned out great. She has also given acting a try and worked on projects like Last Chance Harvey in 2008 and A Walk in the Woods in 2015. Whenever she would come with her mother to events and premieres, Gaia was always given credit for having a chic and sophisticated style.


Coming from excellent genes, Lily-Rose Depp, born on May 27, 1999, in Neuilly-Sur Seine, France, grew up to be a head-turner. Having the famous actor Johnny Depp as her father and the singer Vanessa Paradis for her mom, Lily-Rose is blooming into her full potential. Although her parents are separated, they would still go on family vacations together. She and her brother stayed in France with Vanessa, yet she seems close to her father. There are even photos of Lily and her father going on vacations together, even after her parents had broken up. Growing up, she already managed to build a name for herself.

Unlike her mother, Lily-Rose ventured into the industry of modeling and acting. Whichever career path she’d take, her parents would probably walk her through money management. The young actress started her career with a small role in Tusk and then became the star in 2016’s The Dancer.


Rob Lowe is one of Hollywood’s biggest names as he managed to work on movies that became a hit. He reached the peak of his career in the 80s, with his notable projects including Holiday in the Wild, The Outsiders, and St Elmo’s Fire. Aside from his acting, one of his biggest accomplishments is the birth of his son with Sheryl Berkoff. John Owen Lowe grew up with a comfortable life since his father has provided him with everything he needs.

He already had some cameos, like in 9-1-1: Lone Star in 2020, and Holiday in the Wild in 2019, although he still hasn’t decided if he’ll go all out on acting or pursue a different career than that of his father. He did, however, push his investments towards education as he is studying at Stanford University. We are certain that whatever decision he’ll be making regarding his career, his parents will fully support him.


David Hasselhoff is one of the biggest names in Hollywood back in the ’80s to the ’90s era. The actor starred in Baywatch, which was a huge hit back then. Following her father’s footsteps, Tауlоr-Ann Hаѕѕеlhоff also ventured into acting. She already made appearances in The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and The Hasselhoffs. Just what we expect in a great actor’s kid, she’s quite a natural on-screen, and she’s multi-talented, too. Other than her interest in acting, Taylor-Ann also dropped her debut single back in 2015.

She stated that her inspiration to become a performer and singer was her musically inclined family. She knew she wanted to sing and perform when she got to perform her first solo for a choir in school. With numerous things for her to explore in the spotlight, money management skills are essential in the industry. Being able to gauge the importance of her expenses and knowing the pitfalls of fame, she’ll surely go a long way.


There is no doubt that Sуlvеѕtеr Stаllоnе is a legendary Hollywood icon. With successful projects, he managed to build his name and net worth. He tied the knot with Jennifer Flavin in 1997, and the duo eventually gave birth to their daughter, Sistine Stаllоnе. Growing up, she managed to get good looks from her mother. Having the full potential and her parents’ support, she ventured into modeling.

Although she’s starting to build a name in the industry, there are rumors stating that she wanted to move to New York for her to be able to explore much bigger opportunities since the city is known for being one of the fashion capitals on Earth, and is home to some of the best fashion agencies. If that was true, money management would be essential as she’ll live away from her parents. Even though she’ll be living away from her parents, they will always welcome her whenever she comes back.


Born of two Hollywood icon parents, Micheal Nееѕоn managed to inherit their good looks as well as some of their combined talent. He’s the son of thе lаtе Nаtаѕhа Riсhаrdѕоn and the famous actor, Liam Neeson. With his parents on screen, it is no surprise he would opt to follow their lead. Going through several role rejections, he still has a lot to prove as he notes the difficult challenges in the industry. However, Micheal was dedicated to reaching his dreams. Eventually, he was able to land roles for himself, without the help of his father.

As long as his father will support him, however, he’ll surely go a long way. Even with his lovely mother’s passing, their father and son bond is going strong, which means that Micheal will be able to learn about money management skills whenever he becomes a world-renowned actor just like his father.


Clint Eastwood and Frаnсеѕ Fiѕhеr are two of the biggest names in Hollywood. Knowing that her parents are respected actors, Francesca, their daughter, also followed their lead. It seems like acting is in their blood as she managed to build a name for herself in Hollywood. Francesca is now a TV personality, socialite, and American model. She has already managed to make appearances in Jersey Boys and True Crime. She may be working on acting projects on the big screen, but she also made appearances in various TV shows such as in Mrѕ. Eаѕtwооd & Company.

There are countless opportunities for her to put her investments in as long as she’ll focus on her passion. Growing up, it must have been quite difficult to be in Francesca’s shoes as there was so much to live up to. Considering her parents’ legacy in the industry, Francesca has already proven that she is more than capable of achieving anything she wants.


Having Pierce Brosnan as a father may be some kids’ dream, but for Dylan Brosnan, it is something deeper. With an iconic father in Hollywood, Dylan, born on January 13, 1997, in California, already felt at ease in the limelight, with the paparazzi following every move he made. Growing up, he managed to have his fanbase as he seems to inherit his father’s good looks. Although some wanted to see him on the big screen, he opted to study film in California.

The young man also dabbles in different things, such as singing for Raspberry Blonde and modeling for Saint Laurent. Going to school without having to worry about student loans will surely keep him motivated and dedicated to achieving his dreams. Even though he comes from a wealthy family, Dylan is doing good in saving his money. Seeing young men earning money with their hard work is admirable.


Harry Hamlin and the soap opera star Lisa Rinna are two prominent names for movies and television. The duo shares a daughter, Dеlilаh Hаmlin, who is starting to make a name for herself in the limelight, too. Like other models, she used her appearance on Real Housewives as a stepping stone to venture into the industry.

With her father’s net worth, student loans were probably not an issue when she enrolled at the prestigious New York University in the fall of 2017. In her spare time, she also makes her own money through modeling. She worked with IMG, which helped her get stable gigs. Now, Delilah Hamlin, at the age of 22, has an estimated net worth of $500,000 from her acting and modeling projects. She is a great inspiration to all young adults, proving that age is not a hindrance to make it on your own.


Coco Arquette is the daughter of Courtney Cox with ex-husband, David Arquette. She greatly resembles her gorgeous mom and people have drawn comparisons between her and her mother when the latter was still young. Her mother is one of the biggest names on sitcoms. Those who’ve watched Friends can closely relate to her character. Having a huge following, Coco’s birth in June 2004 was one of the much-awaited events in 2004.

Growing up in the spotlight, Coco learned to be more comfortable when it comes to crowds. She regularly makes appearances on her mother’s social media accounts. Now that she’s older, there are no signs of her exploring acting on the big screen yet. However, she did make an appearance on a music video of the band, MONOGEM, in 2017, which was quite similar to how her mother started in the industry. Though it’s still unclear if she’ll explore Hollywood, she’ll surely develop good money management skills with her mother’s guidance and support.


Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the industry’s best. Her versatility is something commendable, allowing her to switch things up easily. She managed to play the role of a cool mom on Freaky Friday. Living up to this role, she’s doing a great job raising her daughter, too. Anniе Guеѕt, born in December 1986, is Jamie’s adopted daughter with actor and director, Christopher Guest. She is also a third-generation Hollywood baby from her mother’s side.

Although most expected her to follow her parents’ way towards Hollywood, Annie followed her passion, which led her to become a dance teacher, which is a similarly productive and creative yet different path to what her parents took. She should be given credit because Hollywood’s limelight can be very alluring and tempting, but she instead followed her heart’s desire. Whatever her career path is, her parents will probably be helping her when it comes to money management and give other advice.


Bella Hadid is one of the biggest names in the modeling industry. She and her sister, Gigi, rose to fame among other new breeds of models like Kendall Jenner with the aid of their parental connections and through social media. Together with her sister, Gigi, they are two of the highest-paid and the most desirable models worldwide. She is even making waves on her own in the modeling industry, having walked on runways in Europe and the US, and was even featured on Dior’s makeup line.

Bella is the daughter of Yоlаndа vаn dеn Herik, who is a Dutch model and cast of the reality TV show, The Real Hоuѕеwivеѕ of Beverly Hillѕ. Her father, Mоhаmed Hadid, on the other hand, is into real estate investments. Although they were born to wealthy parents, the Hadid sisters know how to earn on their own. With their family’s net worth, they didn’t have to work a day in their lives, but they still continued to pursue their passion.


Just pure charming, Avа Sambora grew up with parents who knew how to have fun. Her parents were known as the heavy partiers of the town back in the ’80s. She is the daughter of Bon Jovi’s guitarist, Richie Sаmbоrа. Her mother, on the other hand, is Heather Lосklеаr who earned a name in the spotlight for her role in Melrose Place. It is a given fact that Ava managed to gather a fanbase due to her looks. However, she also inherited a hefty amount from all the acting and touring her parents did back in the days.

Now, she is currently focused on her education, as she enrolled at Marymount University, where she is a member of Alpha Phi. During her free time, she posts tributes to her parents on her Instagram account. Without worrying about student loans, Ava will be able to freely pursue whatever her passion is.


Kevin Bacon is a famous actor, while his wife, Kуrа Sеdgwiсk, also holds a name in the spotlight as an actress. Both prominent names are Sоѕiе Bacon’s parents. Her mother is of a lineage that can be traced back to the founding fathers of America and to people who were thriving in industrial investments. Having both parents with really big names in the industry, she’ll surely make it big in Hollywood, but she also needs to learn the value of hard work.

Although she already made a few cameos at a young age, she started receiving bigger projects as she ages. She started her acting career at the age of 10, and her first role was Emily in the movie directed by her father, Loverboy. Recently, she made an appearance in the Netflix’s original series, 13 Reasons Why. There’s no denying that she has such influential parents and that she is also a very talented young adult.


Daughter of the ever-famous Cuban-American actor, Andy Garcia, Dоminik Gаrсiа-Lоridо also managed to capture followers with her looks. Stunning as she is, her father’s acting record is also something that the young actress probably finds inspiration. Andy managed to land an iconic character in the film The Godfather III. Even though the actress was born in Miami, she spent most of her time in Italy, where her father was shooting for the movie.

Even at a young age, she has already ventured into the entertainment industry and has already tried acting — she is known for her performance as Vivian Rizzo in the film City Island and for playing Mercedes Fellove in The Lost City. Her big break didn’t come until she got older, however. Pushing her investments towards Hollywood, she was able to land various roles since 2009 and work on a project called Wild Card.


Hayley is the youngest daughter of the Baywatch star David Hasselhoff with his wife, Pamela Bach. The 28-year-old is currently establishing a career for herself—both in television and in the modeling industry. She once starred in the A&E reality show, The Hasselhoffs at the age of seven years old in 1999, followed by a stint in Celebrity Showmance and the American Drama series Huge where she played the character of Amber for ten episodes.

Since 2007, Hayley has been modeling as a plus-size model, but unlike her sister Taylor, who found fame in Rich Kids of Beverly Hills — Hayley knew that she was destined to find fame in her own way. She was later signed by Wilhelmina before moving to Ford Models. We have to give her credit for doing things on her own—despite her father’s fame. She’s even tried her hand at The X Factor: Celebrity back in 2019 but was eliminated during auditions.


Being the child of one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, Colin Hanks, born on November 24, 1977, certainly had quite a reputation to live up to! Fortunately, Tom’s quite a generous dad. Did you know that Colin’s acting debut was through the film, That Thing You Do? Under his father’s direction, the young actor got a taste of what his future in the industry might be like. This was back in 1996, of course, and these days Colin has managed to make a name for himself—on his own.

Today, he is his own person now and isn’t only seen as the son of the famous Tom Hanks. He has landed roles in various films, including his work for The House Bunny and Orange County. Colin has even forayed into television, receiving credit for his appearance in Fargo. With an estimated net worth of $15 million, we are pretty sure that he is living up to his father’s name.


Cameron is the elder son of iconic actor Michael Douglas and comes from quite the Hollywood legacy. Aside from having a superstar father, he counts Kirk Douglas and Diana Dill as grandparents. It’s not too surprising that Cameron ended up following his father and grandfather in the same industry as well and has received film credit for Jackie Chan’s Mr. Nice Guy, National Lampoon’s Adam & Eve, and Loaded. In the movie, It Runs in the Family, he appeared with his father, grandfather, and grandmother.

It is no secret that he has also struggled quite a lot during his life, and had been arrested for offenses three times — he was found to be in possession of illegal substances once in Manhattan. Many of these experiences are chronicled in his book, Long Way Home. After his parents divorced in 1995, Cameron’s father remarried. Because of this, he now has two paternal half-siblings with his stepmother, Catherin Zeta-Jones.


These days, the family can be defined in many different ways, and children are not always born into the ones they end up in. Such is the case with Hugh Jackman’s kids, Oscar and Ava. Both were adopted from a rural American family in the United States and are multiracial, something that was very important for Hugh and his wife, Deborra, since they’re both aware of the low rates when it comes to them.

Oscar is the family’s eldest and is currently 20 years old as of writing. When Oscar graduated high school and had already turned 18 years old, he reunited with his birth family. He got to spend half a day with them in Iowa, and he stated that he got to know each of them on a personal level. Besides advocating adoption, Hugh also gets credit for supporting various charitable institutions, including Broadway Cares and the Global Poverty Project.


Most would be familiar with a former figure skater, Nancy Kerrigan, both for her skills on the ice and the incident involving her rival, Tonya Harding. While the assault left her with trauma and injuries, Nancy went on to compete again. Eventually, she did settle down with her agent, Jerry Solomon, and together they have three children. Matthew is their eldest.
Currently, Matthew works as a theatrical costume designer—quite a different career path than his parents. He grew up pursuing his own career path rather than being established as an actor.

Nonetheless, we have to give him credit for striking out on his own. Despite coming from a privileged household and a celebrity family, Matthew has successfully established a career. Without stealing the fame of his parents, Matthew is a very determined guy. At 23 years of age, this is certainly commendable! He is now enrolled at Suffolk University and is currently pursuing a Theater major.


Forbes magazine recently recognized Kylie for being the youngest self-made billionaire—something that many people questioned, given her background. Despite the controversy, we have to commend Kylie to turn the fame she’s received through Keeping Up with the Kardashians into a lucrative career and business. Her cosmetics line alone has helped boost her net worth by the millions, and that’s on top of her earning money through endorsements and collaborations. In 2019 alone, her cosmetics line earned $200 million in revenue.

That is something that we can surely commend, because of her young age. In 2019, Kylie decided to put 51% of her company on sale to Coty Inc. for a whopping $600 million. Her company’s total worth was estimated to be $1.2 billion, but its value has declined towards May of 2020. We’re sure she’s getting some fantastic money management tips from her parents since Kylie isn’t one to spend mindlessly; she’s also invested quite a bit in prime real estate.


One look at Rowan and Grier, and it’s easy to see that they’ve got supermodel DNA. After all, their mom is Brooke Shields, and their dad is the talented writer, Chris Henchy. Brooke is one of Hollywood’s most iconic actresses, starring in films such as The Blue Lagoon even at a young age. Her provocative past might also be one of the reasons why she’s not keen on allowing her daughters to follow the same path.

Brooke Shields hasn’t had smooth sailing to motherhood. She gave birth to Rowan in 2003, after suffering a saddening miscarriage and experiencing several failed rounds of IVF. Later on, the actress opened up about the hardships she went through following the birth of Rowan during the Hope for Depression Research Foundation event. Instead, the actress prefers that they focus more on their studies, perhaps finish their degree, before deciding if modeling and acting are careers that truly interest them.


His father might be well-known for his hard-partying ways, but Robert Jr. isn’t keen on following the mold. Robert James couldn’t be a more different figure than his father. Rather than becoming a rockstar and party animal like his father, he stayed at home while his dad was getting into trouble and was out drinking late. At 26, he has managed to establish a stable music career for himself— the hard work he started even at such a young age, already paying off. Of course, another important thing in his life is keeping this young man level-headed: his daughter.

Skye was born back in 2014 when Robert Jr. was only 21-years-old. Despite being rather young, he took to his responsibilities well. It was clear to everyone that he is an even-keeled, well-rounded individual who knows his life priorities. These days, he’s busy making investments towards his career and the future of his family.


Growing up with comedy’s finest, Jim Carrey, must have been loads of fun for Jane. According to her, Jim was never the type to be extravagant about his lifestyle, so she enjoyed a fairly normal childhood. As for following in her father’s footsteps, it’s clear from the get-go that Jane has other plans—ones that involve establishing a music career for herself. Whilst her stint on American Idol: The Search for a Superstar in 2002 was relatively short-lived, she was still able to realize this dream.

Jane is also known for her work on Jim Carrey: I Needed Color in 2017 and Kidding in 2018. The father and daughter got shared credit for collaborating on an EP meant for Jim’s children’s book, How Roland Rolls. At the age of 33, she married Alex Santana on November 14, 2009, but later filed for a divorce after 23 months. Jane was blessed with one son, Jackson Riley Santana, on February 26, 2010.


The well-known American Journalist is the son of actress Mia Farrow and controversial filmmaker Woody Allen. Ronan widely received credit for working on the allegations of abuse against film producer Harvey Weinstein back in 2017, which he published in The New Yorker—his work has helped lead to the film producer’s eventual arrest. The following year, he was also awarded the Pulitzer for Public Service, sharing the honor with The New York Times. Ronan’s subsequent investigation uncovered other allegations against media executives, including Les Moonves, politician Eric Schneiderman, and lawyer and jurist, Brett Kavanaugh.

He also has regular appearances on the NBC morning program Today. In 2018, the Journalist also publicly came out as part of the LGBT community. He started dating the former speechwriter and podcast host Jon Lovett in 2011, and the two became engaged in 2019. The couple bought a $1.87 million house in LA the same year. Sadly, he is estranged from his father.


Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s relationship may have ended up with a divorce lawyer. Still, in their 11 years of marriage, the former couple raised their adopted children: Connor and Isabella. Both are adults now and have lives of their own, though neither of them followed in their parents’ footsteps. At 25, Connor has chosen music overacting and has an established career as a DJ. But these days, it seems that he has devoted his life to deep-sea fishing in Clearwater, Florida. He even competed in 2018 and won the third prize.

He was also recently married back in 2019 to a fellow Scientologist, Silvia Zanchi. Connor doesn’t have much of a relationship with his mother, who left Scientology in 1997 and didn’t even attend Connor’s and Bella’s wedding. Tom and Connor maintain a good relationship, and the two have also been spotted spending time together, even though the latter prefers a more private lifestyle.


Canadian-American actress Sarah is the daughter of Kiefer and Camelia Kath Sutherland. The young actress cites her father as the major influence for her taking an early interest in acting. While some kids would have fleeting interests, with their dreams changing as they get older, Sarah would continue to pursue hers. She even went on to receive a degree for voice and speech, movement, and various acting techniques, including Grotowski and Meisner from the Tisch School of The Arts in New York! During her final semester at NYU, she acted and wrote in a one-woman play, The Skin of a Grape.

Slowly but surely, Sarah is creating a name for herself in the same industry that fostered her father. She was the most recent part of the TV show, Veep, where she played the recurring character, Catherine Meyer. She won a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series for Veep’s sixth season.


It wasn’t always “roses” for this family, but we are glad to see them much closer these days. In fact, they were all in attendance at last year’s Oscars to celebrate Sam Elliott’s first nomination for the film, A Star is Born. The actor also gives his daughter credit for introducing him to Lady Gaga’s music long before they got to work onscreen together. She might be a gifted artist, but don’t expect Cleo to foray into acting anytime soon. Instead, she’s carving out a path of her own as a musician—something that her parents have always been very supportive of.

Cleo is no longer a little child. She’s been in a relationship with Randy Christopher Bates since 2013. The professional cyclist and Cleo are now engaged, and they both accompanied Sam and Katharine to the 2019 Academy Awards. Randy should fit right in with Cleo’s family and won’t need any divorce lawyers as soon as they get married. Randy has experience in video making and music.


Gigi Hadid is soon to become a mother herself, but we’re sure she’ll continue to remain a baby in her parent’s eyes. The supermodel is the daughter of the former model Yolanda Hadid and business mogul Mohamad Hadid. She grew up in a well-to-do household, but she had to put in the effort when it comes to establishing herself in the modeling industry. After all, despite her background, work ethic and looks do matter in this business.

Fortunately, her hard work and investments in the industry are all paying off. Gigi, along with Bella, are two of the highest-paid models in the world today. The last three years have been very productive for Gigi Hadid. She scored her second Vogue cover in 2017. She had endorsements with Valentino, Moschino, Fendi, and Versace in early 2018. Gigi even had a recent collaboration with Reebok. Without a doubt, Gigi’s future looks incredibly bright.


She may still be unfamiliar to many, but Stella comes from quite the star-studded Hollywood legacy. This begins with her grandmother, Tippi Hedren, who she resembles quite a lot. Of course, Stella can also credit her parents, actors Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas, for both her beauty and talent. We hope she gets to flaunt these more in the future! If she ever needs advice when it comes to dealing with criticism, her half-sister Dakota Johnson has plenty of advice to offer. Despite her pedigree, Stella also prefers keeping a relatively low-profile and doesn’t maintain an active social media presence.

Antonio Banderas deserves all the credit for being a hands-on father. He was able to keep a healthy relationship with his daughter, Stella, despite his busy schedule. Stella’s turning 23 this year and is looking at a future in fashion. She’s been recently spotted with her mom at the Chanel runway show.


Her father might be a legend in the music industry, but it’s safe to say that Lily is slowly building her own legacy when it comes to Hollywood. She’s one of this generation’s most talented and sought-after actresses, with a diverse list of film roles to her name. We wonder, is her prowess innate or did she also take a few online classes to help hone her craft? There is certainly no competition between this father and daughter duo; with Phil Collins often openly expressing how proud of his daughter. At only 31 years old, she’s certainly bound to achieve plenty more.

Lily Collins has become more than just “Phil Collin’s daughter.” She’s worked on a good number of blockbuster hits throughout the past decade. She recently starred in a 2019 film based on Ted Bundy’s life with Zac Efron. Lily’s also engaged. She’ll soon marry Charlie McDowell, an American film director. Lily likes to keep her relationships private. Thus, there’s no way to tell or expect if they’ll need a divorce lawyer soon.


This young actor is the son of famed actors Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. While we’re most familiar with his half-sister, Kate Hudson, Wyatt is also slowly making a name for himself in the industry. Before entering showbiz, however, did you know that he was already a successful hockey player? He played it professionally for years, before opting to retire and changing his career path – a brave move that we have to give him credit for.

Since entering Hollywood, Wyatt Russell has landed various roles in shows such as Arrested Development and Law and Order. We look forward to more from him in the future! Wyatt is about to have a relatively busy schedule over the next few years. He’s about to play the role of David Winters in the 2021 American thriller film The Woman in the Window. He’ll also have a couple of TV projects in 2020 and 2021.


We were first introduced to the actor through his role in the popular TV series, True Blood, where he portrayed the charismatic yet villainous vampire, Eric. Since then, he has also starred in various projects—including notable leading roles in film, including The Legend of Tarzan. His last name might ring a bell for many since his father managed to establish a career for himself long before Alex forayed into acting.
Stellan Skarsgard is given credit for being one of the industry’s greats and his son definitely inherited some of that talent.

Their individual work is something many often look forward to. Alexander Skarsgard starred in an incredible 11 films over a five-year span. His busy schedule isn’t stopping anytime soon as he’ll star in the 2021 films Passing and Godzilla vs. Kong. Alexander also has another project named The Northman, whose release date is yet to be announced. He’ll play the role of Amleth in the film.


Her parents Christopher Lambert and Diane Lane may have called on divorce lawyers, but it’s clear that they raised their daughter well. Now that she’s all grown up and calling the shots when it comes to her career, Eleanor Lambert opted out of an acting career. Instead, she chose to model and used to be signed with Wilhelmina New York. Proving her versatility, she also works as a music writer for the Village Voice.

At only 26 years old, she’s certainly gotten quite a headstart. Whichever career path she decides to take on, we hope she receives plenty of money management tips from her parents! Eleanor Lambert has been able to cultivate a bright future in modeling over the past few years. The 26-year old also keeps in touch with her parents regularly. She can truly use their advice and tips while she goes further in her career as a supermodel.


Known professionally as P. Exeter Blue, the talented musician is the son of Cher and Gregg Allman. As a young teen, his love for music was already apparent. In fact, he was even gifted by Gene Simmons with his first guitar! Quite the treat for the young Elijah, we’re certain. He has been active in the industry since 1995 and has also played with a number of different bands, including Deadsy, prior to the group’s hiatus back in 2007. Together with the band, they released two relatively successful albums: Commencement and Phantasmagoria. Elijah also gets credit for working on Thirty Seconds to Mars’ debut release.

Elijah has been able to make a career for himself in music. He was able to carve out his own path while collaborating with well-known artists throughout the years. Elijah should have something to look forward to in 2021 as his band, Deadsy, will make a comeback with another studio album named Subterfuge. The album is Deadsy’s first studio album since 2006.


Glenn Close’s daughter, Annie Starke, has managed to make a name for herself both in film and Broadway. Before diving into a film, however, the actress worked on her History of Arts degree at the Hamilton College in New York. She has appeared in a number of movie projects, including We Don’t Belong Here, Albert Nobbs, as well as in The Wife, where she portrayed the younger version of her mother’s character. This wouldn’t be the first time, however. Annie also played a younger version of her mother in the comedy film, Father Figures. You should also watch out for her on the upcoming series Ratched on Netflix.

Annie truly has a list of decorated individuals in her camp. Her godfather is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. She also married Marc Albu, a money manager, in Bedford, New York. Aside from being an actress, she is also an equestrian, and she’s had experience competing in the sport. Starke won the Children’s Modified Jumper Championship Competition back in 2004.


The 21-year-old is currently hosting his own baseball show, and by the looks of it, he’s got the talent to go even further. This isn’t surprising, of course, he has one of the best mentors any industry newbie could ask for. His father, Larry King, is a legend amongst TV hosts and can teach him plenty when it comes to the business. We wouldn’t be surprised if those lessons begin with developing a great work ethic, something that Larry is well-known for. We hope he receives advice about investment planning as well; Chance definitely has quite the future ahead of him, after all.

We’re glad that he seems fine, given that he is one of Larry King’s children who spoke out regarding Larry’s separation from their mother, Shawn Southwick King. He says that they’ll always have their parents’ back, and all of them will remain family. Chance recently posted a photo of them after the entire ordeal.


The 21-year-old actress Maya Hawke is the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. She made her TV debut back in 2017 in BBC’s adaptation of Little Women. However, she might be better known for her role as Robin in the cult favorite Netflix series, Stranger Things. This is the show that helped catapult the young actress to greater recognition, but we’ve got to give her talent plenty of credit as well. Something that she likely inherited from both parents as creativity certainly runs in their blood. Maya also studied in a number of prestigious schools, including the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.

Her career is progressing as she is also starting to appear in numerous films. She’s had three film roles since 2018 and will add one more to that number as she’ll star in the 2020 film Mainstream as Frankie. Of course, her TV career will continue as she’ll continue her role in Stranger Things while playing the role of Annie Brown in The Good Lord Bird.


Gordon Ramsay might be one of the most intimidating TV personalities, but his bond with his son shows a different side to the chef. Jack grew up in a loving household, although he was also raised with a certain degree of discipline. This is perhaps the reason why he’s grown up to be such a level-headed young man. Just don’t expect him to follow in his father’s footsteps, however!

Early this year, it was reported that the 21-year-old has decided on a very different career path: joining the Royal Marines. He started the 32-week basic training in 2019 and will earn his green beret come autumn. Gordon also expressed how proud and happy he is for his son. He even posted a photo of Jack in uniform on his Instagram, along with a heartfelt caption. Jack will certainly have a number of things to do once he gets back from deployment.


Zoe Kravitz is one of Hollywood’s fastest rising stars, landing coveted roles in some of the biggest film franchises in the world, including her role as the iconic Catwoman for the 2021’s Batman reboot. She has also received film credit for her roles in Divergent and X-Men: First Class, but back then she was better known for being the daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz. Now that she’s established a name for herself, however, the comparisons are inevitable. Not only does she resemble her mother greatly, but she’s also inherited Lisa’s laidback attitude. This should serve her well as she navigates her career.

However, she recently called it quits with her husband, Karl Glusman, after 18 months of marriage. It seems she will have difficulty finding time to set a lawyer’s appointment somewhere in her busy schedule. She has a couple of film projects set to release in 2021 and 2022. Subsequently, she’s also been involved with two TV projects for 2020.


The 28-year-old actor and musician is the son of famed Hollywood actors, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. While the couple’s marriage eventually ended with divorce lawyers, there’s little doubt that they were able to raise their son well. Not only is Miles slowly making his way into the industry, participating in films such as My Friend Dahmer, but Daniel also Isn’t Real, as well as in The X-Files. He also received acting credit for The Day Shall Come, alongside Anna Kendrick. Aside from being an actor, Miles has also worked as a DJ and is currently a member of the Pow Pow Family Band.

Being a child of a famous Hollywood icon truly brings a lot of perks. Miles was able to land a good number of prominent roles over the years. He recently appeared in the 2018 Halloween film, which was based on the original 1978 film of the same name. Miles’ acting career is starting to blossom, and we’re excited to see the young actor showcase the skills that he inherited from his parents.


Among Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s children, Rumer is the most familiar to fans and audiences, with credit to her work as an actress. Of course, there’s also the fact that she’s inherited her parent’s good looks. Her most memorable appearances in the film include the House Bunny—where the then-newbie actress was able to flex her comedic skills. This was later followed by other projects, including 90120 and Empire.

If acting doesn’t quite work out for Rumer, she can always turn to dance. She’s already proven that she has what it takes—after winning the 20th season of Dancing With The Stars. Rumer already has an extensive film career. She’s received credit for the films that she’s been in since 1995. Rumer’s last film appearance was in the 2019 Tarantino-flick titled “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.” She also appeared in various TV shows. Rumer recently appeared in the American TV series “9-1-1” in 2020.


The singer and actress were born to quite a talented family. Her mother is Olivia Newton-John and her father is Matt Lattanzi—both established artists in the business. Chloe has proven that she’s inherited more than just their good looks. She participated in a stage production of the musical Hair in Melbourne and gets songwriting credit on her mother’s 2005 album, Stronger Than Before.
It’s clear that she’s fearless when it comes to trying out new paths. We also saw her appear on the reality-TV show, Rock the Cradle, and in 2010, she even digitally released her debut single Wings and a Gun in Japan.

Olivia has had a couple of film appearances throughout the years. One of her most notable appearances is her role in the 2017 TV movie “Sharknado 5: Global Swarming.” Olivia will make a TV comeback as a contestant in Dancing with the Stars Australia this 2020.


Ireland and her father, Alec, may have had quite a rocky relationship in the past but these days? They’re certainly getting along much better—even making jokes out of the 2007 voicemail incident on Comedy Central Roast. As for her personal life, the model and actress has made great leaps from her troubled past and is making investments towards building a career. She is currently signed with a number of different modeling agencies across the globe, including in Milan and Los Angeles.

Ireland is also quite active on social media, though her posts don’t often go over well with both parents given their provocative nature. Ireland had a string of photoshoots and modeling gigs over the past few years. But, no amount of income from these small-time modeling jobs can compare to her father’s net worth. Alec currently has a net worth of $65 million. If their relationship as father and daughter continues to go well, then Ireland should secure herself an inheritance.


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony may have finalized their divorce through lawyers, but there’s certainly no shortage of love when it comes to their twins, Emme and Maximilian. These kids were already earning investment money long before they spoke their first words. People Magazine reportedly spent $6 million for the exclusive rights to publish the twins’ first photos. Both are nearing their teens and have been showing off the talents they inherited from their mom and dad.

Max has performed at school during recitals. Meanwhile, Emme got her fair share of the spotlight, when she joined her mother onstage during the Super Bowl halftime show. It’s good to know that both kids will have an opportunity to pursue a career in showbusiness. We’re confident that they have the talent to do so and that J. Lo can teach them a thing or two about performing. However, they can also opt to finish their education in any University that they want.


Will might be the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but his son Jaden is in a class of his own. Not only is he a talented actor, but Jaden is also quite a successful entrepreneur. He started his company, Just Water, back when he was only 12 years old—out of concern for the growing global problem when it comes to plastic.

His environmental activism extends globally and he is also very outspoken about using technology towards creating better water sanitation and supply everywhere. As for his music career, Jaden’s most recent release is 2019’s Erys, which also featured a collaboration with his sister, Willow. Jaden Smith is also back in the recording studio working on another studio album, his third one in four years. He’s set to release CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3 in 2020. He also went on tour back in 2019 with Willow to promote his 2019 Erys album.


Taylor’s certainly had her eyes set on Hollywood even as a young girl. In fact, she received her degree in theater from the University of Southern California back in 2015. Long before this, however, she was already making appearances in various TV roles and short films. Taylor even had a cameo role in a Breaking Bad episode, much to the delight of her father’s fans. These days, she’s busy establishing her own name in the business. In 2016, she was cast in MTV’s Sweet/Vicious, portraying Ophelia Mayer. Her performance received plenty of praise, but the show was canceled after 1 season.

Taylor hasn’t had a TV or film appearance for three years now. She has focused all of her energy, time, and effort as a business owner. Taylor has nothing to worry about financially, however. Her dad, Bryan Cranston, now has a net worth of $40 million. Bryan can definitely give Taylor all the financial leverage she’ll need.


The resemblance between Charlotte and her mother, Sigourney Weaver, is uncanny. We wouldn’t be too surprised if she gets cast as a younger version of her mother in a film someday. Charlotte might need a bit of persuading, however, as she prefers behind the scenes work over being in the spotlight. She has worked as a camera assistant on a number of productions, including the TV series Kelsey—where she also received acting credit for appearing in 1 episode. Aside from camera work, Charlotte has also tried her hand at special effects make-up and the results of which can be seen in the film, Summit.

Her mother, Sigourney, will be in the next Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 movies. We can only speculate if Charlotte will play a role in the special effects and make-up of her mother in that movie. We’re sure that Charlotte can carve a path out even if it’s different from her mothers’.


The English-Irish actor is the son of Jeremy Irons and Sinead Cusack. Coming from parents who are both established in the realm of theatre and film, it isn’t too surprising that Max would decide to follow in their footsteps. The 34-year-old has since managed to build a stable career for himself, even receiving a leading role credit for the film Bitter Harvest back in 2017. His other notable film appearances include The Host, Red Riding Hood, and The White Queen. Aside from acting, he is also a familiar face in the modeling world—having landed jobs for big brands such as Mango and Burberry.

Besides Bitter Harvest, Max also had three film projects in 2017. The other two were The Wife and Crooked House. He then followed his 2017 track record with his performance in the 2018 film Terminal. Max Iron has also been actively taking TV projects. He appeared in the TV series’ Condor and The Little Drummer Girl.


It isn’t just their unique names that will be catching people’s attention. Michael J. Fox’s adorable twin girls have grown up into beautiful young women. Now in their early-20’s, Schuyler and Aquinnah are busy forging their own individual paths. Both are currently attending college and looking to receive their chosen degree. Will they go into acting like their parents? This is something we have yet to see.

What we’re certain of is that the twins, along with their other siblings, have always been supportive of their father while he went through various medical-related struggles—showing just how strong their bond is. Regardless of what Michael J. Fox’s twins will pursue, we’re confident that he’ll always have their back. He can surely make a couple of arrangements along with his $65 million net worth. You can follow both Schuyler and Aquinnah’s social media accounts as they regularly post photos of their popular actor.


Larry David wrote for and spearheaded Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm—two award-winning shows that lasted decades on television. He is also a former stand-up comedian and his daughter Cazzie is keen on following in his footsteps. Despite being a newbie, the talented young actress has written and starred in her own web series; receiving much praise in the process. As a writer, she also worked on the TV-movie Half-Empty and the mini-series, Eighty-Sixed. Cazzie is continuously producing original content so we’re keen on seeing more of her in the future!

We’re sure Larry will provide money management and creative advice along the way. Cazzie has recently been involved with a messy breakup with comedian Pete Davidson. We sincerely hope that this break up won’t get in the way of Cazzie’s blooming career. If things go south, she’ll always have his father’s $900 million net worth to open a few doors and opportunities for her.


Jude Law’s son is all grown-up and already making investment money on his own. He has appeared in high-profile campaigns for Timberland and Dolce & Gabanna. Much like his father, Rafferty is said to be quite popular with the ladies. Romantic endeavors aside, he is also set on making a name for himself. Rafferty has forayed into music, releasing a single back in 2017 called Support Network, and is currently part of the band Outer Stella Overdrive.

The young actor is also quite active on social media, with nearly 50,000 followers on Instagram alone. He is currently represented by Troika Talent and Tess Management. Rafferty is also an actor and a producer. He’s been in several film projects and a few notable are Repo Men and Running Man. He’ll make another appearance in the 2021 film Twist. It’ll be exciting to watch Jude Law’s son juggle a modeling and acting career together.


The British model and photographer is the eldest son of Victoria and David Beckham. Fans of the couple have long been familiar with Brooklyn, given his regular appearances alongside his mum and dad. At only 21 years old, he has worked with famed photographers such as Bruce Webber and Alasdair McLellan. In fact, he was given his first photographer credit by Burberry, after shooting a campaign for the brand’s BRIT line. Aside from modeling, he is also making bank as an influencer. Given his strong following in China, Brooklyn was also named one of the ambassadors for Huawei’s Honor 8 mobile phone.

Beckham also announced that he’s interested in pursuing a photography degree. However, his book of photography didn’t do so well. Some critics even had negative reviews on his work. The Beckham offspring certainly can change career paths easily. His father has the influence and the net worth to open new doors and opportunities for him.


Julianne’s gorgeous “mini-me” has turned into a lovely young woman, though Liv isn’t exactly about to follow in her mother’s footsteps just yet. Despite having made prior film appearances, it seems like Liv is more focused on her studies and chasing after her university degree instead of becoming a celebrity. Something that we’re certain Julianne is very happy about. Nonetheless, this hasn’t stopped her from taking Liv along to various events—including scoring front row seats for the two of them at a Ralph Lauren show a few years back.

Unlike other celeb kids, Liv doesn’t maintain an active social media presence. Liv can certainly pursue a career in show business if she wants to. But, we’re happy to know that her parents aren’t forcing her to do so. Liv is a celebrity kid. Therefore, she’ll have all the freedom to pick a future career path. Who knows, maybe she can juggle school and acting.


Have you seen the video of little Charlie while playing golf? Needless to say, the kid’s a natural when it comes to the sport—with many praising his innate skills. There’s still quite a way to go for Charlie and there’s no real guarantee that he’ll end up in the same profession as his father. Nevertheless, he is showing great promise—despite his young age. In 2016, he was ranked T-2 at the U.S. Kids Gold South Florida Tour.

Whether he chooses to pursue golf or something else, Charlie would never have to worry about student loans, thanks to his father’s fortune. Charlie impressed a lot of people in his performance together with his father. He recently went out golfing with his father and showcased the uncanny resemblance. If he continues to mimic his father’s mannerisms and skill on the golf course, then we might see another champion in the Woods’ household.


Of Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann’s 3 children, 2 are adopted. One of them is the adorable Amaya Josephine, who they welcomed into their family back in 2011. Amaya is 9 years old this year and she is originally from the United States. Whilst the couple remain very private about the lives of their kids, they do open up when it comes to adoption and why they chose to do it—citing that they have always wanted a big family.

With such loving parents, who have likely already made investments into her future, Amaya will certainly lead a comfortable life. Amaya should have a brighter future ahead of her. She can certainly pursue a career in acting if she wants to. To Mariska and Peter’s credit, they’re not forcing anything upon their kids. Amaya can pick and carve any career path that she prefers. Regardless of what she chooses, she’ll have Mariska and Peter supporting her fully.


The talented singer-songwriter is the daughter of music legend, Billy Joel and supermodel, Christie Brinkley. Alexa was the inspiration behind her father’s song, “Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)” and has been referenced quite a few times in many of his other hits. To her credit, Alexa has also managed to establish a career for herself—releasing her debut EP back in 2006. Since then, she has published 5 more singles and has also performed with her father in concert. She has been engaged to Ryan Gleason since December 2017 but has had to postpone her wedding this year due to the current COVID pandemic.

Alexa has also been incredibly active in fashion events. She’s performed at Fashions Night Out in 2009. She also interviewed a good number of celebrities and designers for Julib.com during Fashion Week in New York back in 2012. Joel’s recent appearances had her posing in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue and gracing the cover of BELLA magazine’s Beauty Issue recently in 2018.


Mercy James might not be as widely recognized as her older sister, Lourdes, but this lovely young woman is equally as talented. She was adopted by Madonna from Malawi in Africa when she was just 6 years old. Now that she’s 13, Mercy has also shown quite a talent for playing the piano—with preferences for Debussy and Mozart. She has shared her performances on Instagram, much to the delight of her mother’s fans. We have to give the family credit; not only are Madonna’s kids very artistic, but they are also level-headed and have a close bond with each other.

Mercy’s now well into her teens. She should be making a couple of life decisions pretty soon. Mercy could pursue and cultivate a career in music. She could also choose to finish her education and live a peaceful life away from the Hollywood limelight. Regardless, we’re confident that Madonna will pull a couple of strings to give her adopted daughter the life she wants.


Lola Momoa just might be one of the coolest 12-year-olds in the world—after all, she gets to call Aquaman dad! Her parents are Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet, both amazing actors in their own right and also two of the kindest, most laidback people in the industry. We’ve got to give them plenty of credit for making sure that Lola and her brother, Nakoa Wolf, are getting to live their childhood as normally as possible.
Did you know that Zoe Kravitz’s band, LOLAWOLF, was named after her half-siblings? It’s a testament to how much love there is in this “ohana”!

Lola just turned 13 this past July of 2020. She’s entering her teens and got a couple of decisions regarding her career and relationships ahead of her. As for career choices, her father says that she’s free to pick any career or path that she wants. As for relationships, her tall and handsome dad says that he won’t allow her to start dating anytime soon.


Helene is supermodel Heidi Klum’s eldest with her former partner, Flavio Briatore. Whilst her mother is German and her father is Italian, Helene is an American citizen and was born in New York City. If you’re wondering about her last name, Helene bears Seal’s surname because she was legally adopted by the singer after he and Heidi got together. Even after the couple finalized their divorce with lawyers, Seal remains an important figure in the young girl’s life.

Helene is 16 this year and through her mother’s hard work, she doesn’t need to worry about student loans when she does decide to go to university. The future is bright for Helene Boshoven Samuel because we already saw her potential in modeling. We predict that she can be a model or even a television host just like her mother, who hosted Germany’s Next Top Model.


Much like her talented older brother, Willow also started out with small parts in films, before venturing into making music. Her first big hit was “Whip My Hair”, which was released back in 2010. She is signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Label—the youngest in the company’s roster. After her initial single release, it took another 5 years before Willow finished Ardipithecus, her debut EP. This was followed by The 1st, released in 2017. Since then, she has toured alongside Jhene Aiko and Kitty Cash.

Her most recent studio album, Willow, was released in July 2019 and marks her first co-producer credit as well. Willow had two collaborations as a musician. First, with Nicki Minaj on a song entitled Fireball, and the second one was a collaboration with Tyler Cole in an album called The Anxiety — this was also Willow Smith’s recent album released in 2020. On her film appearances, she was first seen on her dad Will Smith’s film I Am Legend then on the following year she went on to voice Baby Gloria in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.


Her last name is tell-tale of this celeb kid’s parentage. Maggie Marie Sajak is an American country singer and is the daughter of Pat Sajak—the famed Wheel of Fortune host. Her mother is a photographer, Lesly Brown Sajak. Fans of the show might be familiar with her now, given Maggie’s recent appearance on the show. She took over Vanna White’s letter-turner duties as the latter filled in for her father, who was still recovering from surgery at the time.

Aside from music, Maggie is also looking to get a degree in medicine—clearly unafraid of the hard work that comes with juggling both of her passions. Did you know that Maggie appeared on her father’s show Wheel of Fortune when she was still a baby girl? We must also credit her father’s love for country music because it was the reason why Maggie decided to produce her own country songs, one of which was Live Out Loud, a song written by Maggie for a teenage girl who was fighting cancer.


The Aussie-American actor, best known for his work in Breaking and Exiting, All The Devil’s Men, and Gangster Land is the son of Mel Gibson. Milo was born in Australia but later moved to the United States as a child. He grew up in Malibu. Prior to becoming an actor, it might surprise many to learn that he worked as an electrician! He made his film debut back in 2016 through the biographical war drama Hacksaw Ridge, which was directed by his famous father.

His most recent leading role credit is for the 2018 film Hurricane, which also stars Iwan Rheon. If you saw a picture of Milo and Mel together or a picture of Mel Gibson during his younger years, you would certainly say that he totally looks like his father. Milo will be part of the upcoming film Under The Stadium Lights, starring Laurence Fishburne.


Hollywood legend Tom Hanks was formerly married to late actress Samantha Lewes for 9 years. Before calling their divorce attorney, the exes gave birth to two kids including Elizabeth Ann. Born in May 1982, Elizabeth also tried acting and appeared in two of her father’s films. She portrayed a school bus girl in the 1994 film Forrest Gump, and had a cameo role as the girl in the dress shop in the 1996 That Thing You Do.

Elizabeth is now a book writer and has published works for the New York Times and Buzzfeed. Her parents including her late mom must be proud of her. Elizabeth is truly a proud daughter of the famed actor who is known for movies like Toy Story and Captain Phillips. She posted her father’s achievement on instagram right after the Golden Globe Awards in 2020. Tom Hanks is surely delighted that his daughter is one of his supporters.


Marie Osmond holds multiple talents rolled into one. She’s not just a singer, but she also does very well in acting. She, along with her family, used to have their very own show called The Osmonds. She and Brian Blosil may have had their own children, but they also considered adoption. Abigail, who is their second adopted child. Being the youngest, she’s close to her mom, and Marie has been very vocal about her relationship with Abigail.

Although she may have grown up under the limelight, it is unsure yet if she’ll join the Hollywood industry or explore other career investments. When Abigail graduated in 2020, Marie Osmond gave her a toilet paper earring as a reward for her achievements in school. During her interview on The Talk, Marie Osmond revealed that she won’t give her fortune to her kids but from the looks of things, Abigail will surely become successful someday on her own.


Shiloh Jolie-Pitt grew up in Hollywood. With two of the iconic parents, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, staying under the public’s eye is not really an issue of her. There was a time when she caught attention due to her gender preference. Her parents, however, were in full support of her choices. Although both parents are high-profile, their relationship didn’t last long as they eventually headed for divorce. But her parents probably saved enough so that she wouldn’t need student loans to get an education.

It seems that it is not yet clear if she’s explored Hollywood even if she’s lived under the limelight. But the clear answer is Shiloh already explored the world of Hollywood and has accompanied her mom during the premiere of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. She made her big screen appearance in Brad Pitt’s film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and provided animal sounds in Kung Fu Panda 3.


Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson rose to prominence as the third and youngest child of the late Michael Jackson. He’s now all grown-up and 18 years of age. In 2015, he had changed his name to Bigi Jackson. So, where does the name blanket come from? The late King of Pop called his youngest child Blanket as a “term of endearment.” He believed this term is a blessing, a way of showing his care and love. Bigi is now starting to make a name for himself, receiving credits as a movie reviewer.

He now has his own YouTube channel, together with his brother, Prince Jackson, called Film Family. It now has thousands of subscribers, although they only have a handful of uploads. Blanket appeared on stage along with other members of the Jackson family at Michael Jackson’s Memorial, which was held the month following the King of Pop’s death. He also made an appearance at the 2010 Grammy Awards along with Paris Jackson to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of his late dad.

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