Celebrity Transformation Which Will Motivate You To Get In Shape


Liz Torres made a surprising body transformation when she lost a tremendous amount of weight. It remained to be a mystery how did the 72-year-old star manage to drop off the extra pounds. Since she appeared on the Netflix reboot of Gilmore Girls, rumors had it that she underwent gastric bypass surgery.

Beauty blogs analyzed that with the result of her aged face, she seemed to have surgery than did it naturally. Liz has yet to confirm the issue, but as she looks happy with her new body, it may be enough that people should be happy for her, too. Anyhow, she might have done it with the proper insurance and precautions to keep her safe. At her age and with her fresh look, we wonder if she’d still be able to make more T.V. series like the ones she’s known for, such as in the 90s The John Larroquette Show and in the ’70s sitcom All In the Family.


Ricki Lake started in the business as a 300-pound teenager. As she herself found it hard to control her weight gain, she began to adopt the Atkins diet. Although it cost her credit card $100.52 a week, Ricki didn’t mind the money she had to spend on it. Why? She helped her lost a whopping 100 pounds after following the plan. However, she got a little heavier again after her divorce from Christian Evans. To lose the extra pounds she gained this time, she signed up for a workout schedule and doing things in a natural way. Ricki is now sweating it all out.

Lake maybe done with her weight problems as she has found a way to maintain it for almost 20 years now, but just at the start of this year, she took to social media another ordeal fought and embraced. She revealed that she was dealing with hair loss that resulted from years of depression, pregnancy, and weight loss. Though not attached to anything medically serious, she was forced to love her new buzz-cut.


Perez Hilton used to be on a heavier side until he decided to lose the extra bulges in his body. The famed celebrity blogger, columnist, and media personality opted for fitness and diet, and his hard work definitely paid off. Perez is one of the few stars who made a shocking body transformation. However, some believed that his weight loss didn’t only credits natural exercise and a proper diet.

His body started to show signs of liposuction, which seemed to be a sign that he underwent the knife, too. As he had been in the headlines because of it, Perez had felt how it was to the topic of adverse reporting like he always did. Perez is known for covering gossip items about celebrities and tabloid photo postings, adding his spin on captions or doodles to it. He also authored four books on top of his blogging and co-hosts a podcast with Chris Booker while running two YouTube channels.


When Jonah Hill finally decided to lose weight, he had two options—a gastric sleeve surgery and a diet plan. As the surgery would cost him $23,000, he opted to follow a strict diet plan. Although it’s not free, he could use his credit card to buy all the stuff that he wanted and never max it out when he underwent the knife. He also hired a nutritionist. Successfully, he lost a huge amount of weight with the help of a nutritionist and, of course, his effort.

Although it still cost him thousands of dollars, at least, it’s in a natural way. Today, his effective weight loss journey joins the list of all his successes, like making it to the 28th rank on Forbes list of world’s highest-paid actors, which by 2015 took him in at $16 million. This 2020, he seems to be still the most sworn into more film projects than any actor. As a screenwriter, he was noted for his work on 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street, Sausage Party, and Why Him?


Missy Elliott didn’t really care about her weight until her doctor warned her about the risks of being overweight and the health issues that come with it. So, to avoid these issues and untimely use of health insurance, Missy decided to lose the pounds. She started to follow a strict diet coupled with a fitness routine that gave her a shocking result. Missy surprised everyone when she revealed her new fit body. Now, Missy doesn’t have to worry about her health as her fitness regimen even helps her to be healthier so that he can avoid a possible stroke and cardiovascular diseases that her doctors warned her about.

Her successful weight loss journey definitely makes it to her list of achievements consisting of her four Grammy Awards, U.S. commercial success – selling more than 30 million records, and merited as the best-selling female rapper in Nielsen Music history by Billboard in 2017. With the release of her E.P., Iconology, she, too, became the first-ever female rapper to get inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and she is also a recipient of MTV VMAs Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.


Rachel Frederickson can give credits to The Biggest Loser for her dramatic body transformation. She’s the show’s Season 15 winner, and the amount of weight she lost when she joined the series is incredible. Of course, all of it would never last long if Rachel didn’t couple it with a good fitness plan and a proper diet. Gone are the days that Rachel felt alone for being an overweight girl. Today, she usually spent most of her days working from her home vocal studio, hiding. She admitted she loved the job but hated the loneliness. So, she finally decided to fight off the lonely feeling and joined The Biggest Loser.

After losing an incredible 155 pounds, she received lots of worrying attention from people saying it was too significant of a decrease. With the stress of the attention she was getting, she gained 20 pounds back – which she claimed to be her perfect weight. However, she hasn’t updated her social media accounts, so to date, we don’t know yet her current medical condition.


Matthew McConaughey has been defying the odds of losing weight. You probably see Matthew for always having the hulky body with huge biceps, muscular packs, and muscles. However, when he needs to make an investment to his character and lose weight, he quickly does so. Matthew made himself emaciated when he did the movie Dallas Buyers Club. He was so thin that his body already looked so frail. So after the movie was done, he quickly returned to his usual appearance by eating right. Thanks to his weight loss program, he managed to play his role perfectly without needing a body double.

Thankfully, with all his efforts for the movie, he was awarded the Best Actor Award of critic organizations Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, SAG Awards, Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, Film Gotham Awards, Hollywood Film Awards, and other critics group awarding bodies. His most recent film, The Gentlemen, is also another commercial and critical success.


Everybody celebrated with Kelly Clarkson when she won American Idol 2002. She was the show’s first winner, and she successfully made a name for herself. Of course, her win helped to boost her confidence, and her first recording was equally a success, too. However, despite the major milestones she had reached, she still worried about her overweight appearance. So, to boost her confidence more, she finally decided to drop off the pounds by following balanced nutrition. Kelly might have looked for online classes to learn more about the right way of eating and proper dieting. Thankfully, she now managed to lose a total of 40 pounds.

It must be hard for the hardworking singer-songwriter to maintain her weight. Looking back, we now understand her hardships that led to her weight gain. By maintaining balance in her diet, activities, and temperament, we are sure she’ll breeze through it and ace it like she did when she topped Billboard Hot 100 chart with 29 of her songs and won all her accolades.


Jessica and Lisa Origliasso may be famous in their own rights, but they are not contented with that. Although their weight seems pretty normal—not too fat, not too thin—they still wanted to lose more. According to reports, Jessica and Lisa opted to follow a stringent weight loss program. Sadly, their weight loss almost ruined their career. As they got too thin, some thought they were into substance abuse. This also led to losing a majority of their fan base. However, when they managed to get back in shape, Jessica and Lisa stood on their feet again. To some degree, they also regained the followers they once lost.

Jessica and Lisa Origliasso are Australian born and raised twin sisters. They both were featured in showbiz at a young age. However, their fame came when in the 2000s, they formed the pop duo The Veronicas. In 2005, their debut album The Secret Life Of… spawned their first-ever major hit, 4ever, which placed no.2 on the ARIA Singles Chart and became certified platinum.


Sasha Pieterse is another weight gain victim. However, it’s not because she started to eat more, but one of the symptoms of having the polycystic ovarian syndrome. So, with the help of a medical expert, Sasha already knew what to do. Sasha followed a diet that is suitable for her condition. She also started an exercise routine that helped her to shed off the pounds and be healthy, too. With her hard work, she managed to lose 37 pounds out of the 70 pounds that she gained because of her hormonal disorder. Now, she doesn’t have to worry that much about health insurance anymore.

Here’s what else we know about Pieterse: She was born on February 17, 1996, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Their family moved to the U.S. in 2001, and she was raised in Las Vegas for a while before moving to Los Angeles. Her parents are members of a professional acrobatic dance team performing internationally, thus exposing her to entertainment early on. She was homeschooled and graduated at age 14.


Kathleen Turner might have felt a strong surge of electricity flow into her body – and not in a good way – when she noticed she gained a massive amount of weight in her 30 years in the business. Although she paid no mind to the additional pounds, the actress’ opinion on the matter soon changed when she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Besides the usual joint damage a person with arthritis experiences, this one can cause even further damage to the body – rheumatoid arthritis also makes the immune system mistakenly attack the body’s tissues.

As this condition posed a great threat to her career, Kathleen finally decided to lose some of that unwanted fat from her figure. Now, the question is: how did she do it? She followed a new weight loss routine, change her lifestyle habits, and stuck to a strict diet. These things helped Kathleen not just to lose the extra pounds, but also to gain her confidence back and relive her career again.


Snooki is one of those people who embrace body positivity with the most open pair of arms anyone can ever find. However, although she was never concerned about her weight, she finally gave it the needed attention it deserved when she gave birth to her first child, which resulted in a serious amount of weight gain. To some degree, Snooki’s perspective about her weight, especially health-wise, started to change. However, contrary to everyone’s belief that she would opt to go under the knife, given her previous cosmetic surgeries, she decided to go natural.

Snooki followed a proper diet and an effective fitness routine that helped her get back in shape. She managed to lose 40 pounds, making her feel optimistic about her body again. Furthermore, besides doing it for herself, the former Jersey Shore star is also committed to staying fit and healthy for her kids. After all, it’s essential to show them the benefits of working out and following a nutritious diet.


Many of the entertainment industry’s talent shows have introduced us to plenty of stars over the years. One such example is Lauren Alaina. Although she didn’t earn the title of champion in American Idol, the experience and the exposure was more than enough to kick-start the singer’s career. Since then, Lauren has taken credit for multiple awards and more than a few chart-topping songs, including Road Less Traveled and What Ifs, a duet she did with her good friend, Kane Brown.

Like many celebrities, Lauren Alaina is also quite conscious about her body – maybe too curious, even. In fact, she can never stand the thought of her gaining weight, much less becoming overweight. To maintain her figure, Lauren sticks to following a strict diet. Through her low-carb diet program, the singer dropped about 25 pounds. Soon after, she lost another 15 pounds, totaling a whopping 35 pounds – it’s safe to say all her hard work surely paid off.


After he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, Dr. Dre decided to be on a good side and live a healthier life than what he was used to. She started to follow a weight loss program that would not only help him shed off a couple of pounds but feel healthier about his body too. In fact, he became too healthy and fit that his doctors told him that he looked like a 31-year-old guy, which is a couple of decades younger than what his real age implies.

Now, Dr. Dre didn’t have to worry about his health insurance, and he only needed to focus on his weight and health. With the help of his diet, he’s now on the safer side despite having diabetes that could be worse someday if he didn’t lose the extra pounds. After all, it is proven by medical professionals that diabetes can be tamed down with the right kind of body and an overall healthy lifestyle.


Melissa McCarthy started to be conscious of her weight when she played a major role in the TV series Gilmore Girls. At the time, her doctor advised her to follow an all-liquid diet and that move paid off big time. Although she found it effective, losing 70 pounds in four months, she promised not to make that unhealthy habit anymore after experiencing starvation, making her crazy half the time. After all, every fitness routine has its own drawback and it just so happens that she didn’t want to deal with that kind of setback.

However, to some degree, Melissa continued to shave off weight from her body. Hence, it couldn’t be helped that people would ask her questions about her diet. Her secret? It is just a change in lifestyle. Although she found it boring and not as glamorous compared to the diet plans other celebrities have under their sleeves, at least, it’s effective after she lost a whopping 75 pounds.


If you have followed Sam Smith’s career, you would probably remember that he was on the heavier side when he started in the business. However, a lot of people failed to notice that because of his angelic voice and his singing prowess. After he built up a good reputation in the music industry and when he began to have a name, he also started his weight loss program.

Sam was determined to lose on the pounds and followed a strict fitness and diet scheme. As a result of his hard work, he managed to shave off around 14 pounds in just a short span of time. The hit maker promised that he never opted for any loans to go under the knife as he wants his transition to be as close to natural as possible. His weight loss was all-natural, composed of diets and exercises only. Now, Sam looks quite thin compared to the time when he still looked a little bit chubby, but we can’t deny that he’s really a handsome guy.


Aidy Bryant wasn’t fond of the idea of losing weight until he learned the health risks it had. At the time, all of her Saturday Night Live co-stars were a big follower of fitness and diet but not her. It took some time to convince her to join the healthy crusade, just like old people used to say, it will come at the right time. So, she finally joined the bandwagon eventually and never let her weight pose a threat to her health.

According to reports, Aidy enrolled in a weight loss program that would help her follow a simple diet and exercise. Thankfully, she managed to lose 15 pounds in just a short span of time. It even helped her to regain her curvy figure and fit physique, which is a huge cherry on top of the icing. Aidy now learned that her health is the most important investment she has for herself.


Kevin James’ physical appearance helped him to make a name in the industry. It even earned him a “sizable” reputation literally and figuratively. There might be mixed comments about the 55-year-old actor’s body weight, but he never cared at all. In fact, he seemed to be not affected at the very least, but not until he had to play a role in the movie Here Comes the Boom. Kevin needed to lose a significant amount of weight. Thus he followed a protein-rich diet. He also started to exercise regularly.

After all, it makes sense since the movie is all about staying healthy and getting ready for a mixed martial arts action. His ability to make an effort for a role also gained him a good credit score. Although he remains sizable in the movie industry, it is now only in his character and not in his figure and we have to give him all the respect he deserves with the kind of effort he put into his craft.


To lose weight, celebrities follow different methods and techniques just to achieve their desired body weight. Some opt-in for diets, while others take various fitness routines, exercise. Some even go beyond that scope and go under the knife. But, for Kelly Prince, it’s through God’s help. The 47-year-old credits no one but God for her weight loss. However, she still coupled it with the right fitness routines and a very healthy diet. As they say, you have to work hard, and God will do the rest.

So, on Kelly’s part, she might have changed her eating habits and started a fitness routine to reduce her 300 pounds of body weight. Successfully, with the help of divine intervention, she made a dramatic body transformation. To a certain degree, we all should believe Kelly and her majestic transformation towards a healthier version of herself. Judging from the way she looks, it seems like she’s not having any plans to return to her body’s past shell.


Timothy Spall also used to be on the heavier side, especially when he made the movie credit for the 2016 live action/animated film Alice Through the Looking Glass and the Harry Potter movie franchise. That was the turning point of his life to jump to the healthier side of things. So, when he unveiled his new body to the public, everyone dropped their jaws with his much leaner physique and his overall healthier looks. From the looks of things, Timothy might have no plan to look overweight on the red carpet for the rest of his life.

Thanks to a good fitness routine and a proper diet, he managed to lose those pesky fats and extra pounds. At his age, he is now 63; it may be the best thing to do to be healthy and fit and avoid any health risks and illnesses that come with being overweight.


Janelle Brown had been overweight all her life until she came to the point that she wanted to change her appearance. When she appeared in Sister Wives, the 50-year-old star was evidently on the heavier side. That did not affect how she acted, of course, but she made some realizations that being on the healthy side is the best option if she wanted to improve her quality of life.

Now, Janelle made a dramatic transformation that she was almost unrecognizable. The actress stuck to healthy nutrition for a few years. She also followed a strict exercise to lose off the extra pounds. The actress most likely did some exercise too aid in the process. Fortunately, her weight gain hard work paid off. She even kept her fans updated with her weight loss journey through her blog. In time, they might see Janelle giving them online classes about losing that pesky weight.


If you used to see Theresa Caputo’s fit body, you’d be surprised to know that she’s once overweight. The television personality used to be on a heavy side for a long while before she finally decided to fight the weight gain and drop off the excess pounds. She did not need any psychic abilities to realize that being on the plus side carried some health risks and that action needed to be done to correct it.

As a media artist, Theresa told her fans about her plan to lose weight. She is best known, after all for her TLC TV series, Long Island Medium. So what helped her to be finally in shape? Proper nutrition and regular exercise worked wonders on Theresa’s body. She even had a written instruction plan so that she could stick to her weight loss journey. Thankfully, she lost 30 pounds, making her investment in health truly worth it.


Teresa Giudice is another bombshell that used to be on the heavier side. The more appropriate term would be big-boned, as she did not have that much fat, to be honest, but her bone structure is rather big. That was no hindrance to how she fared in the series The Real Housewives of New Jersey. At one time she had to employ legal professionals to defend her legal issues, but she failed. She used her time behind bars to her advantage by losing the extra pounds.

Opposite to everyone’s belief, she never gained weight when she was serving her sentence. She managed to maintain her good looks inside the prison and become healthier and fit too. With a lot of tree time inside, she spent it doing different workouts, like yoga and coupled it with a proper diet. Her lawyer was not the only one who was happy when she was finally discharged, but her then-husband and family, too.


Miranda Lambert may be known for her country music, but she’s also widely famous for being Blake Shelton’s ex-wife. The former couple tied the knot in 2011. However, after four years, they decided to hire their divorce lawyers. They officially got divorced in 2015. Before all that Lambert’s career was on the rise, having released a major album, Kerosene, in 2005. The second album was released just two years after which she called “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”.

Lambert does not solely focus on music as she also became Cotton Inc.’s ambassador. As part of her moving on process, she decided to lose weight and lose the extra pounds. She might be eyeing a revenge body, following a flexible weight control program that wouldn’t give her a hard time. With her hard work, she managed to lose a total of 25 pounds. Now, she’s happily married to Brendan McLoughlin since last year and they appear to be going stronger.


Jennifer Ellison also had a hard time losing the extra pounds. She used to be overweight before she finally decided to lose weight. Things never came easy for the 37-year-old star. So, she signed up for a strict diet plan, called the 800-calories-per-day Cambridge Diet. This diet is very restrictive and is not for everyone. With her great efforts, Jennifer finally harvested the seeds she sowed. She revealed she lost a whopping 47 pounds, letting her wear her favorite clothes again.

Now no one could mistake her for being bloated or full of gas, but will see her fit body instead. Probably, Jennifer will be using her savings to buy new apparel. We just hope that she’ll never max out due to overspending brought by too much happiness. One other interesting fact about her is that she released a fitness DVD called Jennifer Ellison’s West End Workout which showcased her exercise routines.


Anthony Anderson was living the life and basking on his success as a regular judge in Iron Chef America on the Food Network. It is this love for food that probably led to his being overweight. Anderson didn’t care about his weight until he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Afraid of using his health insurance this early, the 50-year-old star decided to ditch his bad eating habits and start a healthy one that would benefit his health. He also took into consideration that he has a loving wife and two children who needs to see an example of someone living a healthy life.

Just like a lot of celebrities, Anthony followed a strict diet and coupled with the right fitness routine. After a while, he managed to lose 47 pounds. It also made him look leaner and healthier. Now, he can do his job as an actor, comedian, writer, and game show host perfectly without worrying about his health.


Michael Moore is a successful documentary maker, activist and author. He won an Oscars in 2002 for the Best Documentary Feature for Bowling for Columbine, a rather macabre documentary. He has also delved into writing and produced eight non-fiction books. Ever talented, the author also dabbled in acting, playing a supporting role in Lucky Numbers. Moore might have had a hard time to follow a strict diet and fitness routine that he opted for a different alternative.

So, what is it? A weight-loss spa. This more modern weight control method eased Michael’s concerns of not effectively losing weight due to the hardships that come with fitness and diet. So, the 66-year-old filmmaker made an investment as this place method didn’t come cheap. He had to spend $4,500 weekly for a weight loss spa plan. But, as it did wonders to his body, and lost the extra weight that he wanted, it was definitely worth it.


Charles Barkley is a former professional basketball player and also an analyst on the show Inside the NBA. During this time at the NBA, he was lean and fit and was among the most powerful power forwards. He was also given credit 11 times as NBA all-star. Would you have thought that a retired basketball player like Charles Barkley would be overweight?

Despite having a fitter body when he was young, the 57-year-old basketball icon had been on the heavier side. So, how did it happen? Charles admitted that he started to gain weight due to the high degree of lousy fitness culture. He usually missed sports training, which could have helped a lot to lose weight. So, to get back in shape again, he started new fitness training and followed a strict diet. When the time had finally come that he lost weight, he managed to regain his confidence and get in track once again.


When someone like Britney Spears tries to influence something, it will inevitably become a success. This is what happened when the singer-actress was given credit for reviving the teen pop during the late 1990s and early 2000s. She was even dubbed the “Queen of Pop” with her albums all reaching global fame. Spears started in the entertainment world with a very desirable body. However, after having kids, she started gaining weight and had a hard time losing it again.

But aside from getting pregnant, the 39-year-old star also admitted that her emotional disturbance and depression had something to do with her weight gain. The hit maker didn’t let her increased weight put her down. She decided to lose the extra pounds by signing up for a fitness routine. With her determination, Britney managed to lose a significant amount of weight. Britney received praise for her ability to regain her sleek and fit body.


Jason Segel made a name when he played the role of Marshall Eriksen in the television series, How I Met Your Mother. He had been an often topic of anyone who watched the show before it ended its nine years of airing in 2014. He also appeared in movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Jeff, Who Lives at Home and The End of the Tour. The last earned him critical praise from the audience and led him to a nomination for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead.

In the early days, Jason didn’t care about his weight and body until his assistant took a picture of him. When he saw that he already looked heavier, he took a full reverse and decided to lose on the pounds. How did he do it? Just like other celebrities, the 40-year-old opted to follow a strict diet and fitness routine. With credit to his assistant, he saw that he needed to change his eating habits.


If not caring for one’s own weight is a contest, Sherri Shepherd is definitely winning. The 53-year-old star never cared about physical appearance and showed no signs of being bothered. She ate without a care in the world, splurging here and there using her credit card and with time, that took a toll on her body. However, everything changed when she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

She had a change of heart about her appearance and made her health journey as her number priority. She knew that she had to change her habit and follow an effective weight loss program to lose the extra pounds. Sherri then followed a regular exercise and a proper diet. Successfully, she managed to lose 40 pounds and ditch her diabetes medication. That’s a good trade-off for her considering that she already got rid of her meds and updated her habits to suit a healthy lifestyle.


Penn Jillette is an American magician, scientific skeptic, actor, musician, inventor, and author, but not a body fitness enthusiast — at least not yet. However, he surprised everyone with his weight loss. The 65-year-old famed magician looked unrecognizable when he lost the extra pounds. Just like you we are also intrigued by how he managed to do it despite his age. The television personality enrolled in a weight loss program to improve his body’s immunity. His full determination and effort to get in better shape drastically helped him fight a wide spread of cardiovascular diseases.

The fun part of it, you’ll never need to take a loan just to start your healthy transition for a better version of yourself – just like what Penn did. He started to follow in a proper diet and fitness routine that made him emaciated quickly. With his hard work and determination, he lost a whopping 100 pounds. The weight loss doesn’t only make him look good but healthier too. For everyone out there, his story should tell you that age is just a number.


Pauline Quirke is a well-respected English actress and writer considered one of the industry’s finest personalities. Her career started to rise to prominence after her appearance in Birds of a Feather as Sharon Theodopolopodous, which he played from 1989- 2017. However, her time in the show significantly affected her weight, body, and appearance. Fortunately, the 61-year-old star knew what to do.

Noticing she was getting heavier, Pauline quickly adopted a series of routines to lose the past years’ extra weight. With a proper diet and healthy lifestyle, she effectively lost a significant amount of weight in the process. She also coupled it with good exercise routines, which she did every day. On the contrary to everyone’s belief, she never went under the knife, and Pauline never needed any loans to get back in shape. With her hard work and determination, she managed to slim down her waist to a significant size, what can you say about that?


As we all know, being an actress takes more than just raw talent and potential. People also factor in a couple of things in the equation, and one of the things we should look for is how actors look on screen. That’s also the reason why many Hollywood personalities spend a lot of time maintaining their perfect figure. However, Renée Zellweger is one of the most determined actresses you will ever know, and she’ll do whatever it takes to put her acting to the next level. When her role in the film franchise Bridget Jones needed her to pack on the weight, she gladly did so. She did the part well and even portrayed it perfectly.

However, when the time came that she needed to lose weight she acted quickly and enrolled in a proper weight loss program to get back into shape. She also hired a nutritionist, who advised her to follow a strict path of dieting. If she could gain it, of course, she could lose it. The investment she made to lose the weight finally paid off.


It cannot be denied that following a conventional way of dieting and exercising takes a lot of time and hard work. However, according to Kate Winslet, she only had a hard time doing so due to her several projects. But, to control the weight from adding up, the 45-year-old star admitted she had to depend on a strict diet. She won the British Academy Film, Academy, Emmy, and Grammy Awards, so how hard will it be to win against your own weight? By sheer will, determination, and sticking to the rules she knows, Kate managed to overcome this obstacle.

She only eats the right amount of food every day while watching out for food with large calories. She also had to do extra exercises to maintain her sexy physique. These methods support Kate’s strict money management as she doesn’t have to spend too much by doing this. She didn’t just lose the weight and maintain her body but save too.


Robbie Williams used to be the bomb, especially for girls. However, even if we remove that from the equation, he still is one of the best selling record artists of all time. But things started to change when he began packing on the extra pounds. Although he didn’t totally lose his physical charm, it caused him a little. As he also noticed these changes, from her fans to his ability to his physical appearance, he took part in a weight loss routine.

Aside from a proper diet and a regular fitness routine, Robbie also did yoga in his spare time to lose weight rapidly, and it was all useful. Now, the 46-year-old singer’s hard work paid off, and we can even see the drastic changes that happened with the singer’s overall physique. With his dedication and investment on time and, of course, a little money, he managed to get back in shape again.


Sara Rue is an American actress better known for the TV series Less Than Perfect and the reality series Shedding for the Wedding. She gained several films, TV series, and roles as an actress in her resume, which contributed to her overall successful career in the industry. At the beginning of the 41-year-old star’s career, she also had a fair share of weight gain issues. So, to lose the extra pounds, she decided to see a nutritionist that could help her get back into shape and be healthier again.

She also followed an effective weight-reduction plan, composed mainly of the right diet and regular fitness. Of course, it was not that easy at the beginning. She needed to put a massive investment of her time and effort into doing so. As a result, these things helped her attain the body she wanted without experiencing a total dip in her finances because of any unwanted expenses for controlling her weight. Today, Sara manages to maintain her leaner, sexier physique.


Credits to the television series Hot in Cleveland, Valerie Bertinelli started to make a name in the entertainment industry. She is a known television personality and a well-respected actress. She was about to climb the ladder of success until her weight gain controlled her. A couple of years after the show ended, the 60-year-old star became overweight. It then began to be a hindrance to her professional career. Valerie then decided to shed off that extra weight with a couple of plans in hand.

So, to get back on track, Valerie decided to do something about it by signing up for a weight loss program which combined a healthy diet and exercise. With these, the star took on the challenge and focused more on losing weight. She knew that nothing is easy, so she kept at it day after day, and of course, all of her hard work paid off, and she managed to lose the pounds. Today she is as healthy as she can be with her new lifestyle.


Jimmy Kimmel rose to prominence thanks to his part in the late-night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! If you don’t know, Jimmy Kimmel was a little chubbier in the past years. He didn’t look as lean and healthy as today. So, what did he do? The famed host opted to follow a meticulously-planned fitness routine that would give him the body he desires. He also opts to follow a diet that deprived him of eating calories. He resisted the urge to consume unwanted food that might bring excess calories into his body.

This used to be a fad diet that required him to reduce his intake of food drastically. As we all know, this method is highly discouraged. In fact, it might result in starvation, although it might not be a healthy diet, it was deemed effective. He didn’t just lose the weight but also helped him with his money management system.


Kelly Osbourne is a British actress, singer, model, and fashion designer. In fact, she’s one of the well-respected figures in the modern fashion scene for the past couple of years now. She has been through a lot. Aside from being overweight, there was even a time that she also suffered from cyberbullying and Lyme disease with seizures that she ultimately grew tired of her situation. So, to end all her problems, she finally started to do something by signing up for a weight loss program. That’s her way to get back in better shape and get herself out of her current situation.

The 36-year-old star followed everything that the plan entailed religiously. Fighting, enduring, realizing her goal, she maintained her spirit. With her hard work and determination, she managed to lose 70 pounds. Fortunately, she didn’t need to make a huge investment to lose weight. She only needed to have the right inspiration to do it in the right and proper way.


Once a Marine, always a marine. That’s what most people would say, and we understand why. Drew Carrey once served in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he adopted his signature hair style – the crew cut. We used to see Drew Carey on the heavier side. Due to the 62-year-old star’s line up work, he never took his weight seriously. However, everything changed when he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes mellitus and he knew that he needed to fight this. Starting then, Drew stopped making a joke about his weight.

He began to think of the things he could do to control it and be healthier again. With no time to waste, he set that mission for himself. Part of his plan was said to be to get insurance for his health. Days turned to weeks and months until he gradually worked out on things and adopted a strict diet to lose a lot of weight. Eventually, he started to get thinner, which also made him healthier.


We used to see her displaying her magnificent body whenever she graced the stage with her group, Black Eyed Peas. Professionally known as Fergie, this Hollywood singer showcased her talent and skills in dancing and singing. However, everything changes even so Fergie’s body. The 45-year-old star started to gain weight. It also began when she got pregnant with her first and only child with Josh Duhamel. Sadly, after eight years together, the couple needed the help of divorce lawyers.

After giving birth, Fergie followed a 1,200-calorie diet by Carrie Wiatt. Strictly following and focusing on the amount of calorie intake, she began to lose weight. With her hard work and determination, she managed to lose 20 pounds. She then increased her target and followed a 1,600-calorie diet per day, and, of course, she succeeded. With her new guidelines for reducing weight, she managed to stay healthy and fit.


Jojo started her music career at an early age, showing that she’s a talented young woman. When she was only 17, she already had a huge investment deal with a known recording company. However, as the company wanted to market Jojo as a fit star who could significantly sing, it put her on an HCG diet. HCG diet is a weight-loss plan that combines daily injections of human chorionic gonadotropin with severe calorie restriction. It will burn stored fat in the stomach, hips, and thighs.

Many artists try this method to maintain their looks, almost without enrolling in any fitness plan or workouts. At the time, she was only allowed to take 500 calories a day to hasten up the weight loss. Although it was deemed effective, it wasn’t an enjoyable process. It’s widely believed Jojo stopped injecting herself with this method because of the degree of dangers it entailed. Sadly, she was not the only celebrity who opted for this method to lose weight.


Joell Ortiz credits his weight loss to a proper diet and fitness routine. He, reportedly, lost 50 pounds, thanks to his hard work. However, the famed rapper didn’t drastically do diet anymore. Why? It is enough for him that he is physically active by doing workouts. Joell is now maintaining the body he got. After he lost the few pounds that he wanted, he now exercises regularly. He also watches what he eats now. If he takes carbs today, he will not go for it for a few days. He is not depriving himself of what to eat.

He is just curbing, trying to avoid the whites. Just like what people say, there are numerous ways to become fit. In fact, not everyone needs to be strict about their diet or tire themselves in the fitness centers. You most definitely don’t need to starve yourself or go to the gym 2-4 hours a day. However, if these practices become your habit, we are sure that your body will follow.


Are you dreaming of a fit and healthy body with less fat and more muscles? Then better start with the right mindset. With the right state of mind, you could be the next David Styles. It wasn’t an overnight thing that David Styles lost weight. It was all hard work and determination. His body transformation started when he showed a keen interest in fitness and diet. He opted to follow a low-carb diet. At the time, he was mostly taking a combination of fruits and vegetables. It was a healthy option that he has to sustain, using the right money management system.

He also started to follow a strict fitness routine. He knows building his body takes a lot of time and effort, so he kept at it and worked out for extended hours every day for months. Of course, all of these things paid off, and he now has a bulk body today that everyone envies. All David has to do today is to maintain his new physique.


Singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress, Teairra Mari surprised everyone when she stepped out sporting her much sexier physique. With so much going on in her life, how did she manage to get in shape and how did she actually do it? Well, the first thing Teairra did was to sign up in a weight loss program. Although there were hurdles initially, the 33-year-old actress managed to balance her time. It was indeed admirable to see her invest time into everything without letting problems come in her way.

She worked hard and grinded her way to achieve something better and paid attention to what she did. With proper nutrition and regular exercise, she finally dropped the weight off. She also adopted a healthier lifestyle to maintain her sexier physique. Teairra didn’t need to make a big investment to lose off the pounds. With her hard work and determination, she finally achieved her goal and is continuously doing so.


We’ve known Jack Black as the funny chubby man. He is an American Actor, comedian, singer, musician, songwriter, and Youtuber. However, he’s not fond of weight loss nor any fitness activities. He used not to care about his weight at all even after his stardom. However, when his former colleague Kyle Glass turned dramatically thin, he had a change of heart. He believed he could become healthy again, and he did. It was not easy for the actor and, of course, since it was new for him and was the exact opposite of what he liked and did.

Kyle’s body transformation inspired Jack. So, he quickly adopted an excellent weight loss strategy that would help him to watch his carb intake. He also followed an intense fitness routine to drop off the weight effectively. Although some believed that his weight loss had something to do with diet pills, his hard work should receive the sole credit for his new body.


Bruce Vilanch is known for his physical appearance, his long blonde hair, distinctive bright colored glasses, his collection of double-entendre themed t-shirts, and his weight. According to reports, Bruce allegedly tried all the diet methods that he could think of but to no avail. So, what option was left for him? Surgery. The 72-year-old writer, reportedly, used his investments to go under the knife to control his weight finally, and it paid off. He did lose weight and have the body that he has wanted for a long time.

Like every story, there is a turning point. Unfortunately for the writer, it only lasted for a short while. The success of his operation didn’t last long. Due to his uncontrollable love for food, Bruce once again gained the weight he lost. At his age, he should now change his lifestyle habits and opt for a healthier diet so that he can avoid the illnesses that come from being an overweight person.


Debra Giovanni is an actress and comedian who used to be 300 pounds heavy, but she didn’t care. However, with that amount of weight, she knows she is at risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and other illnesses that come from being overweight. So, in no time, Debra finally decided to lose weight. After realizing that her life and well-being were at stake, she quickly hopped on a weight loss program intending to get back in shape. She adopted a weight loss routine and changed her daily amount of food intake.

She restricted herself from consuming food or any unwanted calories that might get into her body. Resisting is part of any diet, especially for a person who loves to eat. Debra knew It wouldn’t be easy, but she must do it. She followed a healthier lifestyle that would not only help her to drop the pound but to be healthy, too. Thankfully, Debra’s weight and looks started to change. She now looks lighter and more youthful, credits to her hard work and determination.


For those who didn’t know, Sharon Rooney left school at the age of 16 to pursue a career in acting. She enrolled in a 3-year performing arts course followed by a degree in drama at Hull University. All those experiences later helped her get the edge in her show business journey. However, a lot of people noticed a sudden change in her overall physique. It’s quite evident that Sharon Rooney lost a significant amount of weight, but she still insisted that her weight was not much of an issue for her. Although she keeps on denying she lost a lot of weight, she became pretty unrecognizable when she appeared in her TV series My Mad Fat Diary.

Sharon now looks lighter compared to before. Although she remains mum about what she did, it may be safe to assume that Sharon might have lost weight naturally. She might have followed a proper diet and fitness routine without her knowledge. Maybe it’s not her intention to lose weight, but it just comes naturally. At least, she doesn’t have to make any investments for it.


Margo Martindale obeys her fans’ advice to opt for a diet and lose weight. Anyhow, it’s for her own benefit. After she received her nomination for the Emmy Awards, the famed actress revealed she would be then following a strict diet that would put her on the healthier side. This award winning actress thought she still improved portions of her physique like her posture and getting a fitter body. She knew that the journey would be tough but she still pushed through with her plans. What she had in mind was minimizing every consumption of her food per day and to her surprise, it worked out.

With her hard work and, of course, will power, she now looked healthier and lighters—about 20 pounds less. Margo is now following a low-calorie diet to maintain her new weight. Her new diet may now be part of her latest money management system, so she has an allotted budget for it.


After George Wendt appeared in Cheers, he struggled with food addiction, making him gain 300 pounds. Thankfully, the actor didn’t let it consume him. He knew that it was time to stop any unnatural intake of food and start a new journey towards a healthier version of himself. He fought his addiction and tried to get back in shape by adopting different proper nutritional habits. Getting rid of the bad and old habit was not easy for the american actor, especially when his body has gotten used to his unhealthy practices. Good thing he did not lose focus, he tried his might to fight any cravings that came his way.

He also followed a regular fitness routine and with a positive attitude, George managed to lose 75 pounds. He’s now has a healthier physical body and appearance, far from that 300-pound food-addict fat guy. Along with this change is a good credit report. It only means that George can do anything when he couples it with hard work and determination.


Eric Stonestreet is an American actor and comedian. He is said to be a fan of losing weight. He enjoys attending sporting events and continues to frequent football games at his alma mater. Eric also keeps an active relationship with several organizations there. Although he didn’t begin with a proper weight loss program, he credits everything he does for his weight loss journey. He has a lot of fitness activities, from drumming to jogging and many more. Although after many tries and pressures, these things didn’t yield the result he craved, but one way or another, it helped him to be healthy and fit.

So, when the time comes that Eric wants to make more investments to lose more weight, he signed up on a weight loss program, which was deemed adequate for him. He is continuing his work and effort day-by-day for weeks and months. Now he reportedly lost 35 pounds, making him the healthy guy that he is today.


Most people think that body weight and the issues surrounding it are just myths, and we could easily brush off any negative ideas about it. What most folks don’t know is that it poses a really significant health concern if left unchecked. Elle King was also one of those celebrities who didn’t care about their weight until everything changed. Elle surprised everyone with her weight loss in the reality show, Say Yes to the Dress. Her new figure made fans excited that they wanted to know the secret behind her sexier physique.

As Elle was about to get married at the time, she seemed to follow an effective weight loss program so that she could have the most attractive body on her special day – and the result didn’t fail her. She perfectly fit in her wedding dress as she managed to lose 20 pounds, thanks to a proper diet. Now, she just needs to work with her financial advisor for her wedding expenses and prepare a new life with her husband.


Amber Portwood’s weight loss journey is not an easy one, to say the least. To some degree, it carries a unique story that will inspire everyone who is also struggling with weight loss. If you are all ears to her story, then let’s get down to it. Amber started to lose weight as far back as 2015. She followed a strict diet and a regular fitness routine, and it seems like she has found the right fitness program for her. Thankfully, she lost 36 pounds with these methods, showing how her raw desire to get back into shape helped her achieve a healthier version of herself.

From 171 pounds, Amber’s weight became 135 pounds. Amber was ready to give up everything so that she could have a sexy body. Fortunately, she didn’t have to do that. She then decided to go under the knife to hasten her weight loss process. Just like her diet, it was also a successful one.


After Ashley Fink made an appearance in the musical Glee, she surprisingly gained a lot of attention from her industry peers. Unfortunately, she also acquired more than enough bodyweight – weighing as much as 300 pounds. As everyone knows, being overweight will put anyone at risk of different illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and more. With that in mind, she decided to change her habits and started living by the rules of a healthier lifestyle.

So, she opted to follow a diet plan, which will probably help her avoid using her insurance prematurely. She weighed all the options she had on hand, but a strict diet and an intense workout routine were the safest and most effective courses for her. After losing 80 pounds, all Ashley has to do is maintain her new weight and keeping her efforts steady. Thanks to a low-carb diet, she is now on her way to a new her.


The country music scene is overflowing with talents, and one of the prime movers of that music genre is the group called Lady Antebellum. The band’s lead singer, Hillary Scott, is known as a talented artist, but she had her fair share of struggles over the past couple of years, one of them being her struggles with weight control.

Hillary doesn’t just want to get credit for her excellent voice, but for her hard work and determination, too, to change herself. Thanks to a strict diet and a fitness routine, she managed to lose a whopping 135 pounds. Hillary may be happy today with her twins, but as a bonus, she’s also on the healthier side of things. That pretty much marked the start of her new life alongside her kids. If you want to follow in her footsteps and achieve a better version of yourself, then you should follow Hillary Scott’s lead and start putting up investments towards your body.


Did you know that Meghan Trainor used to be called a “fat whale” at the beginning of her career? As we all know, the famed singer used to have a big frame until she decided to change that and live a healthier life. Meghan might have got tired of people making fun of her weight, so she started to work on her weight loss. Credits to her fiancé, he suggested that she should opt for a proper diet that would help her lose weight. Thankfully, she listened, and since then, she never went back to her old ways. Meghan adopted an adequate diet plan and followed a regular exercise routine. Now, she managed to achieve the body she wanted and looks lighter.

She didn’t just look healthy, but she also now has a great physique, and all of that point towards a simple step – eating balanced nutritious meals and shedding a couple of pounds from her frame. Of course, none of this would be possible if Meghan did not spend her investment money on her health.


Queen Latifah has been known for her curvy body, and people think that she only needed a couple of things to look even more stunning. Doing a couple of workout routines and checking her lifestyle would also help her get a more defined body. Thankfully, she also wanted to see this in her body, and she did the right steps to get back in shape. The then 50-year-old rapper decided to join the weight loss trend. In no time, she managed to lose about 10 percent of her body weight. So, what did she do?

The Queen herself followed a proper diet and a good fitness routine. Fortunately, her hard work paid off. You can evidently see it in her new body, and the only expensive investment that she made was her breast-reduction surgery. That’s a win in our books. If you are looking for an inspiration to get back to shape, just take a good, long look at her, and you’ll definitely get the motivation that you need.


This list will never be complete without John Goodman. The famed Roseann star made noise when he debuted his much leaner body, thanks to a proper diet and good fitness routine. He used to be Hollywood’s “fat funny man,” but not anymore. He knew he needed to change his lifestyle and eating habits when the negative remarks about his weight were slowly getting into him. Instead of losing heart and bowing his head, he used that as a motivational factor to prove everyone wrong about him.

He fired up in all cylinders, filled his gas tank, and got in touch with a couple of fitness experts within his area. He hired a personal trainer to help him with his new routine. He also adopted a weight loss program that would make his weight loss journey effective. He might have used his investment money for these things, but it was definitely worth it with his 100 pounds weight loss.


Aside from John Goodman, Seth Rogen was also dubbed as Hollywood’s “fat and funny”man. At one point in time, that seems to be a true statement since his body was on the bigger side and that he’s one of the top comedians out there in the industry. After making an appearance on NBC’s The Green Hornet, the 38-year-old star decided to drop off the pounds so that he could avoid getting insulting nicknames. His desire to lose weight became more intense when he was chosen to play the lead role himself.

Seth had to hire a personal trainer to help him shed off the pounds. To make it more effective, he also coupled it with a proper diet that would change her unhealthy eating habits to healthy ones. Thankfully, Rogen managed to lose 30 pounds in just ten days. Now, he needs to make an investment in maintaining his new fitness routine at home.


From flab to fab, that pretty much sums up Jerry Ferrara’s story when he finally decided to lose the weight. With that in mind, a lot of people were excited to see Jerry’s body transformation when he started to follow a fitness routine and a proper diet. To his fans’ surprise, he did what others deem like a daunting task.

Jerry used to never care about his weight until he started to weigh a whopping 203 pounds. Considering the state he was in before, it was really a big jump in his overall scale. Thinking it was too much for him to bear, he decided to adopt an effective weight loss program that would help him get back to shape. In no time, Jerry lost 55 pounds, thanks to his nutritionist, fitness trainer, and, of course, himself. His investments in his health and dedication to looking after his body definitely paid off.


Kim Kardashian has been known for her curvy body, and no one can’t deny that Kim is one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. Her curves alone can get anyone’s attention, as much as her pretty face. However, when she got pregnant and gave birth to her kids with Kanye West, she started to gain weight, just like other moms out there. However, as rich and influential as a Kardashian, who didn’t have to opt for any loans, Kim managed to shed a couple of pounds off . Contrary to beliefs that she went under the knife, Kim just made her weight loss all-natural.

She followed an excellent fitness schedule and proved that would help her lose the extra weight from her frame. With all the hard work, she was able to get back into shape quickly. If you want to follow her take on her weight loss program, you’ll have to put a lot of dedication and conviction into your decision.


Zach Galifianakis’ body is now a no laughing matter after he made a dramatic body transformation that put everyone in awe. When The Hangover star debuted his slim figure on the red carpet, he made everyone’s jaw dropped. The drastic change in the actor’s appearance undoubtedly started a conversation around Hollywood about his impressive weight loss program. Zach has yet to reveal how much weight he lost, but it was evident on his body.

So, what did he do? Zach revealed to Conan O’Brien on his show’s episodes that he stopped eating food advertised on television, like fast food and junk foods that directly harmed his body and overall health. He is now only eating whole grains and other healthy stuff to maintain his weight, get leaner and overall healthier. Also, he has to cut out whipped cream and pizzas from his diet, which make his credit card safe from any last minute delivery over the phone or online.


Alec Baldwin made a shocking surprise when he showed a much slimmer figure in front of many Hollywood personalities and fans. The iconic star lost around 30 pounds over the course of his diet by cutting sugar from everything he’s eating. With that said, a lot of people didn’t buy the idea and assumed there was more to it than just removing a couple of grams of sugar. So, what else did he do?

Alec revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that he started drinking juice in the morning and revealed that he doesn’t eat breakfast at all. That move makes actual sense since the actor has a pre-diabetic status. It was only right that he cut out sugar from his diet to avoid using his insurance prematurely. We bet he, too, doesn’t want to shoot insulin. He usually takes green juices and cashew milk that will also keep him healthy.


50 Cent receives credits for his healthy body that he showcased in a couple of his music videos during his heyday. Although several people’s standards wouldn’t really consider him fat, he makes sure that he has a lean and fit physique. How does he do it? 50 Cents has healthy eating habits. Just take a look at his eating habits and what he does to control his body weight. For breakfast on Sundays, he eats four egg whites. He also sticks to a low-carb diet for lunch.

Aside from those things, he also drinks hot water with lemon, a great combo known for having many health benefits for our body. It can even help you prevent getting illnesses. As they say, what you eat also affects your body structure, brain function, and mood, so it has to be something good and healthy that will benefit our well-being in the long run.


The R&B and gospel district of the music landscape wouldn’t be the same without the second season winner of the prestigious television singing competition American Idol, Ruben Studdard. He weighed a whopping 450 pounds when he first joined American Idol in 2003. As things started to change for him, he also wanted to alter his looks, especially his body. Hence, he checked into the Duke Diet and Fitness Center that helped him lost 70 pounds. That move was really a life-changing choice for Studdard, which pretty much opened up new doors of opportunity for him.

Ruben then revealed that he really wanted to get in shape because his family has a history of diabetes and high blood pressure. Thankfully, the weight loss program he got into taught him to change his unhealthy eating habits, even turning him into a vegan. That way, he could never use his health insurance prematurely and live a really healthy version of himself.


Ronnie Ortiz revealed that going to the gym and having a workout routine helped to maintain a healthy body and mind. After all, a lot of people really put health and fitness above everything else. Aside from following a strict fitness and diet, he also has a “holistic approach” to wellness. He enjoys massages, acupuncture, and reflexology. That means he’s working on his physical well-being in a more subtle yet relaxing way than other methods. Certainly, this routine and practice could entice many people to create a healthier version of themselves.

He also follows a keto diet. He also reveals that he eats grilled chicken and lettuce like a rabbit to maintain his body weight. He now avoids eating junk foods and focusing on taking high protein foods. With his body transformation, he gives all the credits to the fitness and diet he follows to keep the weight off permanently.


Jessica Simpson used to be very sexy until he got the bun in the oven. After all, we could all expect that in most women who are expecting kids. She weighed over 240 pounds after she gave birth to her third child but with the help of her trainer, Harley Pasternak, she managed to shed off a couple of pounds from her overall body mass. However, they followed a different approach.

Unlike the conventional method, Harley and Jessica didn’t work with the scales to effectively keep the actress’s weight off. What they did was change Jessica’s habits, which helped her to lose a whopping 100 pounds. This weight loss program didn’t only ask her to follow a healthy diet and fitness routine, she, too, had to have a holistic lifestyle change so that she could maintain her new, sexy body. Now, she has to work with her financial advisor to fund her new lifestyle.


Kevin Federline didn’t only make a name as Britney Spears’ former husband but one of her hot dancers in the field too. After all, we can’t deny the supreme talent this guy showcases on the dance floor. However, after some time, Kevin started to gain a significant amount of weight, which could be alarming for those working under the limelight. So, when he noticed that he looked pregnant in a photo, he finally decided to follow a weight loss program that would help him lose the extra pounds off his scale.

Kevin knew he had to do something about his weight when people were starting calling him “K-Fat.” At the time, he was weighing a whopping 240 pounds. His mother even began to worry about his health that he might have opted to get health insurance. VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club 7: Boot Camp to lose the weight, although it didn’t last long.


Amy Schumer may have the happiest diet on this list. Why? Her diet philosophy is to exercise and eat well, but never to starve herself. Now that’s one way to indulge your cravings and shed extra pounds off your body. In fact, she still eats junk foods! Although she makes sure that she balances it out with good food to counteract any significant side effects of too much food in her belly. She also works out as an athlete, working with the known trainer Harley Pasternak. On top of that, she regularly goes to the gym.

Harley even revealed that she’s a natural athlete, being a former high-level sports player when she was in high school and college. She also used to be an aerobics instructor. With that in mind, it will be no surprise that even though she has no hour-glass shaped body, she is still leveling on the healthy side to some degree.


Candace Cameron gets better with age, and many people started to take an interest in how she does it. As she gets older, she continuously gets pretty and not to mention, sexy. She is grateful for her body, being in the best shape of her life even if she is already in her 40s. What’s her secret? She takes care of herself through the food she eats, regular exercises, and gets the rest she needs, which is the universal recipe for getting in shape, look good, and feel young.

We have to give her credit for her effort, as she works out in the morning and regularly goes to the gym. She also walks and hikes with her friends so that she won’t feel like her exercise is a chore. When it comes to her diet, she follows simple nutrition. She has a nutritious eating regime that centers on whole foods that will never be the cause of her bankruptcy.


Amber Riley made a huge surprise when she dramatically lost a huge amount of weight. In contrary to popular beliefs, she didn’t follow any weight loss program for that matter. Instead, when she felt a severe stomach pain. Amber went to her doctor and, right there and then, decided to change her eating habits to make sure that she’ll never have the same horrible experience she had back then. The actress started to eat healthier, as the fast food and burger she often ate at the time attacked her stomach. It also took its toll on her credit card.

With her eating habits and healthier food choices, Amber dropped two dress sizes and became a hot topic thanks to her amazing transformation. Now, she only has to maintain her weight by continuing her new healthy eating habits and steer away from tempting junk foods that could ruin her hard-earned figure.


Susan Boyle made a name for herself when she joined Britain’s Got Talent and became one of the crowd favorites. Boyle showed many upsides in her singing but we can’t deny that she was slightly on the heavier side when it comes to weight back then. However, everything changed when she was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. That news undoubtedly came as a shock to Susan, but it also became her wake up call for a healthier lifestyle. Susan decided to lose weight, or else she might suffer significant consequences.

She started to cut sugar from her diet. She also began doing healthy exercises and working out. She walks two miles every day to keep her healthy and also reduce her high blood sugar levels. With hard work, she managed to lose 50 pounds, making her look slimmer and healthier. Credits to her new look, this is maybe the reason why she got a boyfriend at 59.


It has been a couple of years since Game of Thrones officially ended, and fans think John Bradley-West could finally go on a diet. The actor couldn’t lose weight when he was playing the role of Samwell Tarly in the popular HBO series but already considers the possibility of getting leaner in the future. His long-awaited window finally came and he smashed the weighing scale after following a strict diet. Anyhow, he has shown he lost some degree of weight since he joined the show in 2011.

Although John didn’t reveal what he did, it believed it had something to do with his lifestyle choice and food selection. Anyhow, whatever his weight is, he credits the fans for helping him accept his body and may decide to seriously go on a diet someday. Slowly but surely, he’s shedding off pounds, and we wouldn’t even be surprised when we see him one day in a top-notch form.


Jonathan Stone used to be on the heavy side until he decided to shed off the pounds. He was once 20 stones, or 280 pounds, for those based in the United States. However, thanks to Weight Watchers, he went down to a whopping 16 stones or around 224 pounds. Jonathan followed his diet seriously, which came from his weight loss program. With that, Jonathan made sure he gives them a lot of credit for showing concrete results. In fact, he even felt nice about his new body!

Previously, no one could change Jonathan’s mind to lose weight and he didn’t want anyone to pressure him to shed off the pounds. Instead, the Britain’s Got Talent discovery wanted to do it for himself and at his own pace. So, when he finally decided to be healthy, he really put his mind and body into it. Jonathan still has a long way before he achieves the right body weight but he will surely get there.


Tyra Banks accepted her body weight wholeheartedly, even though she gained a little weight. However, with her new body transformation, it looked like she had a change of heart. The famed supermodel lost a whopping 30 pounds, proving that she could still make it on the catwalk. She surely lives up to her fans’ expectations, and from the looks of things, she looks more stunning than she did before.

In an interview with Shape Magazine, the television personality revealed that she didn’t care about her weight at all until she started to worry about her career. With that in mind, she then used her credit card, hired a personal trainer and nutritionist, and started her weight loss journey. With her new fitness routine and the right diet, she’s now back in shape again. Perhaps, even better than before! That shows how a couple of pounds shed from her overall weight can significantly affect her health and her her overall physique.


It looks like there is nothing that Keely Shaye Smith has to do so that Pierce Brosnan will love her deeply. If there’s a couple who has the ultimate relationship goal, it is these two. Keely used to have a desirable body, like that of the Bond girls that Pierce used to work with. However, having four children took its toll on her physique and ultimately gave her a couple of pounds on her body weight.

However, Keely never lets it ruin her confidence, and she’s more determined than ever to get back into shape. With the help of good exercise routines and clean eating, she managed to lose around 250lbs. If she continues to go down this path, we are sure she’ll even surpass all of the Bond Girls. Anyhow, no matter what her look is, Prince’s degree of love for her will never change. He even said that everything she looks at him; he goes weak.


Chrissy Metz has been open about her weight loss journey, and a lot of people loved the fact that she’s sharing her experience with everyone. Kate has been struggling with her weight and body image for quite some time and not to mention the potential risks involved when dealing with excess body mass. Despite being on the heavy side, Chrissy doesn’t let it stop her. Since she was a kid, she had been conscious of what she was eating. At 11, she even went to Weight Watchers to stop the weight from increasing.

When she started acting, Chrissy was a size 12 and then dropped 50 pounds, thanks to her manager’s recommendation. However, when she got depressed due to no work coming her way, she then again gained 100 pounds. Now, Chrissy lost 100 pounds in less than five months after the incident? What did she do? Credits to a 2,000-calorie diet and 20 minutes walk per day.


You may know Gabourey Sidibe as Becky Williams in the popular TV series, Empire, where she made a huge impact in Hollywood and showed her acting prowess. This even allowed her to join the 2009 movie Precious, which ultimately cemented her name among Hollywood’s most promising rookie actresses. With her great acting talent, she earned a Golden Globe nomination and also won an Academy Award for Best Actress.

However, the opposite of her successful career story was her health and body weight issues. Health insurance officers were trying to convince her to opt for a weight loss program to address her health issues. That eventually helped the actress to get in better shape. So, to hasten her weight loss and avoid the risk of health problems, she opted for a laparoscopic bariatric surgery that eventually helped her lose 240 pounds. Now that’s a sure shot way to shed a couple of pounds on the weighing scale.


Rikishi has been known for his massive appearance, being one of the most famous wrestlers from WWE roster. So, when the news about his collaboration with Planet Fitness broke out, a lot of people were intrigued to know the result. Rikishi used to weigh a whopping 425 pounds but thanks to his work with the fitness company, he managed to lose a staggering 125 pounds. That’s a pretty impressive number in our books and we can all clearly see the result of his weight loss routine.

How did it happen? Rikishi credits his weight loss to his determination to lose the extra pounds by doing regular exercise and following a low-carb diet. At his age, it may only be fitting if he focuses on his health, being fit, and healthy. After all, taking care of our overall health is considered the best gift that we can do for our body and he did it in a stunning fashion.


When Kirstie Alley was still part of Jenny Craig, she managed to lose a whopping 75 pounds. However, she then gained it back after just a couple of years. After going back on track with her weight loss journey, Kirstie once again lost significant weight. Her second round of battling against excess weight came when she joined Dancing with the Stars. Just like others, Kirstie’s diet was never easy, and paired up with a whole lot of physical activities. We’re guessing that it was really hard for the actress. However, it was a very relatable one.

In 2017, when she lost 50 pounds, she tried her best to maintain her newfound self by avoiding eating certain foods, even the holiday treats. To a certain degree, she is now more disciplined after all she’d been through. Although she loves sugar and cookies, she tries to turn her back from all of it as much as she can.


Jorge Garcia revealed he lost 30 pounds in 2006 after he stopped eating burritos and consuming rum to take care of himself. However, he once again gained weight, making him weigh a whopping 400 pounds at one point in time. That raised a couple of concerns among his closest friends and family members. Things got so bad with his health that most of them advised him to consider surgery. Determined and motivated to shed a couple of pounds from his weight, he became 100% vegan and stopped eating meat and dairy products. Although he admits that sometimes he is still tempted to eat the food he used to, he tried to resist to the best of his ability.

Anyhow, he still lost a little weight on the process and followed the Nooch diet when Lost began. There were also rumors that Jorge made an investment in gastric coronary bypass surgery, although he never admitted it. Whatever the case may be, his fans are surely happy to see him in a much healthier state.


After Delta Burke was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, she decided to change her whole lifestyle and start anew. Thanks to her new diet plan, she managed to avoid the early use of her health insurance as she managed to control her condition from getting worse. How did the Delta do that? It’s simple, she avoided eating high glycemic foods, like white bread, rice, and refined foods.

Fortunately, she managed also to champion her battle with depression and the negative insults that came for her being overweight. With the help of a proper diet, she managed to shed off the weight and maintain a healthy body to control her sugar levels. This also results in giving her a happy life, as well as a cleaner and healthier version of herself. Plus the fact that she looks gorgeous after getting rid of those unwanted fats. For her, it was like hitting two birds with one stone – getting fit and managing her health.


Jason Alexander is a known actor, movie director, and comedian, who eventually became a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, a famous weight loss company that provides various programs for people. His ad campaign for the weight loss company revolves around the fact that he managed to lose 15 pounds in just five weeks—even if he continued eating pancakes and French toast on the sides. He then revealed that he managed to lose 30 pounds in 18 weeks, which is a jaw-dropping success for his weight loss journey.

On the contrary, he also had some junk food commercials, ranging from chocolates to chips and even drinks. That just shows how confident he is in the effectiveness of the weight loss program he took. However, as the weight loss was evident in Jayson’s body, Jenny Craig’s weight loss program surely helped him. Surely, Jasyon’s credit card would be abused if he bought these all.

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