Check Out How Much Your Favorite Celebrities Paid To Acquire Their Homes


During the height of her career, Britney Spears was referred to as the Princess of Pop. She gained international recognition and became among the most recognized teen stars of all time. The pop icon sold more than 100 million records worldwide, 70 million of which were purchased in the US. She remains one of the most searched celebrities in the world. She did encounter difficulties for a while, but Britney Spears came back with excellent and redeeming choices.

Such choices can be seen in her dealings in real estate investments. Spears owns a $9-million home which measures 13,264 square feet located in California. The property comes with a fountain and a garden, and is designed like an Italian villa. It has a beautiful style, considering its grand façade and amenities. With good management, Spears can live a comfortable life with her children. She worked hard for it, and she definitely deserves it!


Known for her role in Charlie’s Angels and 50 First Dates, Drew Barrymore is considered as one of the most versatile actresses in Hollywood. A few would remember her as part of E.T the Extra Terrestrial in 1982. She is most known, however, for her roles in romantic-comedy movies during the 1990s. Acting is not all that she does, however. Barrymore has also been named Ambassador Against Hunger for the United Nations.

Despite experiencing personal struggles, she only became stronger. Following her split with Will Kopelman, she decided to sell the home that they once shared. The selling price of the mansion is $7.5 million and is situated in California. Right now, Barrymore is living a quieter and more content life, and is busy raising her children and spending time with family. She also started her own business which is an addition to her many investments. With her good personality, we’re sure she’s bound to receive more success in the future.


It may have taken a while but we can finally call Leonardo DiCaprio the winner of an Academy Award winner for Best Actor. They say all good things take time and this is no different. Throughout the years, some people have even petitioned for him to be given the award, not just because of his amazing performances, but also because he has contributed much to the industry. Apart from acting, the actor is also heavily involved in philanthropy and environmental activism where he is eager to advocate for the dissemination of information related to climate change in particular.

The popularity he gained allowed him to accumulate wealth and he used some of it to purchase an entire island in Belize. Blackadore Cay measures about 104 acres and possesses great potential for being a profitable business one day. Imaging how much the insurance would amount to! The island is currently being sold on the market for a price of $5 million.


With her incredible talent in acting, Angelina Jolie rose to fame and even became an Academy Award winner. She is one of the highest-paid actresses in the globe at present. Jolie’s reputation as a philanthropist always precedes her and many press outlets have named her among the most influential people in the world. She is heavily involved with the United Nations and often visits refugee camps on their behalf. The actress is also an advocate for women’s rights and a strong believer in women independence.

The actress is now residing in a property that was formerly owned by the celebrated filmmaker, Cecil B. DeMille. Her mansion is located in Laughlin Park and situated in a 2.1-acre estate. Aside from six bedrooms, a kitchen, and a pool, the house also contains a library and other luxurious amenities. With Jolie’s net worth at around $100 million, she probably won’t have a problem if her home insurance policy is expensive.


Will Smith first became internationally known thanks to his role in Men in Black, but the actor has come a long way since then. He has starred in blockbuster films like Enemy of the State, Wild Wild West and Ali. Did you know that the actor is also an excellent singer? He has released four albums with the last being Lost and Found in 2005. The actor who played Genie in Aladdin lives in a bigger house that reportedly has its own zip code.

His $20-million home is located in Calabasas in California, befitting his status as a powerhouse actor. Smith did well in renovating his home like a genie. The said property has different amenities such as a basketball court, a tennis court, a golf course, a recording studio, and an enviable garage. The property was purchased for $42 million and its value has likely increased a lot since. Such a luxurious home probably needs one of the best home security systems.


Okay, so he might have messed up announcing the winner for Miss Universe 2015, but that does not change the fact that Steve Harvey is one of the best hosts and comedians currently out there. While a few had not forgotten that epic mistake, many more have applauded how coolly he had handled it. It even helped boost his popularity by quite a lot, with thanks to the memes made about it. The celebrated host began his career as a comedian and then moved on to become a host in various shows like Family Feud and Little Big Shots.

With a whopping $160-million net worth, Steve Harvey purchased multi-million dollar real estate investments in the country where he lives with his partner. As of now, Harvey has three properties, each being unique but lavish at the same time. One of which is the luxurious mansion he acquired in 2013, and 2018. He eventually moved to Los Angeles with his family. It wouldn’t be surprising if he ventures into buying and selling properties again in the future.


Julia Roberts is one of the most renowned actresses in the world. She is seen by many as a model of grace and elegance. We all know how talented she is as a performer, but did you know that Roberts also has a heart of gold? The actress is actively giving her time and money to charitable institutions and the UNICEF. She sees poverty as a challenge that needs to be solved. Not too long ago, Roberts decided to sell her New York Greenwich apartment that has three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

It was probably a hard decision for her since the place was magnificent. The asking price for this real estate property was $4.5 million, but it was bought for $5.35 million. The said transaction made an $850K profit for Roberts. Currently, she is residing in her $8-million ranch-style mansion in Malibu, California which also has the same amount of rooms. Given her eco-friendly lifestyle, we’re sure there’s a sustainable electricity source for her home.


Known as Thor in the MCU, Chris Hemsworth is currently one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood. His talent and versatility is getting much notice from both audiences and critics alike. Apart from portraying Thor, he also appeared in films like Ghostbusters, Snow White and the Hunstman, and The Cabin the Woods. For “Cabin”, he was given much praise and credit. Throughout his career, the variety of roles he has played is certainly impressive.

He currently lives in Australia together with his wife and children in a mansion located in Byron Bay. The residence is priced at $7 million. With the additional renovations made on the property, it is now valued at $20 million. Their home is located on an 11-acre land and has eight bedrooms and a private access to the ocean. If not paid up front, monthly payments on the said property would surely be high, but Hemsworth is probably not worried due to his hefty million dollar net worth.


Iconic Hollywood actress Halle Berry is currently residing in a beautiful beach house located in a luxurious neighborhood in Malibu. It must have been quite a change for the actress who was born in rural Ohio and grew up in Oakwood. She graduated from Bedford High School where she was a cheerleader, the prom queen, and an honor student. It was in 1989 when she decided to take a leap and moved to New York to pursue acting, and the rest is history.

The residence comes with 5,000 square feet of living space, which is comprised of four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a Jacuzzi, and a spa. It also has access to a private beach and an incredible view of the ocean from almost every side of the house. The home offers a relaxing and comfortable environment. The actress’s financial advisor undoubtedly helped her make this decision, seeing as Berry’s property has continuously increased its value over the years.


Robert Downey Jr. faced a lot of trouble during his early 30s and even bordered on bankruptcy. He managed to revive his career when he starred as Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor was also named among the most influential people in the world according to the Time magazine. Venturing into entrepreneurship, RDJ established his own production company in 2010. He also thanked his wife for being instrumental in keeping him sober all these years and being a supportive spouse.

Now one of the highest-paid actors, the actor enjoys living his life with his family in a luxurious house in East Hampton. The mansion sits on a 4-acre land and features seven bedrooms, four bathrooms, a studio, and two separate guesthouses. As he is listed as among the richest actors with a net worth of about $300 million, they need not worry about their electricity or other utility bills.


Kylie Jenner’s net worth is at a staggering $1 billion. She may be the youngest of the Kardashian sisters, but she’s also the world’s youngest billionaire at age 22. This net worth is primarily due to the model launching a line of lipsticks she called “Kylie Lip Kits” that was well-received by beauty enthusiasts. She is not all about the money though as the model is also known to have a charitable heart. At one point, she set up an eBay account to sell her old clothes for the benefit of the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Jenner recently splurged on a $36.5-million mansion located on a resort compound in Holmby Hills, which is one of Los Angeles’ most glamorous neighborhoods. The property spans 15,350 square feet and has seven bedrooms, fourteen bathrooms, two guest apartments, twenty parking spaces, and a 24/7 guardhouse for maximum home security. Kylie is a self-made billionaire, and the money she makes is more than enough for her to live extravagantly.


Heidi Klum, a renowned TV personality and former Victoria’s Secret model, currently lives in an $8.5-million home in Los Angeles. The said mansion measures in at 12,300 square feet and is designed in classical Italian style with eight bedrooms, a children’s playground, and luxurious amenities. Frankly, this asset of hers is a manifestation of her hard work and well-deserved success.

She is also known to share some of her money in charitable activities, and she even participated in a community 5K walk so that they could raise funds for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and its awareness efforts. The American Red Cross also honored her for her generous contributions to the efforts after Hurricane Sandy. Klum probably doesn’t have to rely on credit cards, though we’re sure these comes in handy so she need not carry too much cash around. After all, with so many businesses to deal with, having a credit line is beneficial.


Eddie Murphy is considered as a versatile entertainer. From being a comedian, he ventured into Hollywood and successfully landed roles in blockbuster films. Among his best comedic words are The Nutty Professor, Dr. Dolittle, and Trading Places. The actor has even received an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe for portraying “Thunder” in the musical movie Dreamgirls. His success led him to acquire one of the best estates in California.

Murphy acquired his $20-million mansion in the Hollywood Hills. The said estate increased its property value to $85 million, probably with the help of his knowledge in investment planning. It is reflected in the renovation and modifications of his mansion. Amenities of the mansion include outdoor and indoor swimming pools, a tennis court, and a relatively large guest house that can accommodate friends and family. Whenever the actor needs privacy, he would usually retreat here where he is afforded total exclusivity.


As one of the members of Charlie’s Angels, Cameron Diaz is one of the most well-known actresses in the world thanks to the said movie franchise. Before becoming famous, though, she first appeared alongside Jim Carrey in the movie The Mask in 1994. She then played supporting roles in films like My Best Friend’s Wedding. On the side, Diaz is also an environmental activist, believing that climate change has to be fought off with a great degree of aggressiveness. She promoted Al Gore’s Live Earth Campaign, too.

Diaz recently sold her apartment in Greenwich Village for a price of $4.2 million. The said apartment’s value was raised thanks to Kelly Wearstler, who designed its interior when it was initially renovated. Today, Diaz is living together with her husband, Benji Madden, in a $2-million house located in Los Angeles. Now that she’s a new mother, Diaz may have taken a rest from acting, but her business ventures still continue!


Singer-songwriter Billy Joel made it big in the music scene from the ’70s until the ’90s. He is best known for his songs Piano Man and Just the Way You Are. The multi-awarded artist has a net worth of $250 million and needless to say, he can afford almost anything. His wealth came from hard work and the fact that he released 12 successful albums from 1971 to 1993. The singer was also named as among the best-selling singers of all time.

Like others on our list, he is a prolific entrepreneur aside from being a musical artist. He also has a number of significant investments, including a boat. Joel owns a Tudor-style house in Long Island, which costs $33 million. The house has bedroom suites, an indoor pool, an office, and a garage that stores his motorcycle collection. With his massive collection of vehicles, we can only wonder how much his monthly gas bills add up to.


Rachael Ray, who is a TV personality, author, and celebrity chef, is best known for her series 30 Minute Meals on the Food Network. Other shows to her credit are Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook-Off, Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels and the reality show Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off. She also has plenty of product endorsements that add to her wealth. The chef is also the person behind Yum-O!, a nonprofit aimed at developing healthy relationships between cooking and food among kids.

She recently listed her $4.69-million Southampton home. With its exquisite location, such a property will not last long in the market before it gets sold. This residence has two kitchens, a pool, two baths, and three huge bedrooms. Such amenities will ensure its sale, specifically to people looking for a family home. After all, not only is it located in a great place, its features are also catered towards growing families. It certainly makes for the best starter home.


Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most talked-about television personalities. She is the host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show where the TV personality had been changing lives since 2003. Forbes Magazine has estimated her wealth to be around $87.5 million, making her among the highest-paid entertainers. She claims to be a fan of football, but does not follow a particular team, though she attended a practice of the Green Bay Packers once.

DeGeneres also recently decided to make her 10,500-square-foot Montecito, California home available in the market. The asking price amounted to $45 million, but it was reduced to $39.5 million. This didn’t prevent her from gaining a hefty investment, however. Also, Ellen doesn’t have to worry about thanks to her high net worth. The said property came with such a price due to its exquisite features. The estate provides 17 acres of space and has six bedrooms, bathrooms, a media room, and a pool.


With her beauty and wit, Mendes has been a sought-after model for several brands as well as an acclaimed actress for quite a while now. Though she is mostly retired and spending her days away from the spotlight, one cannot deny her success during her prime. She has appeared in The Place Beyond the Pines, We Own the Night and Girl in Progress. Mendes also appeared in music videos and became an ambassador for various causes, owing to her influence in the industry.

With such status, she used to own a property in California priced at $1.27 million together with her former boyfriend, George Gargurevich. The said property was measured at 1,732 square feet and had two bathrooms and three bedrooms. It was initially purchased for $584 thousand in 2002. The residence was a good investment for Mendes and she was able to sell it for twice the price! The actress might want to consider a career switch—she’d make an excellent real estate advisor.


Known for being the creator of popular comedies, Judd Apatow certainly earns a significant paycheck from each one. His company Apatow Productions is the group that funded projects such as Funny People, The King of Staten Island, and Knocked Up, which are all successful comedic films. He earns a lot, but Apatow and his family are also among the most generous givers in the industry. The producer was even given credit in 2017 for being vocal about women’s right and their inclusion in the arts.

With his wife, Leslie Mann, they decided to invest in a Malibu mansion in 2013. It is a great decision to consider Malibu, given its beauty and weather. The property itself is a significant piece of real estate. It has four bathrooms and three bedrooms, with a laid-back yet modern interior. They sold this house for $11.5 million, and even if it did not match the initial $12-million price, we’re sure it wasn’t too big a loss for the couple.


Demi Moore made a name for herself through her roles in Ghost and General Hospital. Despite all the fame, she herself humble. Did you know that she became the highest-paid actress in 1996, after earning $12.5 million in Striptease? Using her wealth for good, Moore is also a figure in philanthropic circles having supported various causes like the fight against poverty and homelessness. The actress is also an avid doll collector!

The renowned actress still maintains a private life as much as possible. However, she did open her Zen tree house for her fans, online, so they can have a sneak-peak at a day in her life. Moore purchased the real estate investment for $3.4 million in 2003. The luxurious tree house is located in the Hollywood Hills giving her one of the best scenic views in California, which she should be able to enjoy on her spacious veranda. Zen is certainly the right description for this home!


Oprah Winfrey is an American executive who started from the bottom and ended up one the most influential female media moguls at present. It’s no wonder that so many are inspired to follow her footsteps. Everyone knows of her rags-to-riches story and how she is among the most influential woman in history. Did you know though that apart from her media business, Winfrey is also a minority shareholder in the company Weight Watchers? Yes. The value of the company’s stock more than tripled since she joined in 2015.

With a net worth of $2.6 billion, there is no doubt that she has many investments and among which is her home in California, which is priced at $50 million. The 23,000-square-foot mansion increased its value by up to $165 million due to renovations. Despite being rich, she is known to be generous, going as far as giving homes for deserving people. Though such level of philanthropy requires a lot of money, you can rest assured she can maintain it for years.


Pat Sajak is most popularly known for being the host of the classic game show Wheel of Fortune in NBC and was also a former weatherman for KNBC. Being an excellent host, Sajak has received 19 nominations for the Daytime Award for Outstanding Game Show Host, and managed to win three. The TV host experienced a health issue back in 2019 so his co-host Vanna White took over in the meantime. He bounced back right away, fortunately, and went back in December 2019.

The 74-year-old TV personality has a whopping net worth of $65 million and was able to acquire a $1.275-million mansion in Severna Park in Maryland. The mansion is home to him and his wife of 29 years, Lesly Brown, and their two children Maggie and Patrick Michael James. His expensive estate needs a sound home security system for the safety of his family, which is undeniably always worth it.


Lauren Conrad is known for being a fashion designer and a reality TV personality. In order to pursue her passion for fashion design, Conrad moved to Los Angeles. Eventually, she go cast for the hugely popular reality series, The Hills. In fact, she was on the show for a total of six seasons.  At present, she is happily married to William Tell, with whom she has two adorable children. She also frequently invests in real estate, making her knowledgeable in the said industry.

Just take her Pacific Palisades property that she listed for $5.2 million on the market. Her home measures 5,900 square feet and has a Mediterranean design. The house has two terraces and five bedrooms with spacious bathrooms. The property was eventually sold for $4.99 million. Though it wasn’t the asking price, she still received a $500,000 profit from the initial cost. Not a bad return, right?  We’re sure even her financial advisor agrees.


This gorgeous Mediterranean villa in Los Angeles houses award-winning Grammy artist, songwriter, and television-show judge Katy Perry. Even as young girl, she had always been in love with music. At one point, she even attempted to become a gospel singer. The singer, however, gained attention for her song I Kissed A Girl. Since then, she has won numerous awards and earned a significant net worth. She puts her wealth to good use, too, she is also known for supporting several charitable organizations throughout her career.

Her current residence comes with four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a pool. With her eccentric fashion, the property no doubt has an enormous walk-in closet dedicated to just her clothes. Now that she’s a mother, however, we’re sure she’s added child-friendly amenities to the property. An investment she can easily make, given the shared net worth between her and Orlando Bloom. Besides, who wouldn’t want the best for their child, right?


Known for his role as Nick Fury in the MCU, Samuel L. Jackson is among the highest paid actors at present. He first rose to fame though films like Patriot Games, Jurassic Park and Coming to America. The actor has a very prolific career, one that he still manages even decades after his first film. He has even ventured into voice acting and lent his voice to various documentaries, TV series, video games and animated films.

With a net worth amounting to $250 million, it is no doubt that he can acquire various real estate properties in high-value districts such as Los Angeles and New York. His knowledge of investing wisely is apparent in how he handles transactions, including the sale of his $4.8-million Manhattan condominium for $13 million! That one likely featured an excellent home security system, too. Jackson currently lives in Beverly Hills, California together with LaTanya Richardson, his wife of 39 years. The property has a swimming pool, a poolside guesthouse, and a lighted tennis court.


Well-known for his role as God in Bruce Almighty, Morgan Freeman is undeniably one of the most iconic actors today. His voice is just one of his best assets, on top of his versatility and skill as an actor. Starting out young, the actor began acting in school plays while growing up in Mississippi. He rose to fame when he appeared on the TV series, The Electric Company. Even more impressive is the fact that Freeman is an avid supporter of causes related to disaster preparedness.

He believes that preparation is key to mitigating the effects of destructive hurricanes. Freeman’s net worth reportedly amounts to $250 million, so he need not worry about retirement—even though he likely wouldn’t be stopping any time soon. As a lover of the environment, he converted his 124-acre land in Mississippi as a haven for thousands of bees. The said ranch is one of most his significant investments.


Alex Morgan is the forward of Orlando Pride, as well as the National Women’s Soccer League. She has been given credit as one of the most talented American forwards of all time. Since 2018, Morgan has also been the co-captain of the National Women’s Soccer League. She was even ranked as the top-paid woman soccer player in 2015. Morgan is also a vegan and follows a conscious lifestyle. Her net worth is estimated to be at $3.2 million. Morgan, together with her husband Servando Carrasco, acquired a house in Winter Park, Florida.

However, she had the home to herself for a period of time after her husband signed with Los Angeles Galaxy. Nonetheless, the two seem to be enjoying their time together at the property. No different from the other activities they share together, such as being Sports Envoys with the State Departments Sports Diplomacy office. The couple may not always be home, but we’re sure the residence provides them much comfort whenever they get time off.


Based in Australia, Nicole Kidman is considered to be one of the best actresses in the industry. At present, she reportedly has a net worth amounting to $183 million. The New York Times also listed Kidman a fifth as one of the greatest actresses of the 21st century. This isn’t too surprising given all the stellar performances she has delivered throughout the years, including roles in Moulin Rouge!, To Die For, and Batman Forever.

Apart from acting, Kidman is also an ambassador of Goodwill for UNICEF. She uses her money for various investments, including real estate. The actress also owns different properties all over the world, such as the $6.5-million mansion in Southern Highlands, Australia, the $4.7-million mansion in Beverly Hills, and a $4.8-million farmhouse that she acquired in 2008. Her real estate ventures show just how wisely she handles her money.


George Clooney is a renowned screenwriter, film actor and philanthropist. He had already received three Golden Globe awards in addition to two Academy Awards. Amal, Clooney’s beautiful wife, is an international lawyer who was appointed as a special envoy for media freedom by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. She has since resigned from the office, however. Did you know that she has conducted legal lectures on human rights and international criminal law among students in London?

Together, the couple acquired this $20-million Berkshire Mansion in London back in 2014. At present, it is home to their entire family—but it isn’t the only property they own since they also own real estate in other countries. This residence comes with an outdoor playground, an enclosed tennis court, a nanny’s quarters, a separate pool house, and a 12-seater home theater. Just from the sheer size of the property, you can tell how much investment they have put into it.


Celine Dion remains one of the most popular and influential artists in music’s history. Her golden voice is has brought her much fame and fortune, but even this singer started out with humble roots. In fact, before she gained popularity, their family was said to have experienced poverty. In the 1990s, the singer became popular internationally when she released Let’s Talk About Love and Falling into You, both of which reached diamond status in the US.

She is given credit for having inspired many who eventually followed in her footsteps like Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Christina Aguilera. Her artistry is also reflected in her $65-million Bahamian inspired mansion in Florida. It comes with giant water slides, a river, pools, and even water parks. It also includes a game room, media room, and dining areas that are gorgeously designed. The property has since been sold for quite a significant sum, which we’re sure also gave the songstress major returns for her investments.


With a net worth of $375 million, buying an expensive home is not a problem for the critically acclaimed actor and director Clint Eastwood. He owns a $5-million Mission Ranch located in Carmel, California. The said historical property gave Eastwood a love at first sight for its scenic view and wide-open spaces. He developed the said property to emphasize its beauty more, together with its scenic coastlines and lush wetlands.

He probably also installed a home security system to protect it and its inhabitants. With his net worth, he can install or renovate anything wishes to make his home more unique and comfortable. Clint bought it way back in 1986 and thus saving it from being converted into a bunch of condominiums. His efforts as a film actor, and as a director of numerous films have paid off, and one of the payoffs is that he now owns a luxurious ranch.


Famous for being a martial artist and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Chuck Liddell sure has one of the biggest net worth in the industry. His fortune came from the sweat and tears by winning his championships and becoming the best UFC fighter in the world. He invested his money on acquiring a property measuring 5,000 square feet with a mansion in Hidden Hills in California.

The said mansion has five baths, five bedrooms, an office space, a library, and a spa. Such amenities and renovations increased the value of the mansion to $2.6 million. Besides those amenities, Chuck Liddell’s pricey home comes with a basketball court and a large swimming pool. The famed MMA fighter can either use both of these amenities to keep himself strong and fit — despite that he’s now retired from MMA. Liddell must be happy to have this gift for himself after years of fighting in combat sports.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is considered as a versatile entertainer, from being a wrestler, an actor, and singing in Moana. The Rock has a mansion in Florida measuring up to 13,000 square feet. The said property was acquired at $3.4 million and has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a fully equipped gym, pool, jacuzzi, a 14-seater theater, and a gorgeous garden.

He lives in the mansion together with his family. The home insurance cost may be high, but Dwayne can easily pay for it. With the grand net worth that he has, it’s not going to be a problem. The former WWE superstar and current actor bought this house from former NFL player, Vernon Carey, back in 2012. It also has a Barbecue area where he could cook and grill whenever he feels like doing so. And it has a picturesque view of the mountains, too — it literally has everything he needs.


As a well-known producer, hip-hop star, and social media personality, DJ Khaled knows the importance of real estate as an investment. This is proved by his different properties all over the world. One of his current investments is a 10, 681-square-foot mansion in Beverly Hills priced at $10 million. The mansion has housekeeper’s quarters, eleven bathrooms, seven bedrooms, a recording studio, and a media room exclusively used for his music business. The property has amenities such as a vast pool, terraced patios, outdoor kitchen, and spa.

This estate has everything one will need to enjoy creating music! DJ Khaled’s mansion has an elegant interior where one can feel like they are living the life of a wealthy personality. One of his bedrooms has a beautiful view of the city, and if you see his kitchen you will see that it is like a venue of a cooking show because it is filled with three gas ranges.


Kate Upton is one of the most famous supermodels in the world. Together with her fiancé, Justin Verlander, they purchased a $5.5-million Benedict Canyon home. The said property measures up to 5,500 square feet and has various luxurious amenities suited for their lifestyle and careers. It includes a big master suite with double bathrooms and double closets. It also has a huge living space and a well-equipped kitchen. Upton’s house makes you imagine that you’re living in a high-end hotel.

With her career status and high net worth, she probably doesn’t have to worry about mortgage rates. As partners in life, Kate and Justin Verlander’s goal was to buy a house as an investment. The house was formerly owned by tennis player Pete Sampras, and it had a tennis court as one of its amenities. The kitchen of their house had a farmhouse sink and gas range. French doors are also present throughout the house.


An artist reflected by her artistic ways is what Christina Aguilera did for her home. She acquired an 11,000-square-foot house, which she showcased in different magazines to make the world see and know her home’s unique features. Some of the said features are her bedroom-sized walk-in closet and her own recording studio. She even added a touch of femininity into her home by incorporating purples and pinks to some of her bedrooms.

A bordello-inspired theme is also present in her house for a relaxing feeling and vibe. The said mansion is priced for $13.5 million and is probably considered one of her greatest investments. This property was once owned by Ozzy Osbourne and his wife, Sharon, way back in 2007, and was even used as the shooting venue for their show, The Osbournes. Aguilera’s mansion has a Mediterranean design from the outside. Other features include nine bathrooms and even a gift wrapping room.


In 2013, Joaquin Phoenix acquired a $1.39-million vintage-inspired style mansion which measures up to 2,511 square feet. The said mansion has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, located in Hollywood Hills. He has good instincts on real estate investments as he also acquired different properties, one of which he bought in Los Angeles in 2019 for her sister. The Los Angeles mansion has a large covered porch and an open kitchen.

With his role as the new Joker, Phoenix’s net worth rose so he can independently support himself and not worry about his finances. The man known for playing the roles of Arthur Fleck in the 2019 film, Joker, and Commodus in Gladiator, had his house featured in his own mockumentary show, I’m Still Here. This house is located next to his other property, which he bought for $4.8 million back in 2006 — and it measures 3,573 square feet.


With her role as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, Reese Witherspoon is one of the well-loved actresses of today. She recently acquired a $20-million mansion in Los Angeles. Despite its hefty price, it is worth it for measures up to 10,000 square feet and has guest suites, a living space, a private living room, and a master suite. Its other exquisite amenities are an infinity pool and a screening room.

Due to the mentioned features of her mansion, she probably needs a home security system. Witherspoon’s total net worth today amounts up to $150 million, which is why she should prioritize her and her home’s security. She and her spouse, Jim Toth, bought the house back in 2014, despite that it was still under construction. It was notably designed by Ken Ungar. In April 2020, Witherspoon and Toth had sold the home for $17 million, and the buyer was Robin Formanek, daughter of AutoZone co-founder, Peter Formanek.


Well known for his character as Steve Rogers who resides in Brooklyn, actor Chris Evans lives in Laurel Canyon in real life. His 4,500-square-foot house located in Los Angeles is priced at $3.5 million. The said estate gives Evans gorgeous that anyone would love to wake up to. The mansion has three bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and a master bedroom. He ensured that his kitchen is huge and modern to address his love for cooking.

Insurance must be high with this pretty good mansion, but this will never be a problem for Evans who has a $70-million net worth. The house owned by Chris Evans was built way back in 1940, and it is also one of the fruits of Chris Evans’ hard work — he earned millions for his performance as Captain America and the house was reportedly used by him to rest and refresh himself during his time off from film shootings.


Popularly known as Chumlee in the reality TV show Pawn Stars, Austin Lee Russell built his fame from it thus acquiring a whopping net worth from the show. He enjoys the fruit of his labor by living a luxurious lifestyle which he deserves as a hardworking guy. Aside from the show, he made certain investments, securing him financially. He put up his $1.85-million Los Angeles mansion in the market and currently owns a candy shop which is succeeding.

Surely, the net worth that he has today will make him financially independent and not worry about financial issues. The house truly looks like a cool venue for pool parties because it has a single pool surrounded by chairs where one can do some sunbathing. Among the notable amenities of Chumlee’s house are a movie room and game room, where one can play billiards.


With his iconic role as Detective McClane in the Die Hard franchise, Bruce Willis is one of the most famous celebrities. He has several properties that are worth millions which are great investments. One of the said properties is an 8,400-square-foot home located in Bedford, New York priced at $12.95 million. Despite the value being reduced to $9.39 million, it is still enough for the said mansion. The amount of money he can get from the said property can make him comfortable for the rest of his life.

His residence has good ventilation and what makes it cooler is you can see the whole picturesque view of Croton Reservoir around the house. It featured five bedrooms and from the kitchen you can enjoy dining while looking at the beautiful view of woodlands. It even had a storage room which contained posters and costumes he wore on his films. In December 2019, Willis sold his house for $7.66 million.


You probably thought and wondered how a house of an unforgettable lead actress in the movie A Walk To Remember would like. After all the praises she got from that movie, and presumably the huge earnings she got from that project, for sure, her house would be amazing. And you guessed it right. Her place in Pasadena is just so stunning.

Truly, she allotted a generous investment in this property because this place is just gigantic compared to what any normal person would own. It has its own private backyard, a pool where she can invite her pals over, a very spacious master’s bedroom, and a post office space where she can be productive in her own abode. The renowned singer has found a new home back in 2017 when she bought the 1950-built house for $2.5 million. Her Pasadena home contained three bedrooms and has a kitchen with breakfast nook.


Peyton Manning Williams is one of the favorite athletes in the National Football League. He managed to play 18 seasons, mainly under the Indianapolis Colts. He eventually retired in 2016. With everything that he earned in the span of his career, he managed to place some of his investments towards his Denver home.

Peyton bought the home only after having a successful deal with Denver Broncos. With seven bedrooms, a huge garage, and a wine cellar, his home is worth $4.5 million. The home of the former Broncos quarterback also has a gourmet kitchen to start with and it even had a room specifically for his dogs filled with kennel on it. It covers 16,464 square feet and holds a safe room. With home security systems in place, he and his family can have peace of mind as they are fully protected. He also has a wide backyard where he can throw a party along with his friends and fellow NFL players.


Truly, Drake’s passion for music and art has brought him to where he is now. He is a successful rapper who is capable of purchasing anything he wants. He has worked his way up and finally accumulated a net worth of $150 million at the present. No wonder he was able to get a house that is worth $7.7 million without resorting to any cash loans. His place is located in Hollywood’s Hidden Hills, where all his neighbors belong to the high-end community.

For sure, he has more ventures in mind where he can wisely place his money into. Drake bought it from Larry Pollack back in 2012. It is commonly known as YOLO State and it has numerous amenities like a 28-seater theater, basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court, recording studio, and a mechanical bull. It even features a grotto just beside the main pool, and with those amenities, it is truly a YOLO experience for all.


Miley Cyrus is an artist best known for her character as Hannah Montana. To this day, this singer and songwriter is continuously producing music and increasing her net worth in the process. She currently has a net worth of $160 million which allows her to live luxuriously. Although known for being someone who loves partying, she doesn’t forget to make good investments. This includes her home in Malibu which costs $2.5 million.

The house is a ’70s-inspired, three-bedroom bachelorette pad inclusive of a gothic-style bathroom, a hot tub, and a two-car garage with a charging station for an electric car. The ambiance of the exterior of Miley’s home is truly similar to living in the jungle because it is surrounded by trees and grass while its interior will make you feel like checking in luxurious hotels in the world. Through her current net worth obtained from her hard work and success in entertainment and music, she can expand her home and build amenities on it if she chooses to.


Ryan Lewis started as a photographer and videographer before he collaborated with Macklemore as a DJ. Presently, he has a net worth of $22 million. This grants him a lavish lifestyle where he doesn’t have to worry about paying mortgage rates. The music artist is currently residing at an extravagant home in Seattle. The property costs $8 million and is a perfect mix of elegance and simplicity. The house has five bedrooms, a recording studio, classy thrift shop furniture, and marble floors.

Ryan personally saw through the design process and transformed the house into an upscale home without going overboard. The house of the famed musician has a home theater and whiskey bar located on the ground floor. Its interior design was inspired by French and Venetian homes. This probably makes him feel like he is living in Europe rather than in America. Plus, it has a terrace where you can see the best view of the Olympic Mountains.


Vanna White is a TV personality famous for hosting the game show Wheel of Fortune since 1982. This allowed her to rack up a huge amount of fortune and secure a mansion located at Beverly Hills. The massive residence is situated over 14,554 square feet of land. It contains eight bedrooms, a pool, and ten bathrooms. It definitely is the definition of grandeur. The host moved out after divorcing her ex-husband, and the property was sold in 2017 for $47.5 million.

White will never probably never filed for bankruptcy with her current total net worth of $50 million. Inside and out, the atmosphere of Vanna White’s property looks like a palace where aristocrats and monarchs live. It is also reminiscent of the White House in Washington. The Beverly Hills mansion she owned was surrounded by palm trees around the garden and one of the notable amenities was the vineyard and pool where guests can enjoy sunbathing all day long or use it for pool parties.


Actor and producer Mark Wahlberg is currently living in a mansion located at Beverly Hills. His 6.14-acre property comes with a house with a movie theater, eleven bedrooms, eighteen bathrooms, and an entertainment complex for guests. The movie star made sure he can enjoy his property to the fullest, thus providing all the amenities he might require. With the mansion costing $30 million, a top-notch home security system is probably installed to keep him and his family safe.

Wahlberg is far from retirement, so his current net worth of $255 million is expected to increase in the coming years. The whole house is French-themed and has amenities based on his hobbies like golf course, gym, basketball court and wine cellar to provide wines for his guests. Outside his Beverly Hills house, the present features include a spa and a pool. This mansion serves as one of Mark Wahlberg’s fruit of success for his dedication to his passion as actor.


Adele has released tons of albums over the years which won her a lot of Grammy awards, and in turn, earned her millions of dollars. The English singer and songwriter made a wise decision and took solid investments in real estate. She recently bought a second mansion located in Beverly Hills worth $9.5 million. The property sits over 6,500 square feet in a gated community and consists of two living areas, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, an amazing kitchen, and a dining area.

Adele’s net worth is estimated to be $185 million, which is expected to increase during her next album release. The French doors installed throughout the house of the Rolling in the Deep singer make it look more elegant. Other parts of her house looked more comfortable and from the looks of things the atmosphere of the house is brilliant even though you have not visited the house personally. Those include the living room adjacent to the breakfast nook and the lounge.


Joe Jonas sold his old house in Sherman Oaks for the same price he bought it years ago, and then recently bought a bigger house located at Encino after getting married to Sophie Turner. The new mansion priced at $14 million, has an interior space of about 15,000 square feet and comprises a total of ten bedrooms. The property accents a mix of post-modern architecture and contemporary design. It emphasizes space and nature through wooden floors and landscaping. The residence is secured with a state-of-the-art home security system. Joe Jonas currently has a total net worth of $25 million.

He shares his home with his wife Sophie Turner who is known for the role as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones. The atmosphere of their home looks modern and the backyard is akin to the design of a guest house and resort. From inside it has ten bedrooms and eleven bathrooms while the dining room lies beside their living room so they can still watch their favorite programs on TV while eating. We hope Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner live up their moments with this house and their future son or daughter must be feeling lucky for being an occupant of this elegant house.


Courteney Cox made a huge fortune through her role as Monica on the hit NBC sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S., which lasted for ten years and is now still continuously shown through different streaming platforms. With the money she made from acting, Cox bought a $33-million property in Malibu, probably without using home loans. The mansion has an oceanfront and beach access with guest cottages on the site. The beach house also has recreational amenities like the pool and a tennis court. The actress’s current net worth is $120 million, which allows her to live comfortably.

Aside from that, her net worth can also afford many additional designs or furniture for her house if she wants to. Throughout the house, you can have a good view of the ocean especially if you opt to watch the sunset. It is a must-watch moment whether you are inside or outside Cox’s house. The notable amenities include a mini bar outside where you can drink while feeling the cool ocean breeze and has a billiard room which features an artwork from Arsen Roje.


Serbian tennis player, Novak Djokovic, is a Wimbledon Champion who also got good at the real estate game. His latest property is a luxurious three-bedroom beach villa in Miami which costs $15 million. It has floor-to-ceiling windows made of eco-conscious glass, which provides a panoramic view of both land and sea for Djokovic and his family. The home insurance for this mansion is certainly multiple times pricier than most properties. But for Djokovic, whose current net worth is estimated to be $200 million, this will not be a problem.

The player has more than enough fortune to support his high-society lifestyle. The house design of the tennis champ looked like the design of a cruise ship because of the balcony and the amenities surrounding that like the living room and dining room. If you want to complete your night and hang out then Djokovic’s enoteca bar is for you. To sum it up, this is the kind of life that you are going to get if you gave your best and became the sport’s greatest like Novak Djokovic.


The actress Minnie Driver owns a $2.5-million residence in Hollywood Hills. The property spans 2,768 square feet and consists of three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Together with her input and a designer’s help, her home turned out to be a mirror of her English gypsy upbringing, evoking a more cozy feeling than most mansions. It was even featured in one of Elle Decor’s issues due to its fresh and unique style.

With her net worth of $20 million, the actress doesn’t need to worry about her credit report when manifesting her desired home styling ideas. Unlike most celebrities who live in lavish houses, Minnie Driver opted to live in a modest home despite being a celebrity. Her house still looks elegant, but it also looks minimalistic. It has three bedrooms filled with beautiful wallpaper and a gazebo. Also her dining room chairs are covered with textiles and has a carpet below making her dining room attractive while her bathroom has a Venetian mirror hung above the tub.


Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most esteemed fashion designers in the world. He currently resides in a 14,079-square-foot mansion located at Golden Beach, Florida. The whole property has a private beach, seven bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, four different entertainment rooms, plus an oceanfront infinity pool. The estate is listed to be $27.5 million, which is one of the priciest homes in Golden Beach.

Hilfiger has a total net worth of $400 million. With his continuous success in the fashion business and ownership of multiple properties, it can be said that the designer did great with his investment planning. Given his background in fashion design, it is no surprise that Tommy would want his house to be very colorful. He took efforts to ensure that his color preferences are reflected in the house’s design, particularly his home office. It is painted with his signature red and blue. Even the wallpaper in the bathroom follows that motif.


Jessica Alba is considered to be one of the most famous actresses worldwide. With a net worth of $350 million, she smartly decided to put her money in different investments. This includes her 1.85-acre property in Beverly Hills which costs $9.95 million. The 9,000-square-foot house has an East Coast style and features seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and a detached guesthouse. Alba customized the house down to the details by looking for inspirations online and showing it to the designers.

It was renovated for eighteen months before Alba moved in with her husband and three kids. Her house is spacious and can accommodate many of Jessica’s friends, loved ones, or even her fellow celebrities and the pool outside her house is meant for them if someone wants to have a pool party. Every parts of Jessica Alba’s house had too many windows so it certainly has a good ventilation from the outside. Like other homes based on Beverly Hills, It also has the view of the hills via her backyard and her bedroom.


Film star Meg Ryan has recently purchased an estate in the coasts of Santa Barbara costing $5 million. She fell in love with the exclusive seaside haven of Montecito with the Santa Ynez Mountains as a remarkable backdrop scenery. The house spans 4,135 square feet and has three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and an outdoor kitchen. It also has recreational provisions such as a pool, a spa in a garden, and a walk-in wine pantry.

Ryan’s financial advisor probably approved her buying and selling off of properties. After all, the actress has now a total net worth of $45 million. She can use her hard-earned money if she wants to add some lavish designs on her house and she would surely do that in the future. One of the notable features of Meg Ryan’s house is having an open space in her living room without the need of air conditioning making it rely on natural breeze.


Jennifer Lawrence is known for winning her first Oscar for her lead role in Silver Linings Playbook. She’s now one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood and spent a part of her fortune to acquire a property at Beverly Hills. The five-bedroom home has a history of being owned by other famous celebrities including Jessica Simpson. Lawrence paid $8 million for the 5,500-square-foot house.

Lawrence continues to be a sought-after actress, and her net worth of $130 million will surely increase in the coming years. As long as her career continues, she’ll probably never have to worry about home insurance payments. From outside, you may say it looks like an ordinary home that every average citizen owns but on the inside it has an elegant looks especially on both living room and dining room. Jennifer Lawrence’s crib has a total of five bedrooms and French doors has omnipresence throughout her house mostly on one of her bedrooms and her gourmet kitchen.


Kiera Knightley started her professional acting job at the age of seven. She built up her career over the years until she landed supporting roles and ultimately, lead ones. She used her earnings to buy herself a beautiful 3,820-square-foot apartment in New York. The place was as glamorous as the actress herself. The property was sold for $6 million two years later. The reason for selling is unknown, but real estate in New York is always high in demand so this shows an excellent investment planning on Knightley’s side. The actress currently has a net worth of $60 million.

Keira’s former apartment had 3 bedrooms in total and 2 ½ bathrooms and one of the noticeable amenities in this apartment is the library which is surely Keira’s favorite spot since we all know that she is fond of reading books. From the balcony, you can see how spacious the apartment is. Plus, the new owner made additional modifications to the former apartment of the renowned actress like adding Japanese style sliding doors on it.


Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, professionally known as Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress and has always been one of the most iconic stars in the music industry. She is known for her consistent image reinventions and versatility in both music and entertainment. She has been declared Billboard’s Artist of the Year and Woman of the Year and included among Forbes’ power and earnings rankings. She won an Oscar and a Grammy recently for her role in the movie A Star is Born.

The professional singer currently has a net worth of $320 million. Among her multiple property investments is a home in Hollywood Hills that costs $5.25 million and once belonged to Frank Zappa. She calls this place the ‘Studio House’ and reveals that it’s where she made a lot of records. The 6,759-square-foot house comprises seven bedrooms, two separate guesthouses, seven bathrooms, and a big studio.


Hayden Lesley Panettiere is an American actress, model, and singer, who started appearing in commercials at a very young age. In fact, at the age of eleven months, Hayden already got a contract with a Playskool toy train commercial, and that was her first feature in an ad. Fast forward in a couple of years, she landed a couple of famous roles in known films and series, which helped her get a very nice career as an actress. Despite being a native New Yorker, Hayden Panettiere decided to stay and purchase a house in Nashville. The 5,325-square-foot property is located in the Green Hills neighborhood and features lots of wooden accents to achieve a rustic look.

It comes with a modern kitchen, built-in sauna, pool, hot tub, a fitness room, and a separate studio with projector equipment and retractable screen. It is considered a luxury home, but with Panettiere’s net worth of $16 million, mortgages are probably not a problem. Years after, the property hit the market at $2.1 million and was sold off for undisclosed reasons.


The American actor John Krasinski is also known as a producer, director, and screenwriter for his role as Jim Halpert in the NBC hit sitcom The Office. Emily Blunt, on the other hand, is a British-American actress who made her acting debut in 2001, when she starred in the British play The Royal Family. In 2008, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski started dating and finally tied the knot a couple of years later. Earlier, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski sold off their four-story Brooklyn townhouse for $6.5 million. The couple currently has a combined net worth of $55 million. After their movie.

A Quiet Place’s success, they spent their earnings on another real estate investment. They recently bought two units of apartment from The Standish, a celebrity-friendly building located in Brooklyn. Both units are on the eight-floor, which shows desirable views of Manhattan. The building offers a gym, a 24-hour concierge, and a kids’ playroom. The couple also claims that the new apartment is more paparazzi-proof than the last one.


Michael Fred Phelps is considered one the most successful and most decorated Olympian of all time. He was awarded the World Swimmer of the Year Award eight times and the American Swimmer of the Year Award eleven times. On top of that, he also bagged the FINA Swimmer of the Year Award in 2012 and 2016 for his international titles and record-breaking achievements. The Olympic star swimmer Michael Phelps previously had a 6,000-square-foot mansion worth $2.5-million in Paradise Valley. Seeing as his growing family needed more space, he sold the property for $3.5 million two years after the purchase – which was a pretty good investment on his part.

They now reside in a 10,000-square-foot-feet mansion in the same neighborhood. The estate costs $6.175 million and comes with six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, outdoor fireplaces, an eight-car garage, and an exercise room. Phelps’ current total net worth of $60 million can surely provide a luxurious lifestyle for him and his family.


A lot of people know Seth Meyers as one of the top personalities in the entertainment scenes, especially in the field of comedy. However, not a lot knows Seth’s humble beginning. He used to work in a hot dog stand while attending college at Northwestern University and later joined Mee-Ow Show, an improv sketch group.

Seth Meyers is known for hosting his late-night talk show called Late Night with Seth Meyers. Together with his family, he currently resides in a duplex located in Greenwich Village. The newly renovated 3,200-square-foot space includes five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a massive living and dining area, and a view of the Empire State Building. The overall vibe is tailored to be light and open. The talk show host’s investment planning seems effective, seeing how the property is now worth $7 million. The high demand for New York real estate is working to Meyers’ advantage.


Charlize Theron is an actress and artist from South Africa and currently resides in America. She is considered one of the top actresses in Hollywood today and won several honors to back it up, including an Academy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Golden Globe Award. Time Magazine even called her one of the world’s 100 most influential individuals in 2016.

Indeed, a home is one of the best and substantial investments a person can make and this holds true for actress Charlize, who is a real estate enthusiast. Among her multiple properties is a mansion built in the year 1960s, which measures 4,116 square feet. It comes with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a pool, and a huge outdoor living space. The overlooking view and iconic glass walls add to its beauty. Charlize put the mansion up for sale, but it was sold for $3.8 million instead of the listed price of $4.6 million, which was a loss.


Taylor Alison Swift is a singer-songwriter from America. She gained extensive critical applause and media attention for her narrative songwriting, which mostly revolves around her personal love life. She is considered one of the most successful singer-songwriters in this generation. With a net worth of over $360 million, Taylor seems to have a great sense of money management, seeing how she already owns a real estate property with a total worth of $81 million.

Her favorite out of all her properties is her 11,000-square-foot home in Rhode Island, and she reportedly paid for it in cash. This is where she escapes most of the time, and since then, she’s holding several parties with celebrity friends, known as her squad. The $17 million mansion comes with high ceilings, eight bedrooms, eight fireplaces, and a back pool. The said mansion sits over 5.23 acres of waterfront property and overlooks 700 feet of shoreline.


Patrick Galen Dempsey is an American actor and a successful race car driver. As an actor, he had early success acting in a variety of movies during the 1980s, including the 1987 film Can’t Buy Me Love and Loverboy in 1989. With a jump start in his career, he easily amassed a huge fortune in the bag and that helped him get through his rather lavish lifestyle.

Patrick is also known for his long-running role in Grey’s Anatomy as neurosurgeon Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd. The actor may have left the show, but he already made good investments in his earnings. He just recently sold his Malibu compound for $14.5 million. He currently resides in a $6.4 million house, also located in Malibu, together with his family. The one-acre property is fully landscaped and guard-gated, and the house measures 4,415 square feet. The two-story residence was newly remodeled to have a contemporary vibe. It comes with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a den/library with a fireplace, and a pool.


Sylvester Enzio Stallone is an American actor, director, screenwriter, and producer. Known for his roles in the Rambo and Rocky movie franchises, a lot of people consider Sylvester as one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors. He usually sought gradual work as an extra or side character in films with a big-budget until he gained his most significant critical and commercial success as an actor, beginning in 1976 with his self-created character as the boxer Rocky Balboa.

The 74-year-old actor has a net worth of $400 million and is making solid investments through real estate. Stallone has a considerable number of properties, but he currently resides in a mega-mansion worth $10 million and is located in Beverly Hills. The house measures 16,000 square feet and comes with a scenic mountain view. It has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a guesthouse. The neighborhood is said to be paparazzi-proof and features guarded checkpoints to ensure the utmost safety.


Andrew Alfred Scott, or more popularly known as Drew Scott, is a Canadian reality television star on the Property Brothers TV series. He received the 2012 Leo Award (the awards program for the film and television industry in British Columbia) for Best Host(s) in an Information or Lifestyle Series for the show, along with his twin brother Jonathan Scott.

As a realtor and entrepreneur, Drew is expected to have great money management skills. He works in the real estate business and hosts a home renovation program at the same time. He currently resides in a mansion located in Los Angeles together with his wife, Linda Phan. The 97-year-old house costs $2.3 million, and the couple immediately fell in love the moment they saw it. It has been fully renovated by Drew and his brother with the process shown on Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House. The mansion shows a mix of a modern and traditional look.


Jonathan Scott is the television personality and the twin brother of Drew Scott. Both are the hosts of the popular renovation program, Property Brothers. The siblings are well-versed in the field and they collaborated on the idea of sharing their knowledge to people. The two then wrote a couple of home-improvement how-to books, and children’s books on construction. They also published a magazine called Reveal, which is linked, showcases their brand. Keeping with their name, the twins unveiled the Scott Living home products line and its expansion, Dream Homes – a luxurious home upgrade consulting and development company.

For those who don’t know, obviously, Jonathan is a licensed contractor and has recently shown his renovated $10-million home in Las Vegas. The property spans 5,000 square feet and features a guesthouse, a sports center, an outdoor theater, a pool, and an outdoor hot tub. The house also includes a massive dining room that can accommodate up to 18 people. Jonathan handled all renovation details to get the exact design he wanted and even oversaw flooring and roof repairs. Also, the house might also have a built-in home security system installed, right?


Sheryl Suzanne Crow is an American musician, actor, songwriter, and actress. She is known for music that includes pop, punk, country, jazz, and blues features. Over the years, she released ten albums from the studio, four compilations, two live albums, and contributed to selecting soundtracks for the film and that helped her get all the funds she needed for her dream home. The Music icon and actress currently lives in a 10,264-square-foot mansion in Nashville, Tennessee. The manor is built over a sprawling 50-acre land. She made a few modifications to her landscape and added a 10-stall barn with working stables and a fully-stocked saloon.

The estate houses many recreational amenities, including a piano room, a recording studio, and a swimming pool with a spa arrangement. Crow’s collection of different antique items decorate random rooms of the house, giving it a more unique and cozy vibe. The whole property costs $6 million and probably also has an expensive home insurance policy.


Pharrell Lanscilo Williams is an American singer, musician, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. He received several accolades and nominations over the course of his career – winning 13 Grammy Awards, including three for Non-Classical, Artist of the Year. He is also a two-time Academy Award nominee: for his hit single Happy, for Best Original Song in 2014, and for Best Picture, as a producer of the 2017 film Hidden Figures.

Pharrell William’s house in Beverly Hills is an ultra-modern mansion. It sits over 5 acres of land and looks like an office building or a mall at first glance, with how the design makes so much use of glass walls. It has a living space of 17,000 square feet and houses eleven bathrooms and ten bedrooms, most of which shows stunning views of the whole area. The outdoor space offers amenities both for the enjoyment of adults and kids. William bought the property for $15.6 million as an investment and is now selling the property for $17 million.


Lionel Brockman Richie Jr is a well-respected singer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist. Aside from that, he also made a mark in the industry as a record producer, actor, and television judge. He became one of the most popular balladeers of the 1980s, during his recordings with the funk and soul band Commodores and through his solo career. The American music icon made a good investment when he bought his property in Beverly Hills. He bought it for $6 million in 1999, and the residence is now worth over $11 million.

The 17,000-square-feet property features twenty-eight rooms, including six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and a music studio. The house gives off a theme of ‘travel,’ and every room is inspired by a place the musician has gone to. Richie’s net worth is currently at $200 million. He could totally buy several properties around the world but decided to live in the same house over the years.


Jessica Michelle Chastain is an American actress and producer, who made a name for herself in various films with feminist topics. In fact, she starred in several critically-acclaimed films with that kind of theme. The actress specializes in portraying emotionally grueling roles and is drawn to parts of strong, but flawed women. Ultimately, her past projects helped her get enough funds to get the dream house she always dreamed of. She has received multiple nominations and awards due to her outstanding performances. Currently, the actress has a net worth of $40 million.

She recently bought a townhouse priced at $8.875 million in the Upper West Side of New York. The property has an area of 6,600 square feet and contains seven bedrooms. This is definitely a good investment for Chastain, seeing as how real estate in New York is always high in demand, and thus, making the value of the property grow more over the years.


Scarlett Ingrid Johansson is an actress and musician from America. She has been featured numerous times on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list. As a public figure, it is expected that Scarlett should be a prominent endorser of popular brands and that seems to be a perfect description for her. Brands such as Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, L’Oréal, and Louis Vuitton all line up with a contract for her, and numerous media sources have cited her as a Hollywood symbol. Following her success in playing Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Scarlett Johansson is considered the top highest-paid actress for two years now. She currently has a total net worth of $165 million.

The actress is probably doing some investment planning since she’s been looking into real estate lately. After a few times of checking around the area, Johansson finally purchased a new 0.79-acre property in an enclave near Palisades, New York. The house overlooks the Hudson River and spans 4,000 square feet, and consists of four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a gorgeous garden, and a pool.


Kimora Lee Simmons is a known fashion model-designer and former-CEO and creative director of fashion label Phat Fashions. She introduced its latest, advanced designer collection for women, showcasing Italian fabrics and handmade embellishments. That feat marked the first time that Kimora joined the class of luxury American designers. Simultaneously, Kimora instituted her investment portfolio of new and innovative businesses in the field of fashion, entertainment, technology, sport and consumer goods. That includes Codage, an advanced technical skincare line in France.

Her current total net worth is $50 million. The model does excellent in money management, probably because she’s married to Tim Leissner, who works as a banker. The couple currently owns a property in Beverly Park, an exclusive and gated community in Los Angeles. The house has an interior space of 13,000 square feet and features eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a guesthouse. It also includes amenities such as a swimming pool and an outdoor hot tub.


Diane Kruger is a German actress and former fashion model, commonly recognized for her iconic role as Helen in the movie Troy. Going back a couple of years, Kruger represented Germany in the Elite Model Look in 1993 and subsequently began modeling. She managed to land bookings, such as commercials, despite her comparatively short size for a model. Diane became interested in acting and took lessons in a theater and finally made her film debut in the 2002 film The Piano Player. Since then, she has become a top personality in the industry.

She made millions through her acting career and now has a net worth of $24 million. She’s currently in a relationship with Norman Reedus. After owning separate apartments in Manhattan, the couple just recently bought their first mansion located in Hollywood Hills. They didn’t have to worry about mortgages seeing as they paid for the $8.5-million estate in cash. The7,732-square-foot property houses four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a swimming pool, spa, and different al fresco dining areas.


Tobey Maguire was an American actor and film producer. He rose to fame when he played Peter Parker in the original Spiderman movies from 2002 to 2009. Pleasantville, Ride with the Devil, The Cider House Rules, Wonder Boys, Seabiscuit, The Good German, Brothers, and The Great Gatsby were among his other big films. He has been nominated for the Guild and Golden Globe Awards for Screen Actors and has won two Saturn Awards, including one for Best Actor.

Tobey has a net worth of $75 million. The actor has been making investments in the real estate world. He bought a home in West Hollywood costing $3.4 million and listed a land plot for $14 million. Currently, Maguire is residing in a midcentury mansion he purchased for $6.9 million. The house has 3,500 square feet and consists of four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a theater. It has numerous floor-to-ceiling windows that provide more open and light-filled spaces.


Aaron Charles Rodgers is an American football quarterback for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League (NFL). He began the 2020 season well; going 32-of-44 for 364 passing yards and four passing touchdowns in the 43-34 victory against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 1 and that pretty much set the tone for a very impressive season for him.

Green Bay Packers quarterback has a total net worth estimated to be 120 million dollars. The two-time National Football League Most Valuable Player is living with his girlfriend, Danica Patrick, in a Malibu villa, which they purchased for $28 million. It seems like the couple doesn’t have to worry about making any loans as they made an all-cash transaction. The beachfront villa has an area of 4,636 square feet and houses four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a guesthouse. It has home amenities that include a game room, a media room, a pool, and a resort-style deck, allowing a private view of the ocean.


Travis Barker is an American musician-songwriter, a record producer, and the drummer for the band Blink-182. Barker has also worked with hip-hop musicians as a regular collaborator. In fact he is a member of the rap-rock collective Transplants, founded the rock bands +44 and Box Car Racer. Rolling Stone called him “punk’s first superstar drummer,” and that’s a nod of his overall fame. As a matter of fact, he is considered one of the best drummers of all time!

He made several investments in real estate across Southern California and now owns two properties in Calabasas. One is a Mediterranean-style house that spans for over 7,000 square feet and costs $2.8 million. The place is available as a high-end rental for $27,500 per month. The drummer currently resides in the other $9.5-million mansion, which sits on a 1.5-acre property. It houses seven en-suite bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a guesthouse. Amenities include a pool with spa, game center, and outdoor entertainment pavilion.


Ciara is an American singer-dancer who became known for her invaluable talent and beauty. She married NFL player Russell Wilson and is now living with him and their daughter, Sienna Princess, in Bellevue’s Meydenbauer Bay. Their two-storey mansion has an area of 10,700 square feet consisting of seven bedrooms, and seven bathrooms. It sits on a 0.67-acre land overlooking Lake Washington.

The place boasts high standards of comfort and includes features such as skylights, a walk-in pantry, and a wine cellar. Just by looking at the photos, you would see that this mansion really is made to ensure the luxurious life of these superstars. The couple has a combined net worth in the multi-millions, which makes the $6.7- million property an easy investment. Because of this Ciara and her family will live a happy and contented life which will definitely be passed on to all the generations to come.


She’s one of the world’s highest paid supermodels and doesn’t need any introduction. At only 24 years old, she has wowed the world with her modelesque body and flawless features. Gigi earned her estimated $19 million net worth from magazines, ad campaigns, and runway shows. She owns a $4 million apartment in Noho Area in Manhattan, New York.

In a rare glimpse of her 2,085-square-foot loft-style apartment, it has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a chef’s kitchen where she usually cooks and invites her friends and family over for dinner. At that age, she sure knows where to invest her money. However, since Gigi Hadid is still in her early age, and is still actively participating in runways and keeping her career, we don’t know what she will do with all her earnings in the years to come. We just hope that she has a good and trustworthy financial advisor.


Her name brings back memories when she became the poster girl for being Gabriella Montez among kids and preteens in the hit film series, High School Musical. Since then, Vanessa Anne Hudgens rose to popularity, which comes with TV guesting, magazine covers, and photoshoots. Two years after that and only at 20 years old, she finally became a homeowner with her first-ever home worth $2.7 million in Studio City, California. Vanessa really did make a good investment with this Mediterranean-style mansion with Moroccan and Tuscan pieces. This house was made and designed with lots of amazing things embedded in it.

However, the one that makes this a unique and one of a kind house is because this breath-taking abode comes with a big saltwater pool, barbecue area, and a view of the Los Angeles cityscape. Vanessa Anne Hudgens is still and always will be the face of High School Musical.


Though Mr. and Mrs. Smith have since split up, it cannot be forgotten how they once shared a $60-million castle called Chateau Miraval in the South of France. It housed Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and their six kids. The chateau has 35 bedrooms, more than enough space for all of them and even if all of their kids brought visitors, they would still have a room for themselves. To further add to its grandiosity, it is described as something out of a fairytale.

It was not only home to a vineyard, but it also has a fountain, a moat, a private lake, olive groves, and a helicopter pad. Just take a look at this castle, even in the picture; you would immediately know what we are talking about here. This surely was a significant investment for the duo. It would surely be nice if Mr. and Mrs. Smith would be together again.


Known for his memorable portrayal of Peeta Mellark in the Hunger Games movies, Josh Hutcherson’s most recent acquisition is this $1.9 million renovated traditional in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake locale. Much like his previous treehouse property in the hills, this 1,950-square-feet residence comes with plenty of open space and great views of nature. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 and half bathrooms, but it’s the outdoor space that’s the highlight.

He also stated in one of his interviews that the outdoor space of his house is where he spends most of his time to by looking at the scenery and breathing the fresh air. Surrounded by lush greenery and overhanging foliage is an expansive living area, divided by grass and concrete. The home features wood flooring that extends all the way out to the upper-level deck. You can really say that Josh Hutcherson is a man who likes nature so much.


Most Pretty Little Liars fans are obsessed with Lucy Hale, but even more so with her $1.7 million Los Angeles villa. Located in Studio City, it features a Mediterranean style and measures 3,618 square feet. Though modest when compared to other celeb homes, her master bedroom comes with a fireplace and a spa-like bathroom. Outdoors, there’s a saltwater pool and a cabana. If you don’t know it yet, Studio City is among the most popular part of Los Angeles where most stars live.

With popularity comes high mortgage rates, but it’s the least of her worries as Lucy purchases more real estate to her name. We can really be sure that she has a really good financial advisor that helps her with all her wealth. We just hope that there won’t be a day where we would hear terrible news that she is swimming in her own debts.


Liam Hemsworth, has been living in a 1,980-square foot home in Malibu before it was burned down by a devastating fire last year. However, he does plan on rebuilding this property and will make this good as new. The old residence had a living and dining area with a fireplace, three bedrooms, and three bathrooms. It also comes with a modern concrete and wood architecture with large windows.

We know that Liam Hemswoth will do everything in his power to make this home look like the old one since there are tons of memories for this young actor in that specific place. This $6.8 million investment is a surprise to most of his fans as he continues to rebuild when they know for a fact, Miley Cyrus lives next door. Well, whatever the situation is, that sure is still a perfect home to live in. We just hope that the same situation will not happen twice.


Chloe Grace Moretz began acting as early as six years old and is still landing prominent roles today, such as Cassie Sullivan in the 5th Wave, Mia Hall in If I Stay, Carrie, and many more. Her first self-bought home is this $3.4 million mansion in Studio City, Los Angeles. This 5,592-square-foot Spanish estate is a shock to many fans because she didn’t even need a mortgage for the real estate acquisition. But who wouldn’t be?

Her new abode has what she needs for her first home, with a drama two-story entry, gourmet kitchen, and breathtaking lush landscape that surrounds it. Because of this, many of her fans are amazed at how she did all of this. She must have had a very competent financial advisor. If given the chance, we would really like to set foot in her mansion. I mean, who in their right mind wouldn’t want that?


With a $10-million net worth, this 31-year-old multitalented performer made investments in her $2 million home in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. It’s a three-story house with a breath-taking view of the city. When she’s out from the spotlight, she’s in her home relaxing and taking everything in one step at a time. The 2,101-square-foot house has become her safe space where she can rest and be truly herself. After hours on centerstage, this home brings her peace.

It features a natural wood texture, lush gardens, and surrounded by more natural palettes. An investment she will genuinely look back someday for all its worth. With all the money that she has already saved up and her net worth, there are no doubts that she will soon have more properties in her name and all of them will surely have a view we will all be amazed of. So, you better keep tabs on her so that you would not be surprised.


For those who grew up watching the hit television series Lizzie McGuire, Hilary Duff has definitely earned herself millions of fans around the world after doing her best as Elizabeth McGuire. Along with that popularity comes opportunities as an author, singer, actress, songwriter, and thus earning a lot, and we’re talking about millions. With all her hard work, it is worthy that she bought herself a $6.2-million home in Los Angeles. And this has been considered as one of the top mansions in this area.

The 9,277-square-foot house is a testament to all the investments she’s made towards her career. Buying this specific house really is not a terrible investment, but a good decision. Just like her personality, her home is vibrant, maximalist that shouts fun and excitement. Many fans can’t get enough of it and are very much hopeful that one day, they would have the chance to visit this wonderful home.


Today, former One Direction member Harry Style has made a name for himself as a successful solo artist. With a net worth of roughly $75 million, it’s no surprise he managed to buy this $6 million luxury house in the famous Hollywood Hills. His home is notably known for its private terrace overlooking Los Angeles. Aside from a pool, hot tub, and complete with spa amenities, for sure, this luxurious abode costs him thousands, if not millions, worth of home insurance policy.

Perhaps this is why he has since let go of the property, selling it for lower than asking price. Harry does not consider the house a dead investment even if it was listed as below what he had initially wanted. After all, he has many fond memories of the property and those could not be easily be replaced. Even though he had already let go of the house, the memories remain.


She portrayed CeCe Jones from the Disney Channel series Shake It Up and since then, Bella Thorne’s career has progressed a lot. After rising to fame, she even doubled up her net worth. From modeling to acting then to singing, Bella has had an exciting career throughout. At 21 years old, she now owns a $2-million mansion in Sherman Oaks. This 4,500-square-foot space features six bedrooms and six bathrooms. Although drama surrounds her life sometimes, she knows how to set her priorities straight with her investments in place.

She’s going to set herself apart from the rest with her wise financial moves. We just hope that she keeps this up and will not be led astray into the wrong path because of all the pressure of being a Hollywood superstar. Since we have not heard about any of that yet, all her fans are confident that she will not do those things.


This 20,000-square-foot home is undoubtedly meant for power couple Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen. Tom is known as an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots, while Gisele is one of the highest-paid supermodels in the world. The power couple made headlines when they purchased their palatial $20- million California mansion. This luxury California mansion has been on the front page and in different magazines for its lavish architecture and design.

What’s more interesting is how the couple included eco-friendly and environmental features such as solar panels and even grey-water systems. Many look up to them for their smart home investments and because of their inspiring life. We can even claim that there will be a lot more houses and mansions that would have a nature friendly design that is based on the mansion of this power duo. If they will soon buy another house, we know that they will still have those amazing features.


The Formula One heiress, Petra Ecclestone, owns a $200 million Holmby Hills mansion. Today, it’s on the market for a nine-figure sale. This alone puts it as one of the most expensive homes for sales in the United States. Some five years ago, Petra bought the Manor from Candy Spelling for $85 million in an all-cash deal. With this, she was able to increase her initial investment value by 135%. She credits this to her artistic trait.

Because of that, she helped design her mansion. She also thanks her financial advisor for this. The Manor has 56,500-square-feet of space with 14 bedrooms and 27 bathrooms. It has a bowling alley, a shoe closet, a nightclub, and even a private hair salon and a massage parlor. This is a perfect mansion for you if you are the type of person who does not want to go out often. You would really be comfortable even if you’re staying at home.


Michael Jordan has inspired millions around the world to watch basketball and play it. Indeed, he has become one of the most famous basketball players of all time. He has won Championships and displayed unparalleled skill and talent no one in the history of basketball has seen before. He’s one of the highest-paid athletes during his time and has gotten even more money from books, shoes, and movie deals.

His investment planning involves having his own basketball team. However, the one that Michael Jordan really is proud of investing is his real estate, including his $15-million mansion in Chicago. Aside from the apparent indoor basketball court and gym, his estate also features a pool, tennis court, and enormous outdoor landscapes. With all the money that he has already earned, there are no doubts that he would not need the help of a financial advisor and will still manage to stay away from debt.


Finally, the pop singer has given up renting homes in LA. This time, he’s moving his gorgeous wife, Hailey Bieber, into their first home together. Located in the city’s famed 90210 neighborhood, the Monterey Colonial property is certainly an eye-candy. Built back in 1932 and renovated by famed Hollywood production designer, Charles Infante, this is the perfect starter home for the couple.

As far as investments go, this comes with 6,100-square-feet of living space. It houses 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a library, and a unique step-down living room. There’s even a wine cellar for those fancy parties they might host in the future. If you are one of the people who will get invited to those parties, then consider yourself lucky that you would be able to set foot in the very first house of the pop star and the very fact that those parties would surely be private and expensive.


If there’s one thing about Rihanna that many of her fans love, it’s that she always looks back where she came from, and that is true when she bought a $22-million mansion in her hometown, the Caribbean island of Barbados. With an unbreakable record as a singer, Rihanna didn’t need personal loans for this purchase. The property pays homage to where she comes from and features a good view of the Caribbean Sea.

Her home also comes with a fully-equipped gym, spa, and private docks for yachts. It also features ten bedrooms and includes a private beach on the list. Though this certain celebrity has many properties and houses that she can stay and live on, Rihanna said in one of her interviews that she is more comfortable staying in her mansion in Barbados than her other properties. This is one place where she gets the peace and quiet she deserves.


With a combined net worth of $1.4 billion, they sure can afford to live a luxurious life in this $45 million home in Los Angeles—even if they were just leasing temporarily. The mansion in Holmby Hills cost the couple a cool $150,000 a month and comes with 14 bedrooms, but it also has its own citrus orchard, home theater, and a couple of swimming pools, a bowling alley, and a tennis court. They’ve since moved on to an $88 million home in LA.

A worthy investment for the golden couple. After all, it’s important that they put down roots with their kids, right? Who knows, since they still have tons of money left to renovate their mansion into a more beautiful and extravagant one or they could just expand their kingdom and buy many more mansions just like this one or even better. We know that they will soon be back in the spotlight.


It’s true when they say, athletes have one of the highest-paid professions in the world, just like former Football running back Marshawn Lynch, who invested in a huge 7,000-square-foot mansion in Richmond. At $3.3 million, he is considered to have one of the most expensive and lavish houses among the National Football League players. This mansion not only has a good view of the San Francisco Bay, but it also features five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and features a boat dock and home theater complete with an elevator.

You can really say that this mansion is the complete package. There are no doubts that the insurance for this kind of estate is no problem as Marshawn’s net worth is $30 million. With that kind of net worth, we are sure that he will continue in making this mansion a more astonishing one so you better keep an eye out for this athlete.


Famous for his game in the NBA, Kevin Durant is one of the highest-paid athletes today with a net worth of $170 million. Thus, you can expect he owns a mansion in Malibu worth $12.05 million. His home was also renovated to increase its value, which now has high ceilings and skylights with sliding walls of glass that give a view of the ocean. This manor even has an outdoor space, center-island kitchen, and a glass-enclosed wine wall.

This home in Malibu is a significant investment, which is why Kevin Durant chose this as one of the real estates to his name. Since he is a professional NBA player, there are no doubts that he will change teams every once in a while, and live in a totally different city. Whether he changes teams or not, it is still expected that he will have houses in various parts of the US, one for his summer home and one for vacation, at the least.


Football players usually earn a huge amount of net worth, allowing them to purchase various luxuries, including real estate. This statement is true for Carson Palmer. He spends his retirement enjoying his 8,000 square feet house. The property is located in Del Mar, California in the United States. He may be young, but in January 2018, he already made an official announcement that he’ll be ending his football career.

This is not a bad thing since he has already earned more than enough to give him and his family an easy and wonderful life without any problems of having a personal loan or debts. Palmer is part of the Arizona Cardinals where he is positioned as a quarterback. He managed to play 15 seasons and put his investments in real estate. Carson Palmer is now living a comfortable life with his family in the mansion that he invested time and money in.


Aside from his gentlemanly charm, Matthew McConaughey is well-known for being an avid outdoorsman. So, we’re not too surprised that his estate showcases his love for nature. His property, which is located in Austin, Texas, covers a vast land and manages to preserve its surroundings. Adjacent to Lake Austin, his property in the Rivercrest area covers 10,000 square feet of living space. The main mansion is designed with a Spanish theme, which he gives credits to its previous owners.

Same as with most celebrities, his home has a private dock intended for boats, and it also has 7 guest bedrooms and many more features that have not been disclosed by him yet. With around $95 million of net worth, he seems far from bankruptcy and any personal loans that would make him swim in his own debts. We hope that we will hear some more good news from him soon.


He wouldn’t be regarded as a legend in the industry for naught. Dick Van Dyke has managed to keep his name for more than seven decades and counting. During that time, he managed to amass quite a fortune and has been living in absolute comfort. Needless to say, he can finally take time to truly enjoy the benefits of his hard work. Seventy years of earning definitely taught him good money management skills.

His mansion, located in Encino, is worth $8.9 million. With the vastness of his estate, the outdoor landscape is superb. He has his own gym, a theater, and other extravagant features that would definitely make anyone drool when they get to see it in person. He has not been in the spotlight for a long time now and this could be because he has not made any mistakes in all of his investments allowing him to spend some time away from actively earning money.


As two of the industry’s biggest celebrities, we aren’t too surprised that the power couple Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake owns a real estate with a hefty price tag. They have a combined net worth that’s running more than $270 million. With that amount of investment money, they can purchase multiple luxury homes that come with everything they need. For their family, they purchased a $20.2 million home located in New York City. The penthouse comes with an indoor pool where their son can enjoy, and probably a home security system and.

They share the same building as other celebrities like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. You better keep an eye out for their future endeavors because if not, they will really surprise you with all the things that they have invested in. We just hope that all of those investments that they would do will all be worth it.


Alan Jackson’s property is quite unique. The popular country artist used to reside in a $28 million home which he built from scratch. He bought land in Tennessee back in 2015, and then he worked his way towards having his dream house accomplished which he already did. It took him two years to finish the plantation-inspired estate, which probably involved plenty of money management, but all those investments were not a bad thing since the resulting mansion is beautiful.

He used to live here with his wife and daughters. But, when the girls eventually moved out, the house became too big for the couple so they had it sold for $28 million. If they happen to live together again as one family, with all the money that he has earned, we know that they would easily purchase another house of their own. Let’s just hope that they have a reliable financial advisor and real estate agent.


Through his memorable appearances on A&E’s series, Storage Wars, Barry Weiss rose to fame in the most unexpected way possible. As the show managed to gather a fan base, he eventually got his own spin-off series titled Barry’d Treasure. Due to its success, Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back was launched as a follow-up. Along with his increasing popularity, his net worth also increased to $10 million as well as additions to his real estate portfolio.

As part of his investments, he bought a 4-bedroom mansion worth $1.8 million in Beverly Hills that has all the necessary things that they might need in the future. Though he has other real estate properties, he said in one of his interviews and talk shows that he prefers to stay in Beverly Hills since this was where he found total comfort taking into consideration the exclusive feel of the Beverly Hills community and the security it affords its residents.


Renowned actress Jane Fonda pushed her investments towards a $1- million Beverly Hills estate. As an established name in Hollywood, this would have been easy for her to accomplish. Jane also experienced a resurgence in fame, with credit her hit show aired on Netflix Grace and Frankie. The star’s mansion covers 7,102 square feet, which she personally decorated and styled. Her home has a lavish yard and an outdoor living area fit for guests.

To make things even more amazing, it has a solar heated pool that would bring her comfort and is nature friendly at the same time. The lush landscape in the garden also makes her feel close to nature as she is surrounded by trees and because of this, she is always breathing fresh air especially when she is outside. This renowned actress really made a worthy investment when it comes to all the properties that she owns.


Being one of Hollywood’s top-paid actors with numerous films under his belt, Matt Damon is already expected to have elegant real estate. His $16.6-million home located in Brooklyn did not disappoint all of his fans. His condo holds around 6,000 square feet and is also one of the priciest real estate properties in the city. With the price tag, it comes with six bedrooms, wooden flooring with its own gym, which is probably equipped with a top-of-the-line security—ensuring the actor and his family’s privacy and security.

Aside from Matt Damon, there are also other celebrities in the area, which makes it a star-studded residence. Matt Damon really is an inspiration for many people especially all of his fans. Since he has not retired yet, we should expect that he will have more projects and earn lots of money. We just hope that he will spend it wisely to avoid making personal loans.


Hailed as one of the biggest celebrity couples, Ashton Kutcher and his wife Mila Kunis made a good investment when it comes to real estate. The duo owns a mansion in Beverly Hills, California worth a whopping $10 million. Being able to thrive in their respective fields and career, they can surely afford to have the best security installed in their estate to ensure their family’s safety and privacy. Unlike other stars with multiple rooms, Ashton and Mila only have three bedrooms in their house.

They said that this was made to ensure their closeness with each other because they know that with a very large house, they would not see each other often and if not, those rooms will be put to waste. With a location that is strategically placed, they won’t have any issues if they’d plan to move. Since they’re living happily, we assume that moving is the last thing on their mind right now.


Being married for more than a decade, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are one of the celebrity couples who managed to last despite being constantly in the spotlight. They were married back in 1996 and have certainly made plenty of investments since then. One of which is their real estate located in the Bahamas. In 2003, the couple decided to buy land, and it took a while to establish a mansion, but their home was eventually completed in 2012.

With a unique design and extravagant features, it really is a mansion that was made and designed with love. The property is worth $18 million. With what they’ve accomplished and their combined net worth, they can certainly continue to expand their real estate portfolio and there are no doubts that they will still own more properties in the future. We just hope that they have a financial advisor that would help them in every step of the way.


Being one of the most popular supermodels, who is considered to be an icon in the fashion industry, it is no secret that Naomi Campbell managed to have a huge net worth. It was announced that she holds an estimated net worth of 45 million euros. She is known for her high-profile relationships and among them, Vladislav Doronin, a billionaire businessman. Surprisingly, he gifted her a mansion worth $390 million.

Equipped with home security systems and other necessities, the mansion is located in his own island in Turkey. Though she doesn’t stay there often since it is located in a different country, she uses the manor as a vacation spot and Naomi admitted that this is where she comes to clear out and refresh her mind from all the stress that she is receiving. With all her wealth, it is hard to imagine that she would obtain a personal loan or declare bankruptcy anytime soon.


As someone with a huge name in Hollywood, Sean Connery definitely managed to push his investments and purchase some prime real estate. Starting his work in the industry as early as the 1950’s, he holds the distinction for being the first James Bond actor, and is touted as Scotland’s Greatest Living National Treasure, and The Greatest Living Scott. After decades in the business, he no longer basks in the spotlight. Retirement became more leisurely for him. He holds a net worth of $359 million.

Aside from which, his estate that his selling in Ireland is worth $1.84 million, which can increase his numbers. Even though he is selling this mansion, with his net worth, there are no doubts that he will purchase more estates. We just hope that he will not make some unnecessary investments that could be the reason for his downfall and for him to drown in his personal loans.


Talking about celebrities with a huge mansion, Ron Howard will definitely be part of the list. The award-winning filmmaker gave us numerous cinema gems such as A Beautiful Mind, Cocoon, and Apollo 13. He currently has an estimated net worth of $160 million, allowing him to truly enjoy the benefits of his labor. He previously owned a huge estate in Connecticut, in the amount of $27.5 million. Though he and his family enjoyed their home for a long time, they eventually moved. In terms of investment planning, putting their house in the market is a smart move for the filmmaker.

Anyone who would be able to purchase this mansion would really be considered as a lucky person not just because of all the unique features and luxurious design but also because it was once owned by the legendary Ron Howard. So, what are you waiting for? Come and see this mansion now!


From Disney Channel to the music industry, Selena Gomez does have many astounding achievements. Unlike most celebrities who prefer to settle in New York City or California, the singer decided to stay in Fort Worth, Texas. Selena wanted to stay close to her family in their 10,000 square foot home. Amounting to $4 million, their home has 5 bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a home theatre, and two kitchens. Aside from the amenities listed above, they also have an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor saltwater poor, and regular sized tennis court.

With a house so huge, home security systems are a necessity for protection and privacy. Though there has not been any recent news with regards to the actress, singer’s whereabouts, we are sure that she is living a grand life together with her family and some friends. But keep on checking since Selena is not done yet! She is still active in her career and is still set out to release more amazing tracks.


As one of the infamous Kardashian siblings, Kendall Jenner grew up in relative luxury, but definitely knows proper money management as well. Aside from coming from a well-known, though often controversial family, she also established a solid career for herself in the modelling industry. Outside of being a catwalk star, she also has other income sources as an influencer. The Victoria Secret model managed to top Forbes’ 2017 list of top-earning models.

With a net worth of $20 million, she was able to purchase this $6.5 million mansion located in Hollywood Hills. The model has since sold the property and moved on to something bigger. Though it has not been disclosed yet, we all know that she will soon let all of the people know how she has been in the past few years and what she has been doing. So far, all of her investments are worth it and well-thought of.


As the founder of one of the biggest social media websites in recent years, it comes as no surprise that Mark Zuckerberg managed to have a net worth of $75.5 billion. Although young, he managed to be part of the Forbes’ List in 2019. With a huge amount in his bank, he chose to purchase two mansions located in Lake Tahoe. This investment is worth $59 million. His smaller mansion is a Tudor style home that was built in the 1930s and is referred to as the Carousel Estate.

Brushwood Estate, which is the bigger of the two structures, was constructed in the 1960s. He doesn’t need to make a loan to acquire these properties since his net worth is more than the amount anyone could fathom. In fact, he can even buy a couple more mansions or palaces if he wishes. As long as he will continue to work for his billions, Mark will always get what he wants.


Basketball superstar Stephen Curry made a name for himself after being tagged as a six-time NBA All-Star. He has avid fans worldwide and earned the NBA Most Valuable Player title twice, while his team has won three NBA championships. Aside from slowly building his legacy when it comes to the sport, he also ensures that his family is living in style. With a net worth of $90 million, he pushed some of his investments towards real estate. Stephen and his family used to own this $1.2 million mansion located in North Carolina. It was sold in February of last year.

Stephen likes the idea of real estate and we hope that he will have a big break on this endeavor. This 7,650-square-foot house is on the market for $1.2 million but the last asking price is $1.129 million. After this property is shed off, his California mansion is also on the market.


To enjoy his hard-earned lifestyle, Shaquille O’Neal officially bid farewell to the sport in June 2011. He was with the NBA for 19 years where he played for different basketball teams. Holding an estimated net worth of $400 million, he put some towards real estate. With this huge investment money, he purchased a $21.9 million mansion which is currently on the market.

The lakeside mansion is 35,000 square feet located in Isle worth which is a private residential community. The home contains 12 bedrooms, a huge 6,000-square-foot basketball court, a 95-foot swimming pool, and a spacious garage for 17 cars. Shaq should definitely put this mansion in the market after he renovates and furnishes it, then it will become a wonderful investment. Afterward, all he has to do is buy another one and sell it again. This way he will know how to be an expert real estate broker apart from being a legend.


Being part of the cast of the hit ’90s sitcom, Friends, Jennifer Aniston has quite a significant net worth to her name. That said, most of her investments are being pushed towards real estate. In fact, she previously owned a Beverly Hills mansion amounting to $13.5 million. Despite buying it at a lesser cost, she managed to sell the property for $42 million which was way higher.

The home has five bedrooms, a huge garage, and of course, security. Her home security system is in place to make sure that their house is secure and private. It is always better to be cautious than sorry. Unfortunately, her separation from her husband in 2018 made it necessary for them to sell their Bel-Air mansion for $21 million. Jennifer evidently wanted to make good deals for the house. We hope she can make a good investment out of the properties she bought and be able to sell them at a higher price.


Same as with other A-List celebrities, Kelly Ripa decided to push some of her net worth into real estate investments. She and her husband, Mark Consuelos have been giving their followers a glimpse of their homes, owning three luxurious estates all over the country. Their Manhattan property is currently valued at $27 million and is a 5-story building. Aside from this residence, the couple has also purchased a home in Southampton, where they shelled out $2.35 million.

Though a bit lower in price compared to their home in New York, it is just as charming and holds an elegant yet cosy vibe. It is necessary for them to purchase several properties on top of what they already own partly for investments and partly it is always required of them to do so to maintain their place in society considering that they have a number of followers who would want to see new things and updated events in their lives.


Talk show host, Jay Leno decided to settle in Newport, Rhode Island. Though it is a bit far from New York, his investments towards his home is definitely worth it. He bought a nine-acre property with 14 bedrooms worth $13.5 million. Despite the price, he bought it on the spot without having second thoughts in 2017. He and his wife were only driving along Ocean Drive when they saw the mansion. They spoke to the owner about it and learned it was for sale.

With his net worth, it was easy for the famed host to close the deal on this prime acquisition. If he is wiser, he can purchase a couple of properties and sell them as investments. In this way, money will just flow in and his family will be well provided for, which resource not only from his being a famed host but from other good use of his investment money.


It’s been almost two decades since Salma Hayek first bought this humble starter home in the Hollywood Hills. Instead of selling, however, it seems she’s quite attached to the Midcentury-bungalow and opts to rent it out instead. For $9,750 a month you can enjoy the amenities that the home has to offer. It packs a lot in its modest 2,874 square feet of living space. There’s 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and it comes fully furnished. It also has a gorgeous outdoor pool, surrounded by a wooden deck.

This motif extends indoors where the flooring is all lumber. With ample space for guests, it’s the perfect bachelorette pad. She can also rent this property to her co-artists and other friends after all she is known to be a marvelous host. Indeed, Salma Hayek proves to be a good investor, no wonder one would think that she might have an excellent financial advisor to manage her wealth properly and advises her to manage them wisely.


Blake Shelton is tagged as one of the most famous names in terms of country music in the industry. He also made a name after he joined as one of the coaches for The Voice. The singer once owned a five-bedroom home, which she shared with Miranda Lambert, amounting to $2.245 million. Despite the beauty of their home, they eventually headed for a divorce after 10 years of being married.

Their separation pushed Shelton to put their home up for listing. By the time he moved on, he eventually made investments in another property with his current partner, the No Doubt singer, Gwen Stefani. Blake can easily make another purchase of a property because his net worth will allow it however, he needs a competent Financial Advisor to steer him to a reasonable degree of purchase. We hope that his fame as a singer will not wilt so that he may continue to enjoy the perks and benefits of his net worth. We hope though that he will get into real estate investment.


Being one of the top chefs in the industry, Guy Fieri definitely knows how to stay on top of his game. The prominent chef even landed several shows in Food Network, where he became a host of. Aside from being busy with his tapings, he also spends ample time with his investments, especially with his restaurant chains. When he’s not busy managing his businesses, he spends most of his free time with his family. Being fond of cooking, his $1.1 million home in Santa Rosa comes with top-of-the-line kitchen facilities and has even been featured in Ranch Kitchen.

Guy Fieri can extend his investment further if he ventures into real estate and holdings. He can purchase a property, furnish it giving much attention to the kitchen and dining for that matter since he is into cooking. He can also feature all his designs in a book, if he ought to write to market himself and his investments.


Liza Minnelli is one of the most respected singers and actresses in her times. She is the daughter of two big celebrity names, Judy Garland and Vincente Minnelli. Though they previously owned a 5,800 square foot home at Crescent Drive in Beverly Hills, Liza decided to make investments in a separate 3,271 square feet estate which is also in Beverly Hills. Her own home might be relatively small when compared to the one she grew up in, it still comes with five bathrooms, five bed rooms, an impressive swimming pool, and a patio.

She eventually put it up for rent at $10,900 per month. Like Hayek, Liza Minneli has a wise investment in renting her property out. Instead of selling it for a lump sum price, she opted to receive a gradual income from it and still owns the property. Another thing is the attachment to said piece of estate which is usually difficult.


Director, actor, author, and a producer rolled into one, Wesley Trent Snipes does have an astounding net worth; this is despite his previous legal issues. He used to reside with his family in this lavish New Jersey home that is worth $10 million. Their former home includes an office, a swimming pool, and a massive home cinema. Wesley might have made a good home insurance plan for his property.

Having a huge property will require home security systems and constant repairs, so whoever snaps this property up needs to have pretty deep pockets to cover the cost. That may be the case, but there’s no denying that it is a gorgeous estate and well- worth the investment money. Who knows, he might end up creating a massive investment in real estate business. If the case may be, the actor will increase his wealth twice or thrice if he will be more inclined.


Famous game show host Bob Barker might be retired but he’s definitely in no risk of bankruptcy. In fact, he’s likely enjoying all the comfort and benefits of his hard work. He is best known as the host for The Price is Right on CBS, as well as Truth or Consequence during the 1950s. His long-time TV career managed to give him a net worth of $70 million. Living in the luxury of his home in Los Angeles, the estate is something that he and his loved ones can enjoy. There’s little information about his current residence in Los Angeles, however.

Except that it is a perfect Spanish colonial revival style, nothing was known about his mansion. What we know about the house is that was designated as a historic-cultural monument by the City of Los Angeles. It also has four bedrooms and a maid’s quarters. It might also have a good security system.


It is a given fact that Tiger Woods is one of the biggest names in the world of sports. Known as one of the wealthiest athletes, his career allowed him to have a good fortune, and a legendary record. It comes as a no surprise then that he managed to invest in an estate worth $60 million located in Florida. Having a huge home might be luxurious, but it also requires high maintenance and also comes with costly homeowners’ insurance.

While these might be a problem for the average person, with Tiger’s net worth, he can easily afford the premium on all of his properties. For sure Tiger has the help of capable business and financial advisors who provides him guidance on when and which real estate to purchase. This is most likely why his wealth has increased over the years and would continually increase in the next coming years, too.


A man of many talents, Jeff Goldblum has starred in a few of the highest-grossing films of his generation. He has portrayed a variety of roles, from a police detective in the lawyer drama Law & Order to a nerdy scientist in the sci-fi horror film, The Fly. But his most notable performance was in the Jurassic Park film franchise in the 1990s. As for his lovely home, he has been living in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles with his wife.

The 3,002 square-feet property has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. However, the total amount of his purchase remains undisclosed. Estimates show that Goldblum might have invested a million or more considering the location and the size of the property against the current market price. This is actually a good investment on his part as given the chance to sell in the future, the property could command a higher price. Who knows what Jeff Goldblum plans next about his property?


The actress-comedienne Julia Louis-Dreyfus is remarkable for her work in Seinfeld, Veep, and Saturday Night Live. But she’s no ordinary woman. She’s a recipient of eleven Emmy Awards and we all know it’s no easy feat! To her credit, she was awarded eight for acting and three for producing, among many other accolades she garnered. Her success is evident in the properties she purchased over the years.

This includes the beachfront vacation home in Santa Barbara, California that she and her husband actor Brad Hall purchased in 1996. The 3,000 square foot, 2-story, eco- friendly house is now valued at $5 million. It is often said that when you start investing in one venture, you can never stop especially if the result is amenable and marvelous. Julia Louis-Dreyfus will no doubt purchase another couple of properties to add to her existing estates because she feels the excitement and the lure it brings.


Richard Gere decided to make his home a huge investment and put it on the market for a whopping $65 million. Located in North Haven Hamptons, the 6.3-acre estate was built in 1902. It was called the Strongheart Manor and featured two guest houses, an outdoor fireplace pavilion, and a dock that would give the owner a good view of the water. Richard lives with his partner in this house. The house underwent renovation and even had expansion. It now had twelve bedrooms, sprawling on its 12,000 square feet of living space.

Anyhow, although the house was huge and had lavish features, it still looked ordinary for some. Richard didn’t mind that just as long as the price still remained the same and could be bought at the asking price. He can always acquire another property, with good flooring to ceiling designs, as long as he likes it and be sold off again at a higher price.


Famous for his iconic roles in different movies such as Grease, Pulp Fiction, and Hairspray, John Travolta is living with style despite not being seen in the limelight more often. He acquired a $12-million property located in Jumbolair Aviation Estate, a residential airpark, in Florida where John lives with his wife. The estate has its own airplane hangars and runway as well as multiple pools and a golf course.

With his current net worth amounting to $160 million, Travolta probably has no problem with the home insurance rates for this expensive home. He can even expand or purchase more if he wishes to do so. In a nutshell, no matter how many properties he will purchase, one thing is for sure that aviation will still be the motif of his newly purchased estate. This is evident of Travolta’s love and desire for aviation, that thing that he cannot just remove from his system.


A rising star that he is, Parker Schnabel already managed to put his money towards real estate. The TV personality rose to fame when he starred in Gold Rush. The show documented Parker and his way of life, which is similar to the Wild West, where they worked really hard to look for gold and become rich. With the amount that he’s been earning, he bought a real estate in Alaska at a reasonable price of $950,000 where he might be living with his partner. Though it may be a bit cheaper than most celebrities’ homes, it seems he already exhibits good money management skills at a young age.

Clearly, with his inclination towards real estate, Parker will still venture in what is real estate in the real essence of its word. He probably will see another property and will have a vision for its beautification and buy it, make some renovation or expand it and finally sell the property at its best higher price.


Betty White or Batty Marion White Ludden is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, and an all-time favorite. She’s been in the industry for decades and has lived in this real estate property, she and her husband bought their home in Carmel, California, since 1981. Her husband, Allen Ludden, was a game show host. Sadly, he passed away just three days after their home was ready.

Though the price remains unknown, she shares photos of her home in her social media accounts. To her credit, the golden girl shows plenty of talent when it comes to interior design—living charming touches throughout the property. Betty White will not have any difficulty to be in the real estate world because of her talents and skills in designing. High price will come happen naturally when she sells a beautiful and well-designed property. It is after all a good investment. Really, with her abilities she can go places.

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