Melissa McCarthy started to be conscious of her weight when she played a major role in the TV series Gilmore Girls. At the time, her doctor advised her to follow an all-liquid diet and that move paid off big time. Although she found it effective, losing 70 pounds in four months, she promised not to make that unhealthy habit anymore after experiencing starvation, making her crazy half the time. After all, every fitness routine has its own drawback and it just so happens that she didn’t want to deal with that kind of setback.

However, to some degree, Melissa continued to shave off weight from her body. Hence, it couldn’t be helped that people would ask her questions about her diet. Her secret? It is just a change in lifestyle. Although she found it boring and not as glamorous compared to the diet plans other celebrities have under their sleeves, at least, it’s effective after she lost a whopping 75 pounds.