Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Celebrities Who Were In The Limelight


If you love watching game shows, then you’d most likely enjoy the legendary Bob Barker. He was the host of the longest-running daytime game show in America, The Price Is Right, and another game show called Truth or Consequences. Barker became a household name because of his hosting skills. Being a family game show host is somewhat rewarding for most– imagine being applauded not only by adults but kids who learned to love the show as well.

But did you know that Barker is a summa cum laude graduate? Yes, he graduated from Drury College with a degree in economics. Not only that, while attending college, Barker also worked as a broadcaster. He’s such a man of brilliance and talent. Sadly, he retired from hosting the game show in 2007. He then worked as an advocate for animal rights. With his passion in terms of his cause, he does not have any plans of stopping.