Ann-Margret Olsson has one of those charming faces that take our breath away! And it’s so unbelievable how she maintained her glamour after all these years. The Swedish-American actress captured the audience’s hearts when she starred in Bye Bye Birdie and Carnal Knowledge. Credits to her superb performance, she won five Golden Globe Awards. Olsson is also a singer and was dubbed the female version of Elvis Presley.

Her singing career in the 60s had its ups and downs. Olsson had a minor success with her album in 1961. However, in 1964 her album made it to the charts. She also scored a disco hit in 1979. But what is she up to these days? She continues to appear in films sporadically. In 2010, Olsson made a guest appearance in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and was able to win an Emmy Award. Here’s a trivia: she’s a keen motorcyclist and has suffered a fractured shoulder and three broken ribs.